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Romance » WHY DO PEOPLE MISTAKE LUST FOR LOVE? by: Obajichi(f) .:. Tue, 14 Feb, 2023 - 04:57:56:pm GMT
Valentine's Day is usually celebrated as the day of love even though it has no romantic origin attached to it .

On such days and even other times , people tend to be carried away by romantic activities especially singles.

I'm the process, some do very nasty things that land them into long term problems because they have misinterpreted or misunderstood the meaning of the event .

Mature ones who are still single sometimes fall prey to the general belief attached to this day.

There can only be one reason for the mistakes or actions taken out around such periods and that is the one issue of LUST.

In most cases it is the females who are at the receiving end.

Whenever a guy gives the red signal or the flashlight in a relationship , the lady quickly interprets it to be love.

This can be very demeaning as she falls helplessly and hopelessly for his misleading body language.

Only a wise person will take time to read in between the lines.

There are guys who fall prey to this too .

Too many unkept promises are made when lust is involved because they're made out of deception.

Lust is always shallow minded while love reasons deeply.

A heart is broken when lust is involved and that's when you'll hear some people crying or lamenting like a broken record.

If people always get badly hurt in conditions like this, then why do people keep mistaking lust for love?

**I love being me.**

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Re: WHY DO PEOPLE MISTAKE LUST FOR LOVE? by: SamuelKingsley93(m) .:. Fri, 17 Feb, 2023 - 04:07:14:pm GMT

Most ladies knows the difference between lust and love just by staring in the eyes of her betrothed. Also men do know the difference between lust and love. They tend to fake being in love just to get the taste of the lust that the lady and also ladies do that to just enjoy the luxurious life of the person. Sometimes, the guys notice what the lady is doing and ends up breaking with her and also the lady likewise.
The problem is that this guys and ladies always comes like the angel of love while they are not. So how do you differentiate them?
Some guys makes it easier by going straight to the points that they want just sex while some don't and that's what the problem is at.
And also ladies mistakes their soul mates to be just a sex customer and he's gone.
**Samuel Kingsley**

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Re: WHY DO PEOPLE MISTAKE LUST FOR LOVE? by: Oluwatomisin(f) .:. Sat, 18 Feb, 2023 - 10:01:40:pm GMT

There are many reasons why people mistake lust for love because the mentality of people is corrupted by wrong ideologies. The world has caused a lot of problems by passing wrong information all in the name of advising people on what love is yet they don't understand the concept themselves.

Many people mistake lust for love because they don't understand what love means and this is because they've not asked the originator of love which is God. You see there are questions no one can answer for you unless you ask God who is the source behind them.

Love and lust are two different things that mean different things so you need to evaluate it when someone brings it to you so that you can be sure if it's love or lust. Do not position yourself carelessly so that you won't be associated with lust.

**Always put God first **

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Re: WHY DO PEOPLE MISTAKE LUST FOR LOVE? by: Rachael(f) .:. Mon, 20 Feb, 2023 - 09:46:10:am GMT

The word love and lust has been used in an abusive way when people start using the word as synonymous which is never the same. The World's interpretation of love is what makes people think lust has the same meaning as love!

You see there are things love can sustain that just can't stand at all and this is where it becomes obvious to know which one is love and which one is lust.

Love is patient and never rejoices in wrongdoings, but lust is not patient or if at all it's patient it can't be as patient as love because there are stages it will get tiring.

Don't let the world deceive you, there's still true love in this world just that few people understand what it means. Don't be deceived by the definition flying about on social media concerning love but indirectly it's lust.

Let the author of love which is Jesus teach you love and minimize your definition from the media.

**Life is good**

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Re: WHY DO PEOPLE MISTAKE LUST FOR LOVE? by: Olatoke(m) .:. Thu, 06 Apr, 2023 - 06:31:25:am GMT

@Rachael: I think You have point.
Some time people personally and of which is not so.
**Olatoke **

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