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Dating a graduate doesn't always mean they are industrious. Dating a church girl doesn't always mean she's morally decent. Dating a pretty girl dosent always mean she's beautiful in character. Dating a corporate guy dosent always mean he's organised. (Check his bedroom. Its usually a mess) Dating a sexy lady doesn't always mean she is sex freak. Dating a girl from a wealthy family doesn't always mean she will give you all you ask for always. What is my point? My point is... If you don't date for the right reasons, you may actually end up getting married for the wrong reasons to the wrong persons with the wrong life. So think again before dating. Date right the right person
**kenny g**

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Dating is a sweet thing, it should be enjoyed to it's maximum fullest. And if it turns out successful, courtship, then marriage. Contrary to many beliefs that dating is a game. Dating is the initial step in a relationship, the outcome depends on the two parties involved(three can't play). Below are the ten commandments for dating, compiled by my humble self with my ph.D in love studies, obey them all and be on your way to a great marriage, and an overall goodlife.

1 Thou shall know the purpose

Why are you dating? What next after dating? Who do you want to date? If you can sincerely answer these questions, you are on your way to having a successful date.

2 Thou shall not cheat

Most relationships and marriages have broken up because of this menace. If you want to cheat, then don't date.

3 Thou shall love mutually

Dating involves two parties. If one is not reciprocating the love, the relationship is heading for the edge.

4 Thou shall trust

You must trust each other and earn each other's trust!!!

5 Thou shall communicate

Communication is key in any relationship. Talk! Iron out things, talk about the past, present and future.

6 Thou shall be original

No pretence allowed in a relationship. Be yourself. Fart in each other's presence. Don't pretend to be who you are not, either financially, emotionally, and anyother-lly

7 Thou shall not set too-high standards

Nobody is perfect. Setting high standards in a relationship is detrimental to the growth of such relationship. Work everything out.

8 Thou shall not keep secrets

Be open to your partner. You wouldn't love it when that skeleton in your cupboard is exposed by another party

9 Thou shall not nag

Not only females nag, some males too can nag till kingdom calls. Nagging never solves any problem, it rather creates more.

10 Thou shall involve God

I saved the best for the last. If you really look forward to a future together, involve God.

**ijb's finest**

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When you want to date...Date someone who is interested in you.

I do not mean someone who thinks you are cute or funny. I mean someone who wants to know every significant detail about you.

Someone who wants to read every word you

Someone who wants to hear every note of your favorite song, and watch every scene of your favorite movie.

Someone who wants to find every scar on your body, and learn where each one came from.

Someone who wants to know your favorite brand of toothpaste, and which quotes resonate deep inside your bones when you hear them.

There is a difference between attraction and interest.

Find the person who wants to learn every aspect of who you are, and hold onto them.


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This is a very sensitive article, i often times ask myself this question, why should i date, who must i date, what are the qualities i should look for in the person am to date? And i found my answer which am going to share with us now. Dating simply means you are going out of dates to meet different people and spend time with them but to dating someone means that there's a peculiar person who you are seeing and that's a big difference. Most at times we confuse one for the other and until we get it right the problems we face in a relationship wont end.

Every relationship must be defined, you don't just assume because a guy takes you out on one or two occasions as the case maybe, then you feel he is dating you, any relationship that isn't defined cant stand the test of time, it wont last because it is programmed to fail, so the first thing you should know about a guy wooing you as a girl is this, what are his intentions, is he just taking you out because he wants to get to know you, and after that what next, is he willing to date you or does he want to just be a friend?

When he gives you concrete answer to those questions, then you can know what type of relationship you are in before you sell yourself cheap and begin to regret later saying all men are the same, sweetheart all men aren't the same, you only didn't play your card well. So Ladies make sure the guy you are dating is also dating you, so that you wont embarrass yourself when you find him with another.

Don't just think of the here and now as a lady, you should think of your future, because temporary enjoyment cant be compared to a future with the right partner, so your eyes should be fixed on the right things, like being involved with a guy with vision and potentials, not a womanizer or woman beater, being involve with someone who have a different mindset that includes you. Don't sell yourself cheap because of materialistic things, a common proverb goes this way, "Time waits for no one/man" but the truth of the matter is time doesn't get old but you as humans get old, so don't miss your time and opportunity while you still have it within your grasp.


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Re: rules of dating by: Fellybabe(f) .:. Wed, 10 Jul, 2019 - 07:57:51:am GMT

Rules of dating... Dating on the right track... Dating the right person, will give you sense of direction..

But you must understand that feelings isn't enough to justify when you're on the right track..

A man or woman without direction will distract you, don't just date because of love.

The One you will call your own is the one who have realized that you're his own.

And such is Justified by Communication, Commitment, Attention and Care..

If you don't know who you're dating you will end up dating in isolation.

A wise woman loves the man who touches her SOUL More than her Body.

A wise man loves the woman that gives him "Peace" more than the one that gives her "body"

Don't abandon that woman that supports you, her kind is difficult to see....

The Right date. .....

The one who love you beyond your body..

The one who truly loves you beyond your pocket..

The one who is proud of you....

The one who support your vision and inspiration.

The one who wipes your tears and make you smile again..

The one who knows your weakness, yet still love you with passion..

The one who plans with you.

Date a "manfriend" not a "boyfriend "
A boyfriend will never be your own,until he becomes a 'man' in reasoning and behaviour.

Date a "woman " not a "girlfriend "
A girlfriend is never futuristic.
But a woman is after your tomorrow..

**God's light**

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