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Because of appetite for sex and other reasons, cheating has become a way for men to tangle with. Statistics indicate that cheating is much more common than we might like to believe for both men and women. Here are 25 of the Many Reasons Why Men Cheat 1. Inability to say no. He attracts sexy women who come onto him, and he doesn’t know how to say â€"no.” 2. To boost his ego â€" Infidelity is an ego boost for a man with low self esteem â€" especially if he’s less successful or earns less money than his. 3. Peer Pressure. He spends a lot of time in the company of people who cheat. His workmates, or close friends are cheating on their mates. So he succumbs to peer pressure and cheats to be part of the crowd. 4. To end the relationship. Sometime a cheating man will have what is called an â€"exit affair” because he wants end the marriage or relationship. Instead of manning up and telling you it’s over, he takes the coward’s way out, knowing that if you catch him cheating, you’ll leave him or kick him out. 5. Because you let him- He cheated before you let him get away with it. 6. He views it as a status symbol. Many men consider it a status symbol to be able to afford a mistress. He may view it as one of the trappings of success. 7. To satisfy his sexual orientation. If he’s gay or bisexual, he may cheat on you by having affairs with other men. 8. To see what it’s like to have sex with someone else. Men who married young, or had limited sex experience before settling down, may cheat to see what they might have missed. 9. Because he knows he can get away with it. He cheated before and you didn’t find out, so he’s confident he can do it again. 10. Opportunistic sex. He was presented with an opportunity to cheat without the fear of getting caught, so he took advantage of the situation. 11. A Sense Of Entitlement. Many men feel they’re so rich, famous, handsome, sexy, charming etc that they are entitled to cheat because of who they are. 12. He figures you’ll never find outâ€" He thinks you’re too stupid, too naïve, too busy, too in love with them, too trusting to find out, or even suspect that he’s having an affair. 13. To prove his manhood. Some men think that the more women they have sex with, the more manly they are. They think cheating is a macho thing to do 14. The thrill of the chase. Some cheaters actually thrive on the excitement generated by a secret affair. They view all the ducking, dodging and sneaking around infidelity involves as a form of recreation, or a high-risk sport. 15. He’s a player. He’s a hardcore cheater for whom cheating is a way of life. He likes having lots of women and pitting one against the other. To him, it’s just a game. 16. He knows you’ll take him back. He knows you’ll never leave him. He cheated before and you didn’t hesitate to take him back without making him go through any changes or holding him accountable for his behavior. 17. Love. Some men cheat because they’re really in love with the other woman. It may have started out as a cyber affair, or an innocent friendship that became an emotional affair, which progressed to sexual infidelity. 18. Poor role models If his father, uncles, or other male role models cheated, he may be subconsciously programmed to follow their example, considering infidelity to be the norm â€" especially if the female role models in his life tolerated the infidelity. 19. To participate in certain sex acts. Some men cheat to fulfill their sexual fantasies, or because they want kinky sex, or sex acts their wives or girlfriends won’t perform. 20. The influence of drugs or alcohol A great deal of infidelity ( especially one night stands) can be attributed to the influence drugs or alcohol, which can lower inhibitions, and impair good judgment, resulting in behavior the cheater may later regret. 21. Cultural reasonsâ€" He may come from a culture (Caribbean, certain European or Asian cultures) where it’s common for men to have mistresses. 22. To see if he’s still â€"got it.” Men in their 50’s and older sometimes cheat just to reaffirm their sexuality. They cheat to prove they can still attract and sexually satisfy another woman â€" usually one who is younger than their mate. 23. He knows you’ll put up with his cheating Some men cheat because they know their partner will look the other way - as long as they’re discreet, keep their infidelity low key, and avoid publicly embarrassing their mate. 24. Revenge. Though revenge cheating is more with women than with men, sometimes a man will cheat to get back a wife or girlfriend who cheated on him. 25. Sex addictionâ€" probably the only reason on this list that can halfway be excused because true sex addiction is a medical condition in which the cheater really can’t help himself. If he’s truly a sex addict, he needs to get professional help. But true sex addiction is not as common as men would have you believe.

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Re: why men cheat 25 reasons by: Tallgirl(f) .:. Mon, 12 May, 2014 - 12:00:15:am GMT

So could we just say that weak men cheat?

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Re: why men cheat 25 reasons by: Peter(m) .:. Mon, 12 May, 2014 - 03:40:59:am GMT

99% of Nigerian men are likely to cheat, cheating is no big deal in Nigeria

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Re: why men cheat 25 reasons by: Fly(f) .:. Tue, 13 May, 2014 - 01:55:45:am GMT

That's funny. But cheating has become the norm of the present life and its every where in the world

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Re: why men cheat 25 reasons by: Kissy(f) .:. Tue, 13 May, 2014 - 04:54:38:am GMT

In the west, it is a great humiliation and shame if a man is caught cheating, but not so with Nigerians, a Nigerian man. having sex with another woman is not considered cheating in the nigerian mindset, it is seen as "FastGuy" pplaying away games, in fact, many Nigerian men would even beat up their wives or girlfriends for daring to confront them with the issue of infidelity.

