About Us

Beneyoyo.com is a free discussion forum and a sister site to the social networking site, babefishing.com
As a universal meeting forum or a medium where ideas and opinions on any given issue can be freely exchanged, it is primarily popular with Nigerians both in Nigeria and abroad, and to explicitly state what the website is about, www.beneyoyo.com is a Nigerian as well as an international free discussion forum that covers any subject of any topic. Which includes the following sections and sub-sections:

Romance & Relationships: Babe-Fishing/Dating, Love Stories, Romance, Love Poems/Quotes

Entertainment: News/Events, Sports/Games, Celebrities, Jokes/Humour, Film/Movies, Music/Radio, Fashion, Hobbies.

Business & Commerce: Selling or Buying, Lending, Hiring, Renting or Leasing, Advertising or Wanted, Properties & Estates, Careers/Employment/Vacancies.

Science & Technology: Info Tech, Programming/Web Development, Video/Graphics, Engineering, Phones/Computers/Internet.

Random Topics: Crimes, Travel, Culture, Politics, Education, Literature, Health, Family/Parenting, Recipes/Cooking, Religion, Diaries, Fitness/Diet.

In Beneyoyo.com, although guests are given access to the contexts of every page and can freely enjoy reading any information, but members have the full be privileges which include having a individual profile account with photo or avatar picture of any kind, editing a signature which will appears on any post or comment, creating a thread as original posters, commenting on any desired thread and replying to other members comment etc.
The registration is easy and straight-forward, which means, new members to not have to wait for approval or authorisation before they can enjoy the full benefits of a member.

Join Beneyoyo and enjoy!