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We are not in position to do background check on members or users

Please, should you wish to delete your profile, you may request so in writing; just click on the "Contact Admin" button, or alternatively, you may send an email to the username "Administrator" (use the search box to find the profile).

* Now, there exist different chat-rooms suitable for people of various ages as this website is intended to be suitable for use by persons of all awareness ages, ideally, from 18 or 16 years depending on countries or location (and howbeit, parental guidance may be advised).

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* Do not upload photos of minors in this site except on the condition that you are present in the photo youself and the minor is someone under your legal rights

* Bullying is prohibited. Please, Do not send rude or insulting emails, and avoid making racisthate or other comments that may be considered offensive to the sensibility of other users: a violation of this may lead to a decisive action being taken.

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* Be considerate enough to avoid Illegal activities such as piracy, cracking e.g. browsing cheats as well as creating and distributing trojan and viruses, etc.

* Be careful with people who ask you to send them money as it is likely a scam, and while you are encouraged to upload your photos for improved chances of getting your desire, it is expected of you to remember that this is the internet so, *Beneyoyo.com and the management will not be responsible for whatever happens to your money in the event that you are scammed neither will the management be responsible for your photos should they be stolen.

* The guarding principles of *Beneyoyo.com is not limited to these rules only as the terms and conditions are ranging, therefore, as you enjoy using the generosity of the website, please, do apply your own discretion to be fair and just in every respect and consideration. Enjoy!