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why are some guys so jealous of there girlfriend?when she talk or laugh with other guys

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   Re: guys why? by: Rita(f) .:. Tue, 03 Jun, 2014 - 03:10:36:am GMT

because they don't one to share their precious thing with other guys

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   Re: guys why? by: Ritabal(f) .:. Wed, 04 Jun, 2014 - 02:51:57:am GMT

they have the feeling that you might have connection with those guys,most especially when the guy is handsome and richer than him

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   Re: guys why? by: Dublina(f) .:. Wed, 04 Jun, 2014 - 03:03:39:am GMT

a guy become jealous when girls had disappoint him alot
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   Re: guys why? by: Gbayan21(m) .:. Tue, 18 Nov, 2014 - 12:47:26:pm GMT

Itz all abt JOSE( Jealous One Still Envy), it pains guys wen dey see their girl talking to anoda without any reason. He may think the girl wants to cheat on him or something else is on the way to happen between them.

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   Re: guys why? by: Kenny11973(m) .:. Mon, 29 Dec, 2014 - 01:01:50:am GMT

@ritabal: You are very right. I remember most of My friends don't like me discussing with their girls. For instance, when I was staying a friend, any the babe is around he don't give the girl chance to talk me. He always interrupt us. One faithful day,my friend was not around and the babe gave him a surprised visit and the guy is not around, so I pick my phone and call him that is love is around. You can't believe the way these guy was breathing when he comes in. So some guys are just been too furious about there lady. And that Jealousy of the highest order.
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   Re: guys why? by: Prime(m) .:. Mon, 14 Sep, 2020 - 11:23:44:pm GMT

Most guys feel intimidated when they see their girls with other guys. The fact is that they are just scared of being dumped especially when the guy seem to be more of what his girlfriend wants in a guy.

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   Re: guys why? by: ObakaEmmanuel(m) .:. Wed, 11 Nov, 2020 - 12:42:25:pm GMT

It is very normal for guys to be jealous of their guy. And sometimes you can't really blame them. Should i say men who don''t get jealous when their girl laughed or smile with other guys do not really exist. I think if guys are not a little bit jealous when the girl friend hang out with other men or laugh with other men as it is in the post, they don't really care about the girl that much. it means that maybe they are not truly committed to the relationship.
Mean while the amount of jealousy you feel and maybe your response to it might be where you will all get it wrong as a guy. Note she is just your girl friend yet not your wife. So she still have somethings to do on her own, she still have some peoples she can meet. I know of this friend that his own jealousy level is more than 100 percent id they is anything more than that. They was a day he went out with his girl and his girl saw one of her class mate friend. She excused the guy and went to see the guy in the eatery. He was just boiling from where he was sitting down. I needed ti calm him down. But it was not easy anyway. It was later on the lady came with the guy and told us more about the guy. Even still at that he was still not totally comfortable, to the extent it almost led to a serious breakup in their relationship. So we can see here that the rate of jealousy in this my friend is extra ordinary.


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   Re: guys why? by: Chamak(f) .:. Wed, 11 Nov, 2020 - 11:44:09:pm GMT

Every human being is a jealous being and no matter how strong you might claim to be emotionally, if you truly love your woman, there will always be an atom of jealousy when you see her talking or playing comfortably with another man.

Also, like one of the commenter stated that it is because the girl might have disappointed the guy alot and so he finds it hard to trust her especially around a guy.

This topic is actually something that applies to both male and females because even ladies too get jealous whenever they see their guy talking and gisting comfortably with another lady. We ladies like attention a lot and being jealous in scenarios like this topic is inevitable.

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   Re: guys why? by: Flat(m) .:. Thu, 12 Nov, 2020 - 10:27:32:pm GMT

Hmmm! There is this popular saying that once bitten, twice shy, which means that once hurt, one is very cautious of the future. You see, whatever one we not lost, it must be guided jealously which means that one must be careful not to allow the wild world take it away. Sincerely, let's be truthful to ourselves, if your guy does not act jealously when he sees you with another guy, just know he doesn't love or let me say the relationship is just deceit. It will only be abnormal when he throw up a wrong action at that point, but if he does not still ask you about it when you guys are alone, just know that two things is happening, it is either he is pretending just to be able to catch you red-handed or he is just deceiving you. So, it is left to you to just tell him the situation of things so that he won't be growing with the wrong assumption.
But guys, that does not mean you should be acting up when you see them with all guys, even you put up actions at all times it then means you don't trust your lady and that is not a good one. It is very important that you trust the woman you are going out with, that will give her some level of confidence and rest of mind in you. So, all you need to do from your own end is ensure that you communicate with her steadily and you make yourself available when she needs you and most importantly, you can do well to study the way she acts. When you see your lady with other guys laughing you can find out who the comedian is there and you yourself can then become a comedian to make her laugh just like the way you saw her with friends. So, be good, be nice and don't take all scenario serious.


