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Values can be explained as those things which we attached importance to. Values can also be the worth of an object or item in terms of their money worth. Values is important as one considers certain things, beliefs, moral behaviour and ideas.

When people value something, they are always ready to buy it, protect it, or defend it. In this country we have values in the sense that we value it like it is important to us. Value give us a sense of identity and pride and value bring us together as a people. Some of this value are fairness, This is when one is fair to all in his or her act and honesty, This is when one does not hide any action or things from people, when one is truthful at all times.

Some other value are
1. Commitment

2. Integrity

3. Discipline and some many more.

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Values are those things you cherish, care for and never want to loose.
Value distinguish you from an ordinary person.
Value is wat makes it possible to predict the worth of something.
Value is tag that pronounces the longitudinal (how long it can last) of something.
Money Is regarded as valueless because it cannot be kept forever.,we use it as a means of exchange to what we really need., Neither is it for decoration.
We can also place value on characters, skills and nature.
Attitude and character that last longer can be recognized with value.
Skills/ talents that can be retained without it being out of date is considered as valuable.
Maintaining your act of kindness, honesty, loyalty..makes you not to loose your value in front of others.

Always value yourself and what you do, for you to maintain your value in front of people.


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Values may be defined as conceptions or standards by which things are compared and approved or disapproved, desired or undesired. Values may also refer to interest, pleasure, preferences, duties, moral obligations, wants, needs, likes and attractions.

In other words, values can also be described as the measure of those qualities that determine trait, desirability, usefulness and importance. These involves some superiority that are usually high. value bring an avenue for conception in judgment, and it also bring a means through which culture are learnt and transfer from generation to generation.

Through values, order is maintained and responsibilities are carried out, and through values unity and cooperation are maintain in the society. Values foster growth and development in the society. Value put more emphasis on groups rather then individual.

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Inconsidering values, one should personality, every tribe has its own culture and value system. But let us consider that which is common to every man
How we maximize our lifetimes with the right knowledge and values.
It is considered that there are three times of life

There are three times of life,
* The past (yesterday)
* The Now (today)
* The Future (tomorrow).

Many things could have happened in the past, (good and bad) one thing that characterizes the past is that we cannot change it. That's the truth, we cannot rewrite our past so everyone is advised not to live in the past.
Though we can hold on to lessons learnt from the past if they are healthy and helpful.

Today is as a pen given to us to write what we want in the future, if truly we cannot rewrite our past, then we have the opportunity to write what we want and how we want our lives to be. (ask yourself what you are currently writing with your life). The secret to our tomorrow is today, the door that leads us to tomorrow is Today.
What are you writing with your pen.
What am I investing my today(my time) into, what impact will it have on tomorrow.
Am I sitting down doing nothing
Or I don't even know what to do and how to start
We must learn to add values to our lives irrespective of the season of life we find ourselves. And while adding value to our selves, we should add value to others, our community, our family, everywhere we find ourselves.


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