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Politics » WHY DO NIGERIANS VOTE ETHNICITY RATHER THAN COMPETENCE ? by: Obajichi(f) .:. Wed, 08 Mar, 2023 - 03:04:32:pm GMT
Whenever we prepare for elections in Nigeria, there are many candidates to choose from.

Amongst the things that should be considered in one's choice of electing ,should be the past credible history of a political candidate.

This is how I believe it should be in any part of the world.

But the case is so different in Nigeria.

Every election in Nigeria is always a do or die affair.

Rather than choosing based on credible history we choose to vote based on tribal preference.

Even when some know that such a person is highly incompetent, they wouldn't mind killing themselves to have him in power.

This is why the electoral process in Nigeria is more of Selection rather than Elections.

It still beats my imagination that Nigerians with how far we have come, still opt for such degrading and backward way of playing politics.

Is it that the candidate from a different tribe is lesser than the one from your tribe in terms of wealth, intelligence, productivity, ideas or what exactly ?

How sure are you that the candidate from your tribe will fully live up to expectations or will his going to that seat of power ensure that you live forever?

Even when people decide to come out wholeheartedly to exercise their franchise, their votes are conspicuously manipulated .

Why on earth do Nigerians, despite all we've been through, still prefer to vote based on ethnic preference ?

**I love being me.**

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Re: WHY DO NIGERIANS VOTE ETHNICITY RATHER THAN COMPETENCE ? by: Oluwatomisin(f) .:. Thu, 09 Mar, 2023 - 06:40:35:pm GMT

Hypocrisy is the reason why many Nigerians vote for ethnicity and not competence. You see the way we Nigerians do think is only God that understands because as human beings it is very difficult to understand the way Nigerians think. We live in a hypocritical environment where people choose based on their emotions and not their instincts.

Many people just follow what the people around them tell them about a particular person, then such a person will go vote for the person without having a full understanding of what the person has done. Some people will even make you feel like a bastard when you decide not to vote for your tribe but all the same, I thought we said we are united.

Please where is the unity or am I the only one that can see that there's no iota of unity between us? It is high time we shift our mode of thinking and see beyond ethnicity if truly we want to have a better Nigeria.

**Always put God first **

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Re: WHY DO NIGERIANS VOTE ETHNICITY RATHER THAN COMPETENCE ? by: SamuelKingsley93(m) .:. Thu, 09 Mar, 2023 - 10:02:05:pm GMT

Honestly, the thing is that the north wants to rule Nigeria and we know the north contains more states than the south, east and west part of Nigeria. They don't just want any body who is not a Hausa or nor a Muslim to rule over them and they are very subject to one another. So if their Imam or anybody in position in this is the candidate of their choice, they will vote him.

Also Nigeria is a corrupt nation. Rigging elections is one of those things Nigeria are good at. