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I have come to realized that there are some attitudes a woman might sprung up when she is drunk in love with a man. Those attitudes to you as a man, you might see it as disrespectful, insults, too nagging, too disturbing, too bugging at you, etc.

I want to let you know now that, she never brought out those attitudes because she hates you, or she is a bad woman. Women are too too emotional when they are genuinely(I mean genuinely) in love. When someone is too emotional, that person can do things without thinking twice, why? Because she is controlled by her feelings, not head....

She might insult you unknowingly because of how emotional she is with you.
She might abuse you because of how provoked you made her be. Don't follow her, you are a man, the man. You are meant to calm her down when she is high, cool her down when she is hot. Don't put a fuel in an already burning fire, else it might consume all the good fruits she wanted to produce for you. A man should be the fire service in a woman's life. When she is burning with rage because of the mistake you did, or because of her wrong thoughts about you due to jealousy or insecurity, don't leave her burnt, be the fire service that quenches the burning fire from her.
She can be over protective because she doesn't want to lose you.
She might sound insulting because you are all she thinks about. Try and manage some characters she brings out because of her love for you


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Re: When She Is In Love by: Oma_maron(m) .:. Thu, 02 May, 2019 - 12:39:03:pm GMT

When a woman is in love... She nags a lot. I would rather listen to my girl argue, fuss and nag whenever she's mad about something I did or didn't do. Don't be shocked brothers, every good woman has a little bit of a nag in her, even the proverbs 31 ones, a little bit of nag, the kind of nag where she expresses her feelings without removing your crown or disrespecting you as her king.

Screaming back at her, hushing her up everytime, telling her to be quiet or saying she's complaining when she wants to express herself will make her cold and unappreciated. Don't do that, it is even against the law of marriage to tell a woman that she's nagging, even when you know for a fact that she is.

Trust me when I say this bros, dealing with a woman's mouth is much much much easier than dealing with a woman's SILENCE.

I don't know about you, everyone's different with unique ways of handing a fight, but for me, the key to drama and quarrel free relationship is to not talk deep or serious or confront anything important when I'm emotional, because in that state I'm not rational.

Give me some space to think about what i did or didnt do wrong. Give me some time to think about how I should have handled that situation better, or what I should have done differently.

If it's posible hug or hold me close. Let me collect my thoughts and feelings first, then, when I'm calm we can talk. No sorry, I mean I will start the talking, I will start the peace setting.

In our moment of anger and disagreement, do not cut out all the things you do for me when we are in a happy season. Serve me that dinner like a king, serve me in my favourite plate, still bring me drinking water like you use to, still ask me if the pepper is not too much for me. Take up your spoon and eat beside me, just like you would if I bought you a Lamborgini. Keep up the dinner conversation, ask me how it went with the mechanic, ask me how many deals I closed. Talk to me about our kids, tell me about the report from school, our fight has nothing to do with them. I know our emotions are at war right now but ask me if I'm full, or if I need more soup. Run me a hot bath like you used to. Select the tie that fits my suit, just as you always do to help me look smart for work. Let me collect my thoughts and feelings, then we can talk about it.

Oh sweet spouse, we will fight better when we fight from a position of love.

**Graced **

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Re: When She Is In Love by: Gooddypye(f) .:. Mon, 06 May, 2019 - 06:44:44:am GMT

How do you know when a girl loves you?

How can you tell if her love is real?

When a girl loves, she loves for real. When she loves you, she becomes happy, she becomes proud of you and she feels happy when talking to you...

She will be friend with your friends and relatives, your likes will be her likes, she will change her life style to fit in yours.

No matter how much you disappoint her, she will forgive you before you apologize, yes she loves you.

She will try to be a little bit jealous and protective,because she wants you to be hers and only hers.

Her boyfriend will now become her EX... because all her future will be in your hands. She will reject all proposals from other boys. No matter how far or near you are, she will protect herself for you.

She will like everything you post no matter how stupid it is... retweet everything you tweet on twitter and will instantly reply to all ur messages, She won't mind, whether you give her Money or not, whether you are rich or not, coz her interest in you is your future not what you are now.

She will show you all her friends and relatives, because she's proud of you! Look at that girl, her heart is made of Gold, so precious and full of love. She deserves to be treated as queen.

But some guys after making her love you wholeheartedly,after making her waste her time on you, after making her reject other guys who would have been useful to her, and after all, having let her show you to everyone she knows that you are the ONE, Now you're leaving her, leaving her broken hearted, guys whom she rejected because of you are going to laugh at her, her friends and relatives will ask, WHERE IS HE WHOM YOU TOLD US?

All she could do is to sit put her head on her knees, cry as if there is no tomorrow. Cry endlessly because she loved you endlessly.
Guys, don't make that girl regret why she loved you. Don't make others laugh at her. Fulfill your promises to her, if she wronged you, give her a second chance, everyone deserves a
second chance. Know that she is a human not a god, she can't be perfect all the time.


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Re: When She Is In Love by: Velisa(f) .:. Tue, 07 May, 2019 - 09:03:28:am GMT

When a girl is in love, she does lot of outrageous things.

This makes some guys say.... "Their babe acts like a baby." This is so common among the young ladies in love. They act unusual. They act like they are babies.

Whereas, some nag a lot. Whenever their guy phone rings, they will want to know who is calling. If not a woman. They act insecure, because they are afraid of loosing their love. They are also afraid of heartbreak.

They can do anything as long as it is in their power to do. They can do anything for the guy they love.

And one thing about ladies is that, they easily fall in love. And once they love, they love with their whole heart. They hardly cheat on the one they love most.

They keep no secret once they are in love with you. They are really to tell you every liTtle thing about themselves.

They love with trust. The same way the love with trust easily is the same way they find it hard to trust after being dissapointed by love.


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Re: When She Is In Love by: Willidgr8t(m) .:. Wed, 08 May, 2019 - 12:41:14:am GMT

The way women /Ladies love is quite different from the way men love, by nature women are emotional and sentimentally wired by God unlike the guys.

A lady is likely to do alot of crazy stuff just to express her love for a guy.Some of her actions could be positive or negative depending on the mood she is in at the moment. When a lady is her right frame of mind and she genuinely loves you.. She's bound to go out of her way to please you.

She could come with alot of surprising packages like getting you a gift such as shoes,singlet,boxers...she can even go to the extent of paying some of your bills just to express the geniueness of her love for you.Ladies love with the totality of their being needless to say that, that makes them to be overprotective and unsecured. When a lady loves she wouldn't like to loose.. She loves to sustain and retain.So guys in view of above facts we should endeavour to reciprocate and NOT to abuse.

**I'm very optimistic about life! **

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Re: When She Is In Love by: AJESTY(f) .:. Wed, 12 Jun, 2019 - 05:39:56:am GMT

Indeed nobody can be more emotional than a girl who is genuinely crazy in love with you. She's bound to go to any length for the love she has for you..

When shes so in love with you little tins gets her, sometimes she just cries for no reason and sometimes most guys feels irritated by this act and gets angry at her which is not suppose to b so. As the guy u just have t o pet and sweet talk her to make her feel better or just a hug can do the magic.

When shes in love she wants to talk to you like every hours of the day and she can get angry at u if u don't pick her calls or u don't return the calls back.a girl that truly love u will always feel insecure especially if she is not sure of ur own love for her. Note, a girls love for you is also equal to her hate for you
**Courageous **

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