When a footballer like David Beckham cheated on his wife, it was a world news, but let president Goodluck Jonathan have mistresses here and there: and it's just normal.

**Seeing is believing to those who do not have faith**

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Re: why men cheat 25 reasons by: Fly(f) .:. Tue, 13 May, 2014 - 10:19:15:am GMT

I agree with KISSY. I've heard news regarding to that

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Re: why men cheat 25 reasons by: Velisa(f) .:. Mon, 24 Jun, 2019 - 07:16:40:am GMT

Someone asked a question on a page on facebook, that "Among men and women, who breaks relationship most?"

Many said ladies... Yeah, the truth is ladies breaks the relationship most. Cause you will hardly see a guy tell a girl it's over. You will hardly see that. Guys don't talk even when they are fed up and tired, they won't tell you it's over.

My response to that question, was....Ladies breaks relationship most but guys make them do it.

When a guy is tired of you, they will start putting on attitude that tells you, they don't need you anymore. They will never tell you with their mouth.

They might stop calling you, they might stop picking your calls not all times but most times. They stop giving you attention and even don't text you like they do text you before. When you asked them why, they get mad at you telling you they had much work to do and all that.

Some will even go for another girl and start dating her, they know you will leave once you find out.

Guys don't say it with their mouth that it's over,they do things that makes you know.

The reason I brough out this is because, one of the reason men cheat is when they are tired of their women. They are tired and dont just want to say it to them. So, they go after another woman. They withdraw their love from the first woman and go after another. Even when they are married.

But whatsoever the reason for cheating could be. It is bad to cheat on your wife. It is very bad and irresponsible.

It's stupid and the most stupid thing you will ever do.

Cheating is not the best solution to your marital problems. You can find a way out to settle the issues you both are having instead of cheating on your wife.

That is the more reason why you are the man, you are the head, you can find a way out to solve the problem you both are facing instead of cheating on her.


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Re: why men cheat 25 reasons by: Gooddypye(f) .:. Mon, 24 Jun, 2019 - 06:48:04:pm GMT

I don't blame all men that cheats on their wives... Many at times, it is the fault of the wife.

Your husband needs sex... You won't give him. All the time, you are complaining that he loves sex too much. Some women will always say they are tired. Some will say sex is not food that the man should stop seeking for sex all the time.

When the man goes out to get it, you start wailing and calling him names. When he needed it, did you give him?

While some women don't trust their husband. The man has nothing to do with ladies but the wife is always interrogating him. It will get to a time, the man might decide to do it. Since, he hasn't being doing it, his wife didn't believed him, at least is better he do it and she still not believe.

Women, stop pushing your husband to the wall. Some pushing them out. You will later be the one to regret ever doing so.


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Re: why men cheat 25 reasons by: Fellybabe(f) .:. Thu, 11 Jul, 2019 - 08:16:01:am GMT

Sometimes, the wives are the cause of their husbands cheating, there are lots of errors women does that gets their husbands frustrated...Over the years, I've tried to get close to wives and their husbands.
I've tried to picture what could make a Man look worn out and unhappy in his own home. Those days, men used to get more healthier and fresher when they get married but these days, they die while living.
Honestly, I can't withstand constant nagging from a woman. Then I try to put these men in my shoes and wonder what they're facing.
This is one of the reasons African men die young. Hardly You See them living up to 80 anymore

Look woman, you ain't the only woman but he wishes to make you his only woman if only you could turn back and see what you've turned him into.

Now, I want to address the issue of inviting your siblings or parents into your family affairs. These family members have their own headache and may have little or nothing good to offer in maintaining a balanced home for you. It is not every problem in your home that you invite your family members or even parents.

Secondly, most women learn how to nag only when the husband starts suffering from financial Imbalance.
They are loving, caring, romantic and sexy when there is money flow. They turn to wolves immediately the man is no more handy.
When this man had, the family was peaceful and if it isn't flowing well again, help him rise again. Go out and get Job. Make him understand that you are still completely available for him.
I hate nagging as a man and I'm sure no man wants to get hell from his wife after going through all the perils of the day.
Give him peace, not trouble
Give him a paradise, not hell.
Be a wife, not a knife.
If there are problems, fix it!!
Marriage is never easy but it becomes easy when you are ready to work hand-in-hand with your darling hubby.

**God's light**

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