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   Re: guys why? by: Nagiano(m) .:. Fri, 13 Nov, 2020 - 09:55:04:pm GMT


You're very correct ooo because this is similar to what actually led to my last break up with my girlfriend. I was there forming trust and understanding man not know she was actually cheating in front of me. The day I first suspected, I confronted her but could you believe that she accused me of being too insecure and having trust issues. The worst part was that she suggested that for our relationship to be more interesting I should trust her.

Those her statements made me stop being jealous and even when I noticed some strange moves, I felt since she was the one that spoke about trust then I should calm down so I won't overreact.

But one day I saw something I couldn't take and when I asked, she still brought up trust issues again. So this time I pretended I will stop but I didn't and when I did my investigation, I felt like the biggest idiot in this life.

I made plans and made sure I caught her red handed and that was when she started asking for forgiveness.
Since that day onwards if I'm with any girl, be it girlfriend or just ordinary friend, I don't want to hear anything about trust from the girl. If she speaks to me about trust, that discussion will end with quarrel because I now see any girl that complains about trust as an Avenue for the guy not to focus on her while she is actually cheating on him.

I don't know about others but if I see my girlfriend with any guy that I don't feel comfortable with, I ask her immediately who that person is to her and whatever she says, I let her know that I'm not forgetting her words because the day anything happens, I'll first remind her with her exact statement what she told me. I don't have time for rubbish now, if you want to be serious as a girl then be serious so we can achieve something together and not be playing with my emotions.

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   Re: guys why? by: Francis(m) .:. Sat, 14 Nov, 2020 - 09:16:06:am GMT

If a guy is not jealous of his girlfriend, that means he does not love her. A guy is jealous of his girlfriend because he does not want to share his love with anyone.
A guy becomes jealous when he sees his girlfriend too close with a friend of an opposite sex. He will be having the feelings that something is going on between them and will start reacting. That means he cares or his relationship. It's good to be jealous of your partner but too much of it is not good. Irrational act is common in we men, we act out of emotions and don't care whatever the outcome is. We claim the we love our wife but will hurt her all because your hot temper and too much of jealousy. I have seen a man who killed a guy all because he saw her girlfriend with him.
Before you take any action, find out well about your wife and the guy.
I do jealous of my girlfriend but not too much.


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   Re: guys why? by: TYMartins(f) .:. Fri, 20 Nov, 2020 - 07:04:40:am GMT

Being jealous in a relationship is quite normal. You can get jealous even over your babe trying to help someone with directions and she keeps smiling at that person. Excessive jealousy is the problem. There's healthy jealousy that you guys can laugh I've and tease each other about. While there's the unhealthy jealousy that results in the guy hitting his lady or more still the haul of abusive words.

Every relationship has its own perks. As a guy, you need to know that before you came into the picture as the boyfriend,your girlfriend has friends. Just because you came into the picture does not mean she has to discard those male friends. It would be inhumane for you to just decide that. Yes, she needs to watch it but still she can't send them off because her boo is jealous of them . Also, ladies before you came into the picture,your boo had female friends, and yes, some might be more beautiful than you are, you may feel insecure bout them. This doesn't mean he has to stop being friends with them. Have you ever thought that if either the male's or females wanted to date their respective friends, would they have come to date you. Since they didn't do that, your jealousy is not justified.
Understand your partners and their relationship with friends, trust them and as well air your opinion about the friendship. Being jealous doesn't solve a about it and arrive at a conclusion. Trust is however really important.

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   Re: guys why? by: Phaithh(f) .:. Fri, 20 Nov, 2020 - 07:18:57:pm GMT

It's normal to feel jealous. Jealousy for me, is a feature of love. If anyone who claims to love you doesn't feel a hint of jealousness at the time required, then I'm pleased to tell you that he/she doesn't love you.

The Almighty GOD Himself is a jealous GOD (Exodus 34:14). Going through the Bible, and following the stories of the Israelites and their whoredom with the other gods of the land, GOD got jealous a thousand times, why? Because He loved Israel.

Jealousy is not the problem. Perhaps, people confuse possessiveness for jealousy. Possessiveness is what affects every relationship negatively -- when you think you partner belongs to you and you alone, depriving him/her of the liberty to engage with any opposite sex or the other people.

Everybody wants freedom, not wanting to be chained down, kept in bondage or restricted in any way. When this is violated, then it leads to strifes.

Fellow ladies and gentlemen in relationships, your boyfriend or girlfriend or even spouse is not an *object* to be possessed or an *animal* to ordered around. Possessiveness is not love, but an animalistic emotion which makes you want to tear apart anyone who comes close to your partner.

