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Romance » WOULD YOU MARRY WHO YOU LOVE OR LOVE WHO YOU MARRY ? by: Obajichi(f) .:. Tue, 07 Mar, 2023 - 05:45:54:pm GMT
I know this article may look and sound twisted to many people but there's more to it.

I have noticed that in romantic relationships, people tend to fall head over heels in love with the opposite sex and this culminates into marriage.

Many years down the line, you get to hear that those two love birds who were all over each other, have now gone their separate ways, most times with horrific public fights and everlasting hatred even if they have children in the union.

It's not as if such unions don't last , but it's so rare to find any like that especially these days.

In the real sense , both parties are always carried away by lust thinking it was love all along .

They simply relied on marrying who they had feelings for and may not have counted the costs at that time forgetting that marriage is meant to be a long term contract.
They were moved mainly by what they saw rather than the voice of reasoning.

In reality, marital relationships aren't meant to start out that way else they'll crash .

In loving who you marry , you need to listen to your heart by shutting your ears to what may distract you from making the right choice even when it seems there's nothing to hope on in that person.

The person may not look like what you have planned for yourself but the voice of reasoning will end up overshadowing and make them do the right thing.

Their love eventually grows and blossoms into what others will envy.

It may take a while to get used to that person but you'll eventually grow to love him /her. In fact, I've noticed that marriages like this are the ones that last.

In loving who you marry, you listen to your heart and use your head.

What are your thoughts on this ?

**I love being me.**

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Re: WOULD YOU MARRY WHO YOU LOVE OR LOVE WHO YOU MARRY ? by: Rachael(f) .:. Tue, 07 Mar, 2023 - 11:15:28:pm GMT

I would prefer to marry the person I love than love the person I married. Although the two go hand in hand, all the same, it is very important to have some attraction which we call "gish gish" for your spouse before saying yes I do.

I know some people might want to say love doesn't sustain marriage so why should you love the person you want to get married to in the first instance and why not just go on with someone and then find a way of loving them after marriage but what I will say is that love keeps the marriage.

I guess what people should have said is that when you love it doesn't mean there won't be ups and downs in the marriage. There will be ups and down but what it takes you to scale through that period is more than love.

Don't allow people's opinions to dictate your life to you, instead do what works for you, and never should you stop working towards how to sustain your relationship.

**Life is good**

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Re: WOULD YOU MARRY WHO YOU LOVE OR LOVE WHO YOU MARRY ? by: Wonders(f) .:. Mon, 13 Mar, 2023 - 10:38:31:am GMT

Well, in my opinion, the answer a guy will give to this question will be different from the answer a lady will give. For a guy, I believe that the answer will be "I'll marry the person I love that's good for me.

On the other hand for a lady, the answer should be"I'll marry the person that loves me". I've come to understand that in the long run, love isn't important for a lady.

I don't know maybe it's because I'm very open but I've come to realize that in the long run, I can grow to hate the person I've always admired and I can grow to love the person I've always hated.

What will determine if I'll hate you or love you, is your behavior toward me. It depends on how you make me feel. I don't know if I'm right or wrong but I feel it's the same for every lady. That's why I said ladies don't have to worry about love.

Looking closely at the bible, it didn't delegate loving to the woman but to the man alone. It says "love your wife" it's only a foolish man that'll marry the lady he doesn't love.

For the marriage to stay, the lady must be someone the guy loves while loving or not loving isn't a problem for the lady. This is because it depends on how she's treated.

So when the guy loves, the lady will love too eventually. As for me, I'll go for someone who loves me much more than I'll ever be able to love back.

As it is now, I don't go after guys I like, if you don't make the first move. I'll just keep chilling in my lane and keep the love or attraction to myself.

I've come to realize that once a guy isn't feeling you, he isn't feeling you, and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it. So I don't go on troubling myself either!

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Re: WOULD YOU MARRY WHO YOU LOVE OR LOVE WHO YOU MARRY ? by: DivineDomokuma(m) .:. Thu, 16 Mar, 2023 - 03:16:01:am GMT

Marriage is not something we go into, because we feel a deep sense of attraction towards a person, which we wrongly call Love.

Marrying someone because your attracted to the person is not a good enough reason in my opinion.

In other for two person in a relationship to get married, there must first exist among them understanding, so that they can properly tolerate the actions of one another.

Also , both parties must be strong and stable mentally, psychologically and physically, because there may come a certain situation that will eat deep in ones mental and psychologically state of being, which they must have what it takes to support each other in such a time.

There are lot more factors one should consider before going into Marriage
But i believe that the most important is the both parties getting married, should be spiritually strong in the God almighty. 😁
**No sinner is Christian**

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Re: WOULD YOU MARRY WHO YOU LOVE OR LOVE WHO YOU MARRY ? by: JamesWeil(m) .:. Sat, 18 Mar, 2023 - 06:10:42:pm GMT

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