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There was a time I use to have this senseless thought that I am not in control of what I think. Like my thinking are being manipulated. Funny right? Yeah!it should be. It was just a belief I held on to. One of the silliest belief I would say. But later, I got to realize that am actually responsible for my thoughts both bad and good. Crazily some times, your thoughts even gets you thinking if you were the one actually thinking such. Do I have a support for this.

Have you ever encounter this... You were in a vehicle, and right in your mind, you were just like this vehicle should just hit something or run into the bush or something bad just happen to the vehicle or just be faced with a gun by a criminal in the vehicle or just notice you are in a wrong vehicle. Crazy thoughts.

Have you ever thought of why this crazy thinking runs through your mind? As crazy they could be, some comes to reality. But either you think of evil or good, you are responsible for every thoughts that comes to your mind. Your environment some times determines your thoughts, your relationship at time determines your thought.

But in every thought that comes to your mind, learn to wipe off the bad thoughts. What you think at times play a lot of effect in your life. You have to be careful of your thoughts, the ones you hold on to and the ones you have. Some will build you and make you stronger, while some will destroy you entirely. So, learn to control your thoughts. Learn to have a rule over them.


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Re: YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHATSOEVER YOU THINK by: Piwizo(m) .:. Sat, 27 Apr, 2019 - 07:11:31:am GMT

Poverty begins from the mind. The moment a rich man start thinking himself to be poor and failing, from the moment, his process of poverty has begun already. Don't be surprise when he later turn out to be a poor man.

Your mind is very powerful. It magnet things. Immediately you think of anything, your mind hold on to it or less you are ready to let go of such thought.

As evil and good lies in the tongue so, also is evil and good in the mind, you have the right to either allow or never. Like the story of a man who killed his wife and also went ahead to kill himself. The thought came to his mind to do so, which is an evil thought. But he fails to overcome. He dwelled on it and did according to the thought.

If you are having issues in your life, you should learn to speak to someone who can advice you. There is nothing as dangerous as having a confused mind. You might end up doing the worst. So, speak to someone you trust, get advice on what to do. Try as much as possible to put good thoughts on your mind.

Everyday, try to place your mind on good things. Think of how better you can become. Think of how more enlarged you can. Stop thinking of your past and worst. Think of the fact that you were created great and you have what it takes to succeed, so think of what you can do.


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Re: YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR WHATSOEVER YOU THINK by: Gooddypye(f) .:. Mon, 06 May, 2019 - 07:04:38:am GMT

There is no way some bad thoughts won't come to your mind as a human being. It isn't about preventing them from coming but not allowing them to have effect on your life and daily activities.

A man who committed suicide, had once had the thought to do so.

Now, such thoughts might have come as a result of some circumstances, some challenges he was facing and the thought of not being able to stand for himself comes up.

He no more see a man capable to overcome circumstances but a failure.

He could no more see anything better of himself than failures after all the struggles and hustling in life.

So, when the thought of leaving this world comes to him. It makes him feel once he die, there won't be suffering anymore, there won't be challenges anymore, he's going to rest. But that's not true.

When an evil thought comes to you, it makes you feel, it's the best way. But it's the worst way.

He goes ahead and kill himself only to end up in more pains and sorrows.

Mind your thought.

The Bible was never mistakenly when it asked us to always feel our mind with the word of God. If you know the word of God, you will very well know that commuting suicide is a whole lot of sin.

There is a way that seems right to all men, which is the way to hell.


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