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Very few people will tell you this. Well nobody can give what the person doesn't have. This is why you m must be careful of who you listen to. What is the simple truth about life?

It's expected that you own your journey to greatness. It's your responsibility to create result you so seek, but then seeking help is not demeaning.

While you work to master your craft, work to sharpen your skill to coordinate talents and other skills relevant in your journey.

This is when networking comes to relevance. When you resolve to make a change, network your way out, either with the people that will enable the learning required or offer the skills you so need.

This is just to remind you that you ate the major key to realising your dreams. Friends and family may not believe in you, but you must.

Nobody can change your bank account, but if you want some changes, you must work for it.

Don't allow people say it differently. Do you need God? Yes, but He says ask.... Who will do the asking? Still you. Remember that faith without work is useless.


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