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There are little things we do overlook in marriages, but those things are very vital, very necessary ingredients in keeping your marriage forever romantic. I went to one man's office and saw his Secretary manicuring him( cutting his nails). I was like, 'why won't a man cheat?' When a woman leaves her duty in her husband's life to a stranger, is she not trying to share her husband with that stranger? The man might not have negative thoughts at first, but later start having due to continuous romancing of his hands in the name of "nail cutting' by his Secretary.

Dear women, when last did you check your husband's nails? When last did you give him manicure and pedicure treatment? It is always so romantic to a man, when his woman cut his nails. It helps in building closeness, oneness and togetherness. Don't allow your housemaid cut your husband's nails, always do it yourself. Don't ignorantly share your husband with another, by creating the room for infidelity.

Dear men, have you ever tried painting your wife's nails too? Have you tried cutting her nails? See, even though you can't do it well, she will really value that act. She will really love and respect you for being that romantic

**Graced **

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Re: What Makes A Marriage Sucessful by: Velisa(f) .:. Sun, 24 Mar, 2019 - 07:31:45:pm GMT

In some relationships, we are always mindful of the big things, mindful of the common things leaving the little things, feeling they are not important but we don't know that those little things are as much important as those common things. Things like this that are aforementioned are so much important in marriage. It will take partners nothing to do this to each others. All this keeps the love stronger and understanding deeper.

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Re: What Makes A Marriage Sucessful by: Oma_maron(m) .:. Thu, 04 Apr, 2019 - 09:53:34:am GMT

There was something you saw in that woman you have as a wife that made you forsake all others. You knelt before her and proposed, spent thousands upon thousands of money,Took her before GOD and before men and swore to have her and hold her and her alone,, before GOD and man Look inwards and rekindle that spark! If you truly love her time with her will never be boring or monotonous. You will find that it get better and better,try little game, play together, laugh and have a good communication Do not be shy to xpress your inner most self to her, she will be loyal, humble and devoted to you. Make her miss you always just by thinking about you, when you are not around even after 20years of marriage. There is no gain in chasing young ladies outside when you have a loving and caring woman at home. Be faithful to your wife and you will never regret it.I know deep down today, a real MAN is reading this and making plans for amendment, take a step and make it bold,it pays. For your marriage to be successful you have to start doing all those beautiful things you stopped doing, because those little little things and fun you have together create memories and moments you'll always want to live again and again for the rest of your life. Men should take responsibility, there's more to a successful marriage than just sex and having lots of children, your woman needs protection a confidant and a standby, endeavor to be romantic, it pays and women submit to your husbands he is the head and don't always argue with him!!! Have a lovely day members of this forum and may God see us all!!!
**Graced **

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Many times, we keep making marriage boring. The only time we make news is when something bad has happened. What happened to all those sweet tales? Yes, marriage is sweet but we need to work to make it so.

When last did you take yourselves out to lodge?

Wait, have you ever done it?

One Ibadan man is already wondering why you'd need to go and lodge when you have a home in the same town.
For those who have done it (or the those who do it regularly), you know the feeling is different.

There is a calming effect that comes with the place and it is just optimised for you to go and be extra relaxed and go extra wild when you have to.

Plan what hotel you want to use and make the booking. Go there with your baddest lingerie and boxers nicely tucked away in your bag.
Yes go with everything else, condoms, lubricants (for those who need it), scented candles, "ginger ++" (for those who need it)....and as always, ice cream and chocolate spread, you will get ice cubes there.

There is exotic food at the hotel so please leave your rice and stew at home.

Get there and settle in, you came to relax and have fun so relax and have fun. Shower first to build the anxiety and set the body right. Let your room Air-conditioning system be at full blast then tune the TV to something fun. If you suspect that you might need your own entertainment then go with a preloaded USB drive to plug and play on the TV.

Order something nice for a change, something you want but can't always afford or whatever they have that you wish for the most.

Set the meal down and put your room right with the scent then have your meal nude. The dim light will fall on the body in a manner that will create an inviting silhouette.

Feed yourselves and savour the flavour of the meal, you have earned it.

(Errm please I beg you, wash your hands well because it won't be nice to use peppered hand to touch sensitive places....and with what's lined up next, you WILL touch)

You have washed your hands, right? Help her wash hers and help him wash his, in short, you are both in the bathroom, use the excuse to have a hot shower together. Wash him and let him wash you too. You are married for goodness sakes, how have you never had a shower together? Ehn, now is the time. Please be creative o, don't make it boring like you are a ghetto parent bathing a child at the backyard.
Be creative, is somebody facing back? Yes sir. Is somebody bending? Yes sir. Is somebody going down in the shower? Yes sir.

When you are done, wash up well and go from the hot shower into the cold room. That 16 degrees temperature has a purpose to serve, the sudden change in temperature from hot to cold will leave you both needing heat and the best place to get it will be from each other's body beneath the thick duvet.....get creative there too.

Next, pull out the big guns that you brought in, and have a crazy go at it. Don't be scared to moan and scream your heads off, no neighbour here and nobody knows you or even cares.

Another round of shower then you can come out, snuggle up to yourselves and watch something nice on TV.....sleep will come.

