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Ogbono Soup also known as Draw Soup makes eating Fufu Recipes so easy because of its slimy nature which helps the lumps of fufu slide down. If your kids do not like Okra Soup because of the chunks of Okra, then try Ogbono Soup, they will surely love it. You may want to use the recipe for light Ogbono Soup when preparing theirs. Some people like their Ogbono soup plain, with no added vegetables, others would not touch it unless there is some kind of vegetable in it. A third group love their Ogbono Soup with Okra. Some people even go fancy and add Egusi to it. Ogbono Soup: ¤Frequently Asked Questions Ogbono Soup: ¤ Easiest Recipe? Ingredients for Ogbono Soup Assorted Meat and Fish: Beef, Shaki (cow tripe), Dry Fish, Stockfish 2 handfuls Ogbono Seeds 3 cooking spoons red palm oil Vegetable: Frozen Spinach (you can also use Pumpkin leaves or even Bitterleaf) 1 handful crayfish Pepper and Salt (To taste) 1 medium onion 2 stock cubes (Maggi/Knorr) For grinding the ogbono seeds, Before you cook Ogbono Soup 1. Grind the Ogbono with a dry mill. 2. Cut the frozen spinach when it is not completely defrosted. It is easier that way. Then when completely defrosted, squeeze out the excess water. 3. Cook the assorted meat with the stock cubes and onion. If you will use Shaki, remember to start cooking that first, then add beef when almost done. 4. Grind crayfish and pepper. 5. Boil some water and set aside. Cooking Directions for Ogbono Soup 1. Pour the palm oil into a clean dry stainless steel or aluminium pot. Set on the stove and melt the oil at low heat. Remember, only melt the oil, do not allow it to heat up. 2. Once melted, turn off the heat and add the ground Ogbono. 3. Use your cooking spoon to dissolve the Ogbono in the oil. 4. When all the Ogbono powder has completely mixed with the oil, add the meat/fish stock (water from cooking the assorted meat and fish). Set the heat of your cooker to low and start stirring. You will notice the Ogbono start to thicken and draw. 5. Keep stirring till the Ogbono has completely absorbed the meat stock. 6. Add a small quantity of the hot water and stir till the Ogbono has absorbed all the water. Repeat this process till you get a consistency that is shown in the video below. 7. Making sure that your heat is set to low, cover the pot and start cooking. Once it starts to simmer, stir every 2-3 minutes for 20 minutes. So what you'll do is: every 3 minutes or so, open the pot, stir every well, scraping the Ogbono that sticks to the base of the pot, cover the pot and cook for another 3 minutes. 8. After 20 minutes, the Ogbono should be well cooked and you will begin to perceive its nice flavour and aroma. 9. Add the assorted meat and fish, ground crayfish, salt and pepper to taste. The Ogbono may have become thicker from the cooking. If so, add a little bit more water and stir very well. Cover and cook till the contents of the pot is well heated up. 10. If you prefer your Ogbono Soup without vegetables, turn off the heat and serve but if you like to add a vegetable then keep reading smile 11. When the contents of the pot have heated up, add the vegetable. Stir very well, cover the pot and turn off the heat. Leave to stand for about 5 minutes and serve with any Fufu recipe. Serve Ogbono Soup with any Nigerian Fufu meal. Frequently Asked Questions about Ogbono Soup My Ogbono Soup does not draw. Why? There are 3 main reasons why your Ogbono Soup does not draw. 1. You bought the wrong seeds. There is another seed that looks so much like Ogbono and is sold as Ogbono seeds in Nigerian markets. First sign that you are buying the wrong seeds is if they are too cheap to be true. To confirm that the seeds are really Ogbono seeds: break the seed and rub the broken sides together, if they make a sap that draws, then you've got the real Ogbono seeds. In Nigeria, every open market seller should let you do this "drawing test", if not, please leave their shop and go somewhere else. For those living outside Nigeria, I guess you just have to pray that the Ogbono seeds in the pack you buy are the real thing smile 2. Another reason why your Ogbono Soup does not draw may be because you used packaged ground Ogbo

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i dont know the taste of this delicacy but i can imagine how it will look at the end of the preparation. i have made Ogbono before as a guy and i didnt add all these assorted stuff added in this one and it came out well. and i can imagine how this one will look on my table hmmmmm!. well how i make mine was that i put meat in boiling water and i put a clean plastic bow inside the pot while the meat boil and then i put oil inside the plastic bow and then when its warm enough, i add the Ogbono inside the warm oil and stir. at the end, pour it inside and add other ingredient which is not this much. gonna go back to good cooking, yum yum!

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Ogbono is a very tasty soup, though some person feel it looks pale but I've done well to make them understand that not using the right measurement of palm oil can make it look like baby poo (ewwwww) LOL.

My first attempt to prepare ogbono soup was a disaster but after consistent practice I mastered the procedure and now I am a professional ogbono soup cook (winks).

Let's get down to my version of Ogbono soup and I prefer to eat it with rice poundo #Smiles# you should try it out too.

Ogbono Vegetable Soup

- 1 cup of healthy ogbono seeds
- 2 cups of okro
- 2 cups of uziza leaves (aka hot leaf)
- 2 cooking spoons of palm oil
- 1 wrap of Ogiri (aka fermented locust beans)
- ½ cup of iru (fermented locust beans). I prefer it blended.
-300 grams of assorted meat
- ½ cup of ground crayfish
- 1 medium sized stock fish
- 1 cup of scattered smoked fish
- 12 pieces of large smoked prawns
- 5 pieces of ata rodo (aka scotch bonnet)
- 3 bell pepper (aka tatashe)
- salt and bullion cubes (use according to your taste)


* Boil assorted meat with enough seasonings and the stock fish. Boil the offals separately, when the offals are soft, pick them out and add to the pot of assorted meat.

* Blend ogbono seeds in a mill while the meats are boiling.

* Blend rodo and tatashe. Also blend the crayfish and rinse the smoked fish.

* Once the meat is soft, pick out the stock fish and tear into bite sizes, then add the blended pepper and let it boil for three minutes. Then add the iru and Ogiri, let it boil for about six minutes as you begin to notice a change in the aroma which is from the Ogiri.

* Add the crayfish, smoked prawns and smoked fish. Allow it boil for five minutes and you'll have a stock with all the flavored juiced from all the ingredients.

* In a small bowl, mix the ogbono powder with palm oil to get a smooth paste then add the ogbono mixture to the boiling ingredients in the pot and stir.
Note: The stock must be bubbling to prevent the curdling taste of palm oil.
Immediately you add the paste to the pot, stir continuously.

* Cook ogbono for about 20 minutes and stir regularly. The soup will thicken with time.
Note: If soup gets too thick simply add by bit hot beef stock or hot water and stir, taste every four minutes and you will notice the difference in taste as ogbono moves towards getting ready to be consumed uhhhhnnnn OLLALACIOUS (winks).

* Cut off the tips of okro and cut in round pieces directly over the pot and stir. Chop uziza leaves and, rinse and add to the soup. Once the okro and uziza leaves are in, stir and cook for three minutes.

*Serve hot with preferred swallow hmmmm (Licks tongues) #Smiles# I prefer rice poundo #winks#
Bon Appetit

**Life is a race but with God's element of grace it'll be worth while to explore His goodness. **

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