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Diaries » WHY DO WE SAY ' THREE SQUARE MEALS'? by: Obajichi(f) .:. Tue, 07 Feb, 2023 - 12:15:31:pm GMT
From time immemorial, I have been hearing of the expression - Three square meal.

I never bothered about the meaning until one day as a secondary school student, I watched a call - in program on television and heard the presenter asking any audience caller to give the reason or explanation of the statement.

I don't think anyone was able to give a good explanation for that till the program ended.

Up till now,many people ,all over the world still make use of that expression.

I wonder what is square about the meal.

If we have to eat three times a day, then where is the square in three , since square signifies four?

Is it that the tray used to eat , is in square shape or the plate itself is a square shaped one?

Could it be the shape of the table on which I eat the food that is square in shape?

I'm sure you must have wondered why this is so at some point in hearing that expression especially as an English speaker.

Even if you haven't, now you have.
This has been a brain teasing question for me over the years.

So, Can someone tell us what makes our meals three square?

**I love being me.**

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Re: WHY DO WE SAY ' THREE SQUARE MEALS'? by: Queen(f) .:. Thu, 09 Feb, 2023 - 07:26:36:pm GMT

Seriously, I have not really thought about this but now that you've mentioned, am now thinking.

I think "three" refer to the number of meals per day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

But “Square” refers to it being a complete meal, with complete nutrition, with correct or proper combination.

So it’s not “three-square” like some kind of paradox. It simply three complete meals per day.

I guess.
**It is well**

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Re: WHY DO WE SAY ' THREE SQUARE MEALS'? by: Oluwatomisin(f) .:. Sat, 11 Feb, 2023 - 01:28:22:pm GMT

This is the first time I am conscious of the three square meals. To be sincere I just say it without thinking about the meaning. There are so many things we say or talk about that we don't have the depth of what it means.

Well, I can't even explain what the three square meal means but one thing I am sure about is that someone that started it will have a reason for saying or maybe something happens that lead to such adaptation to the use of the words.

It's also important to know it as it can be asked anywhere at any time; such a thing can happen during an interview so it will be okay if someone that has the idea gives us an explanation of what it meant.

**Always put God first **

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Re: WHY DO WE SAY ' THREE SQUARE MEALS'? by: RobertGrant(m) .:. Sat, 11 Feb, 2023 - 05:39:05:pm GMT

The three square meal doesn't mean that the plate or table is square. Instead what it simple means is that square is a complete shape which all sides are equal, so the three square meal is a complete meal meaning the morning, afternoon, and evening is a complete meal so since square is the only shape that has all sides equal it was called three square meal. So its not because of a square table or square plate its cause of its a complete meal.

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Re: WHY DO WE SAY ' THREE SQUARE MEALS'? by: Obajichi(f) .:. Thu, 16 Feb, 2023 - 02:47:05:pm GMT

@RobertGrant: Your analysis seems to be comprehensive.

This may just be the reason.
**I love being me.**

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Re: WHY DO WE SAY ' THREE SQUARE MEALS'? by: SamuelKingsley93(m) .:. Fri, 17 Feb, 2023 - 05:59:16:pm GMT

Well, google has it that three square meals means eating a complete and satisfactory meal. Well in Nigeria we have it to mean: that you have a good meal in the morning, afternoon and evening.
Maybe 4 square meal means eating in it in the night(:

**Samuel Kingsley**

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Re: WHY DO WE SAY ' THREE SQUARE MEALS'? by: Abbey(m) .:. Thu, 16 Mar, 2023 - 07:48:42:am GMT

Right from childhood I have noticed there is three square meal, now let look at it in this ways three square meal is that true , the answer is yes simple because we have breakfast, lunch, dinner and that make it three square meal.

If you can not cope with the three square meal then possiblely may be two meal in a day.

Never forget the three square meal is important because I can't do without food.

**Abbey **

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Re: WHY DO WE SAY ' THREE SQUARE MEALS'? by: Abbey(m) .:. Fri, 17 Mar, 2023 - 06:14:48:am GMT

Is not even the matter of saying three square meal it is normal to eat , some even eat more than three times in a day so saying three square meal or not what I know is that you should eat as much as you have the opportunity.
And if your own is not up to three if you can afford two no problem .

**Abbey **

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