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Respect for one's wife is something we don't speak enough of. Perhaps because in our society, it is assumed that being a wife means to many, that you are to give respect, not demand it.

But respect is important to the position and person of a wife. It is in the words spoken to her. That she is your wife does not mean you shoot insults to her, her parents, siblings or ideas, even when she's done something wrong. How you correct her should also hold respect for her as a person and as a wife.

Beyond words spoken, it is also shown in actions taken, with her and with others. You show gross disrespect to her in the associations you keep especially those she won't be happy with. But like that is not bad enough, you disrespect her even more when you speak poorly of her in these associations. The peak of it is when you watch on as the impressions you have created about her become used against her to her face or even behind her. It is in the audacity of a girlfriend for example, to call you at home or worse, try to establish contact with your wife to mark territory, it is in her forming support gangs with your other friends, knowing you have a wife.

It is not just with friends though. It is also about what you say to your family about her, how much you protect her especially with how you allow her to be addressed in front of you and behind her back.

It is in how you treat her opinions and carry her along in decisions.

It is in how much quality time you spend with her at home especially regarding the issue of when you go home. You cannot hang out late with friends drinking and claim to respect the wife at home. Respect is in knowing she would prefer you to be at home with her and making that fun instead.

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Re: YOUR WIFE DESERVES RESPECT by: Gooddypye(f) .:. Thu, 02 May, 2019 - 09:38:12:pm GMT

There are some women who cannot do anything without asking for the opinion and the advice of their man.

If she wants to make a new hair, she'll ask you the kind of hairstyle you would love for her to make, even when she is not expecting you to chip in a dime for the hair, or cover the Bills. Sometimes when you are very broke and she knows that you have nothing on you, she will still come and ask you to choose the kind of hair she'll make, it is just so beautiful being with a woman who understands that whether you have or not, whether you give to support her or not, her submission will be undivided and undiluted.

She will tell you how much she's being paid, without the fear of feeling like you will stop supporting her if you know she's making her own money, without the fear of you feeling jealous about her earning more than you are. She will tell you when the pay comes in. She will tell you about her financial plans before taking them, she will tell you what she plans on doing with her next salary, even when she knows the money is not yours. She is a special kind, trained to respect and honour the man God has appointed as a shepherd over her. She isnt scared, no she's not. She isnt afraid of you, no she's not. She is open to you because she has being taught by the WORD to submit to her husband in everything.

She asks you if you like those shoes before buying it.
She asks you if you like those nails before making them.
She asks you if you don't mind her going to that party with her friends, even when she doesn't need your permission to go.
Sometimes she goes formal on you, replying YES SIR, OKAY SIR, I WILL SIR, THANK YOU SIR, like you are one kind of a lord.

She isnt foolish, she just knows that even though you are equal in all things, you are still her head, and she will keep familiarity aside and honour you.

So what I need you to do for me if you've got such a woman in your life is to HONOUR HER TOO. Never let her down.

You too sometimes do, YES MA, OKAY MA, I WILL DO THAT MA, I LOVE THAT ADVICE MA, YOU ARE WISE MA, THANK YOU MA, and let her sip from the honour and respect she gives you.

Never give her a reason to doubt your authority and headship. Love and respect her too just like she loves and respects you. Be open to her, these kind of women thrive on openness and oneness, she'll do more for you and with you when she feels secure in your leadership.

Don't be intimated by her earning, take your eyes off what she brings home and keep giving her your support where necessary. Encourage her to save, trust me bro that money is still going to come back to you somehow, I have loved long enough to understand this. Let her ask your opinion about the hair she's making, and then don't just listen and pick for her all the time, sometimes offer to chip in for the Bills. A woman who understand God's plan for submission is the best gifts any man can ever have. She will treat you just like she treats the Lord, because you are loving her the way God told you to.

Never let her go if you've got one. Never.


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