From time to time, you will feel naughty and you will laugh. The laugh can be from the fact that you have ordered something like lobster and you both are ghetto so you are eating it wrong and laughing at your bush selves, or it could be from feeling cold and hustling beneath the duvet. Whatever it is, enjoy your naughtiness.

Don't rush out the next morning (if you have only booked a night, you have till midday so enjoy that too) please make sure you don't leave "things" behind but if you do, well who cares? You are a couple.

If you have money, stay two days else, stay one and go home.

In some places this can be as cheap as N12,000 or as high as you wish per night. Now tell me, is that really beyond you once in a while?


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Re: What Makes A Marriage Sucessful by: Fellybabe(f) .:. Fri, 21 Jun, 2019 - 06:34:09:am GMT

No every man is so cheap to be lured into cheating with their wives. Some men are very responsible that, there is nothing you can do to them that will make you succeed in luring them into having sex with you when you when you are not their wife.

Be a responsible man. When you are responsible, nobody can say nothing wrong and or try doing anything crazy with you.

Do you men think, that there are born disturbing your wife at her working place? even with the fact that she is married, there are men chasing after her to have her. There are men who don't even want to give up on her.

You are not the only one as a man facing the temptation of cheating, your wife is also facing the same temptation. So, if she can compose herself why can't you compose yourself as a man and be responsible.

And for men, you hardly see ladies who want them by force once they are married. It's not common like females. But most men are the ones who go after those ladies.

So, a man can give me no good reason for cheating, no matter what. You are irresponsible that's why you went to cheat.

You are immature and foolish, that's why you can cheat on your wife. No matter the circumstances, you were suppose to fight through. It was women the Bible said are weaker vessels not men. As a man you were supposed to raise your relationship if it's falling, you delete supposed to stand for your marriage. Not being the cheater and fool claiming your wife made you cheat.

Are you the head at all or the tail? Cause your actions as a cheating husband just made you the tail and most useless man ever on earth.

**God's light**

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Re: What Makes A Marriage Sucessful by: Gooddypye(f) .:. Thu, 11 Jul, 2019 - 07:48:43:am GMT

Secrets to a successful marriage....

Secret 1
Everyone you marry has a weakness. Only God does not have a weakness. So if you focus on your spouse's weakness you can't get the best out of his strength.

Secret 2
Everyone has a dark history. No one is an angel. When you get married or you want to get married stop digging into someone's past. What matters most is the present life of your partner. Old things have passed away. Forgive and forget. Focus on the present and the future.

Secret 3
Every marriage has its own challenges. Marriage is not a bed of roses. Every good marriage has gone through its own test of blazing fire. True love proves in times of challenges. Fight for your marriage. Make up your mind to stay with your spouse in times of need. Remember the vow *For better for worse*. In sickness and in health be there.

Secret 4
Every marriage has different levels of success. Don't compare your marriage with any one else. We can never be equal. Some will be far, some behind. To avoid marriage stresses, be patient, work hard and with time your marriage dreams shall come true.

Secret 5
To get married is declaring war. When you get married you must declare war against enemies of marriage. Some enemies of marriage are:
*Lack of prayer
*Lack of forgiveness
*Third party influence
*Lack of love
_Be ready to fight to maintain your marriage zone._


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Re: What Makes A Marriage Sucessful by: Gooddypye(f) .:. Thu, 11 Jul, 2019 - 07:50:14:am GMT


Secret 6
There is no perfect marriage. There is no ready made marriage. Marriage is hard work. Volunteer yourself to work daily on it. Marriage is like a car that needs proper maintenance and proper service. If this is not done it will break down somewhere exposing the owner to danger or some unhealthy circumstances. Let us not be careless about our marriages.

Secret 7
God cannot give you a complete person you desire. He gives you the person in the form of raw materials in order for you to mould the person that you desire. This can only be achieved through prayer, love and Patience

Secret 8
Getting married is taking a huge risk. You can not predict what will happen in the future. Situations may change so leave room for adjustments. Husband can lose his good job, spouse can become victim of adultery or you may fail to have babies. All these require you to be prayerful otherwise you might divorce.

Secret 9
Marriage is not a contract. It is permanent. It needs total commitment. Love is the glue that sticks the couple together. Divorce start in the mind and the devil feeds the mind. Never ever entertain thoughts of getting a divorce. Never threaten your spouse with divorce. Choose to remain married. God hates divorce.

Secret 10
Every marriage has a price to pay. Marriage is like a bank account. It is the money that you deposit that you withdraw. If you don't deposit love, peace and care into your marriage, you are not a candidate for a blissful home.


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Re: What Makes A Marriage Sucessful by: HelenUde(f) .:. Today - 12:15: am GMT

well I believe that it's the duty of the both partners to make the marriage work. For one to have a successful and a happy home, one should understand that there is no senior partner in marriage. The man and the woman are equal irrespective of the age differences.

Women respect your husbands.
Two factors are the determinants to a woman's respect to her man.
1. Respect born out of love.
2. Respect born out of fear.
It's better that a man gains respect in his home by showing his wife love rather than instilling fear in her. Men carry your wives along, give them that sense of belonging , respect her opinions , love her and in return she will love , respect and cherish you.


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