I read a book sometimes ago, ISOKENE by Opeyemi Akintude. This book told the story of a possessive husband -- he commanded his wife never to smile to anyone but him (because she had a very enchanting and beautiful smile). He was so serious with his wife keeping this command that he literally followed her everywhere, isn't this frustrating?
Well, he thought he loved his wife and was doing it to strengthen the love (what he didn't know was that he was adding petrol to the fire of crisis in his marriage).
To make the story shorter, he later realized (the hard way though) that *true love* is not possessiveness.

So, be jealous but don't be possessive.

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   Re: guys why? by: Temmylade(f) .:. Sun, 22 Nov, 2020 - 03:12:53:pm GMT

Wow...this is very common nowadays. The habit of guys being jealous when their girlfriends talks to other guys. Come to think of this they just don't want to loose their girlfriends because there are some guys that can sweet-talk ladies to the point of loosing their own gfs to another boy.

It's not only guys that get jealous o...some ladies are more worse than guys they must not see their boyfriend with any other guy if not it is war. But to me a guy being jealous is because he wants to protect his girlfriend and he doesn't want her to get the attention of other guys. You know he's a guy and he knows what he does to other ladies, he knows how fragile we ladies can be and with just few words, she'll be overcomed.

Most guys that get jealous about their girlfriends talking to other guys if you look at them very well, some of them don't really have time because of the work they do so of they get to know that there is one guy somewhere that is always talking to their girlfriends and keeping her company don't you think they'll be mad. They won't be happy with that.

And you know what, girls don't like guys that ain't jealous...not being foolishly jealous but at least they should show a sign of jealousy. It wouldn't be proper if a lady notice that her man doesn't complain about her flirting with guys, shell think the guy doesn't love her o. Someone like me if I play or laugh with a guy, that doesn't mean I will leave my own man for him.


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   Re: guys why? by: Victoria(f) .:. Fri, 27 Nov, 2020 - 11:31:21:pm GMT

Jealousy is a normal feeling and not just in relationships. In normal day to day activities. When I see that someone has something I want, it's only natural that I get jealous. Why? It's because I want it too. If I didn't like it or want it, I would just ignore the fact that it existed or remain indifferent rather than get jealous.
The funny thing is that in relationships, guys aren't even the ones with jealousy issues. We ladies are the worst. I haven't seen any guy get as jealous as I do. I don't know if there's any guy like that but if there is, I haven't met him obviously.
I'm a lady and I see my man or my boyfriend laughing and smiling and having fun with another girl who is not me. How do you want me to feel? Most definitely not good. Even with my friends, I get super jealous. When I see that my friends are hanging out with someone who isn't me, I get jealous. Another funny thing is that I get jealous even when my boyfriend hangs out with his own friends. I know I'm a sucker for attention. It's one thing I know and I'm sure of it. I crave it. Lots of it. So seeing him dole it out on his friends and not me, it irks me. That's a bad trait, I know but I can't help it. I'm a lady. It's our nature to get annoyingly jealous. If you have a girl and she doesn't get jealous when you move with other girls, then it's either she super trusts you or she doesn't love you enough.
I want a guy who gets jealous. I'm not saying I want a guy that will go all cave man and be all possessive and obsessive when it comes to me but it's just that a little jealousy wouldn't hurt. To me, it shows you care enough.

**Live, love and heal...**

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   Re: guys why? by: Yahyaafeezolamilekan(m) .:. Sat, 28 Nov, 2020 - 07:53:07:am GMT

Jealousy is natural phenomenon to human being either maleor female, young or old. It is something everyone does cause it is part of us. It's just that people have the ability to control their jealousy than each other


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   Re: guys why? by: Chiboy(m) .:. Sat, 28 Nov, 2020 - 10:01:10:am GMT

Very funny.

I recall a day I saw my girlfriend stand close to a young handsome guy, they where chatting an laughing, my girlfriend was laughing so hard. I am not sure I have made her laugh that hard, I became very jealous seeing them enjoy their, I could not bear it anymore so I had to confront them, as I was approaching them a friend camw to me as we are saluting ourselves I decided to tell him that I want to confront my girlfriend and that guy, they have been talking and laughing for a long time now and I am not comfortable with it. It happened that my friend knows the guy and he advised me not to confront them that the guy is a naval personnel. I just had to respect myself and go back home.
My friend was actually my saviour that day. Only God no waiting for see that day.


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   Re: guys why? by: Faithful99(f) .:. Sun, 29 Nov, 2020 - 09:15:34:pm GMT


Women are not a thing. They have their lives too. There's nothing wrong in a woman talking to her male friends. It's not a it's normal to be jealous but not on everything. Especially when it's not that she talking to the person Everytime or maybe you suspect she's cheating. Being jealous doesn't necessarily means he doesn't like her talking to the other guys but maybe because she's too free or maybe he noticed the other guys has an interest in her or maybe the girl had something with the other guy In the past. On those terms guys do get jealous.
But as ladies always create time for your guy and if he doesn't have your time you have other friends then he will know he's been neglecting you a lot.

**Faithful **

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