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Runners in a race know very well that it is the starting of the race that is of most importance immediately they hear the shot of the gun. Even the least moment of time is of great importance. In the early upbringing of a child,diligence in various steps in the child upliftment until such individual has grown to matured is instrumental to the person as a good and God fearing individual. The principles of tutoring our children is mainly on the shoulders of his/her parents,mostly the mother. Many mothers in the family start to train their children in a late period maybe because of their ignorance or having no knowledge about proper parental responsibility of training their child/children. Mostly,in our world today,some parents even think that their child should be treated when he/she is on an age of accountability. By researchers who says that mostly eighty-five percent(85%) of an adult personality is obtained when they are in their six years of age and beyond. The probability of a child to make it in life or not depends on how his or her parent treats him or her at the age of six and beyond. That is why even in the bible,it was solely emphasized by king Solomon in the book of Proverbs twenty-two verse six(proverbs 22:6) which says 'Train up a child in the way he should go:and when he is old,he will not depart from it'. It should be noted that the 'child' here signifies that he or she should be brought up well,as from his or her child birth,down to his infancy through to his or her turning into a young adult. If noticed,a child when after he is born,stays with his or her mother because it learns more. That is why it is necessary for a mother to be responsible because the child is watching and it is the mother's responsibility to mould its attributes like the child's character,habits,attitudes and thought pattern positively. That is why also in the book of psalms chapters one hundred and twenty seven verse one(psalms 127:1) which says "except the lord build the house,they labour in vain that build itexcept the lord keep the city,the watchman waketh but in vain". In our training or upbringing of our children,we must partnership with the lord,for without him we can do nothing. In Andrew Murray's prayers "my prayers for you is that your home on earth might be to them(your children) the pathway,the gate to the Father's house in heaven".

**God is good**

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Amazing Writeup!

The questions is "WHERE TO START" and the answer to the question is "START EARLY" we live in a world where things are changing fast and as those things are changing, people are also changing. It's very easy for people to leave their believes and also want to change as the world changes. Unfortunately many people can't be curb easily but the most interesting part is that there's still a way to breed new ones that will standout.

Like what the first Writer said about the role of the mother's and how they can influence those new ones to standout same also the father's. We as young ladies and young men who's yet to get married or still in courtship we need to let the change starts from our own generation because if everybody planning of getting married hold this as their Values the world will be a better place and crime rates will reduced.

Crime rates is increasing today simply because there's no one to standout and no one want the change to start from him/her though many people keep talking about it but no one is intentional about carrying out the changes. Firstly, newly married couples needs to understand that parenting is a field on it own and unless you're ready to study it things might not work out well. You need to start traning your children right from birth.

Secondly, Let them know we are in this world but we are not of the World. Place them on a solid foundation which is CHRIST and allow them participate in things related to CHRIST. Teach them morals and let them see those morals in you also because kids won't obey what they can't see you do so make sure your life activities is in accordance to the word of the Lord.

Lastly, it's God that can build up a child because the devil is not resting so commit and dedicate those children to him. Do your part and allow God to do his part. Start early, train them in the way of the Lord and you will enjoy the fruits of your Labour.

**Always put God first **

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   Re: Where to start by: Holashayo(f) .:. Fri, 15 Jan, 2021 - 12:27:55:pm GMT

You are very right..
The law of future states that, What will are doing now, either positive or negative will definitely contribute to that future.
An adage says, what what the bird eats, that it what it will use to fly. It is what you build in yourself at the early stage will determine your altitude and way of life.
Parents, it is very compulsory you build a strong foundation for your child(ren)., Because the Bible says, "if he foundation is destroyed, what will the righteous fo?" Absolutely nothing!. As foundation determines the quality of a house, so our beginning determines our strength in the journey.
The best thing to start with is Jesus,the ultimate strength giver. Start with the word of God in your heart.,impact to the young children, the knowledge of God., don't wait till they become a dry fish that cannot be curved anyone.


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   Re: Where to start by: Yahyaafeezolamilekan(m) .:. Today - 07:46: pm GMT

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. One of the reasons why most people find it difficult to do certain things is because they don't know where to start and cannot take the courageous decision of taking the risk of starting. It is one of the problems many people face in this our society. Most of them do have negative believe about the outcome of what they want to do and that is persimism. It is one of the most dangerous attitude one can ever develop towards something.

Either one day or day one you have to decide. Many people do fall in the trap of procastination. They will postpone what they are to do today till another day and they will be like I will start it some other day. But if one could take the courageous decision of starting and declare that today is going to be my day-one, it would have been very great.

Most of the successful people we see today wouldn't have been successful if they hadn't made the bold decision of starting.
The story of Jonah in the Bible should teach us a lesson. God commanded Jonah to go preach to a particular people. But Jonah was afraid that the people would never listen to him . He was like how is he going to convince thses hardened sinners about God, where is he going to start. Instead of him to go preach to the people as commanded by God, he boarded a ship to another place and ended up in the belly of a whale.


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