» what's really wrong with what I did. by: Kenny11973(m) .:. Tue, 28 Oct, 2014 - 01:00:47:pm GMT

I met a Ghanaian lady in my hair dressing Saloon, where I have 2 apprentices (Male and female)so she working under the male one. I nothing about hair,though some other things are attached to the saloon which am the one charge. With time I and the Ghana lady start seeing each other, she ask me series of question about me been single and I gave her response to most of her questions. I don't know why ladies find it difficult to believe me am still single. Things started well, this Ghanaian lady is everything to me and I believe she really love me the way I love her. Along the line she told me about her Educational back ground which is Zero Level,you know what I mean. I think about it and I agree to stay with her on one condition which is,she will have to learn one or two things because she do not know how to write or read. She enroll herself in adult school, I tried my best by putting her through so many things which I don't find difficult because of my field as a Guidance and Counseling. One thing I noticed is that she called me everyday concerning assignment which I don't like and I told her she should tried and solve the school problems sometimes which is the best way to improve. I told her is better to do it yourself and failed than I put you through where you failed. To my greatest surprise, this lady used most of her time going to church which I kept quite because I really don't know what to say,on sundays before 7am till evening she is in church, mondays same thing,thursdays workers day,fridays special programs and saturdays also. I kept quite but the problem started when I start complaining she do not have time for me and for her lessons. With time she changed by giving me and the lesson attention. Another issue happens when ever she saw me talking to ladies especially the beautiful ones, the craziest day was when I hug a married woman, she called me instantly that what that rubbish all about and I told her is just a hug. I apologize anytime things like that happen because I know she not exposed to things like that. We move ahead with our relationship ,at the sixth month of the relationship I proposed to her and we agreed to seal it up. Two weeks later I decided to put it on hold because strange behaviors from her own end started surfacing. At her leisure time, she won't allow me out and I told her I have to go out to look after the Saloon,she agreed and allow me to go out. Later am not free to go out the biggest of all happens. She told me what ever I want she will do it of which am owing her 30thousand naria already. I called her where are you getting money from then she told me from her elder brother in Ghana. I told her giving me money will have to stop that am a man. A week after we have argument that to a big fight , she told me to return all the money she has been giving me and I agreed to but right now I don't have any money with me. I have to beg her for further embarrassment of which sex is the solution. Before the main issue about money have also complained about too much sex activity that we should reduced it so far we are going to be together that if we continue like this,sex in future and also our relationship is at sake then she started saying rubbish like am seeing another lady. What time do I have, most of my time is with you so tell me how am I seeing another lady. Now, problem there in and out then I called her one day that the relationship is over. She told me immediately that if I don't want trouble that she needed her money straight away,I don't have choice than begging her which we settled again with sex. Than I planned to travel to stay with my Twin Ghana to run away from her pending the time I will get her money. Getting to Ghana she started disturb my friends that where am I that she need her money. Days later I got a call from all my relatives in Nigeria about the incident of the lady that her and I told her them I will come soon and settle her. Later she insult my elder sister and my sister reported the case at the police station and the Ghanaian lady was told to wait till am back.three month later,I came back and the 1st thing was pay her 50thousand naria she was demanding for. Which end everything. Please just tell me where I went wrong in everything .thanks
**kenny g**

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Re: what's really wrong with what I did. by: Peperempe(m) .:. Thu, 30 Oct, 2014 - 05:46:11:am GMT

First of all, you tampered your business with romance, though, there is nothing wrong with that, but iit is not in line with a golden rule of a business.
**When you see me come around me, all things' gonna be alright now**

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Re: what's really wrong with what I did. by: Kenny11973(m) .:. Sat, 01 Nov, 2014 - 01:21:31:pm GMT

Quote from Peperempe: First of all, you tampered your business with romance, though, there is nothing wrong with that, but iit is not in line with a golden rule of a business.
**When you see me come around me, all things' gonna be alright now**
   Thanks I really appreciate , tampering my business with romance ruin everything about the business.
**kenny g**

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Re: what's really wrong with what I did. by: Piwizo(m) .:. Mon, 18 Feb, 2019 - 11:27:37:am GMT

Interesting story, my friend one thing you need to understand is what they call wisdom, it is not so wise seeing a girl in your saloon and just going to her and getting that close, allowing the girl to know lots about you and family, there's a way things are done, I for one can't date a girl under such circumstances, this girl in question you don't know her and did a lot for her in trying to make her better as her education background wasn't all that sound, one thing you should never do as a man who is not married yet is to borrow money from a woman you're seeing, it doesn't end well, most especially if the woman is a lousy woman, I can understand that your business demands that you might be in company of other women since you are the owner of the saloon but you should be careful next time in falling in love, don't play with your emotions, look at the way she embarrassed your family, just because of fifty thousand naira, after all you did for her, that's why I tell people no one can love you like family, as long as you haven't married her she isn't family understand that, hugging a married woman isn't a crime, so my advice to you is before you introduce any woman to your family, know her very well, to avoid shame and disgrace and don't just go about falling in love with random people, set tests to know the kind of person you're involved with, if she truly loved you, she won't be acting up because of fifty thousand naira, you have learnt the hard way and I sympathize with you.

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Re: what's really wrong with what I did. by: Gooddypye(f) .:. Thu, 28 Feb, 2019 - 04:59:33:pm GMT

Well... I've only heard your part of the story. If she is to speak now, maybe you've done some very bad things to her you didn't mention. And for the fact that she keeps seeking the money you are owing her, that's really bad but I don't blame her. Maybe she ffelt she was loosing. And she had to gain something. Next time just know the person very well before falling in love. You've done a lot to her but not to appropriate borrowing so much amount of money from a girlfriend.

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Re: what's really wrong with what I did. by: Oma_maron(m) .:. Tue, 05 Mar, 2019 - 04:50:53:pm GMT

As guys we should be very careful who we fall in love with and how we fall in love, not everything that we see on skirt we should fall in love with because some ladies nowadays are very dangerous, I say this with all sincerity, they are destiny killers and dream destroyers, so one needs to be very wise, there's nothing wrong with lending or borrowing money from your husband boyfriend spouse or whoever you are in a relationship with and whatever is the basis of the relationship as long as you have a mutual understanding, but the scenario here is very sad and I feel for the guy, if the story is true then the girl has no conscience at all, if not how much is fifty thousand naira to the amount of sacrifice the guy has to go through to make her happy and to make her stand, that she has to now start disturbing the man's family that's a disgrace to the guy, so men please be careful of some women don't start sharing emotions or feelings with them that won't last, before you start confessing love for someone know the person fully well, then life will become pleasurable for you!!!
**Graced **

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Re: what's really wrong with what I did. by: Velisa(f) .:. Thu, 07 Mar, 2019 - 03:46:49:pm GMT

I don't see anything wrong in what you did. It's normal you see someone today and fall in love for the person. Like you really feel so much love. If this story had gone well, nobody will concentrate on the fact that you just saw her and fell in love with her. I don't blame you at all. If this had not happened, you wouldn't have known the real her. That's why courtship is very good. This will only give you reason to be wise another time. There is absolutely nothing wrong you've done. She is the one who had taken everything wrongly. And that doesn't make her a devil or a wicked somebody.

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