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This is strange I know

This is hard I presume
But the truth never cares about your feelings
The Truth turns your ignorance around
The Truth has the key of liberty.
Who is walking corpse?
They might look handsome, beautiful but they're dead
They might be rich with lots of things you desire but true y are dead
Here is a list
An alcoholic is a walking corpse
A prostitute is a dead corpse
A fornicator is a decayed corpse
An Adulteress is a rotten corpse
Any man still living ín sin is a .,............


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   Re: Who is a walking corpse???? by: Gabbytea(m) .:. Wed, 13 Jan, 2021 - 01:11:01:pm GMT

Corpse have ears but can't hear
Corpse has eyes but can't see
Corpse has name but can't respond
Corpse has mouth but can't speak
Corpse has legs but can't move
Corpse has hands but can't work
Corpse has nose but can't perceived
Corpse has body but the body is dead.
All sinners are corpse and need the Spirit of God to give them live and make them live again
ARE YOU A WALKING CORPSE???????????????????


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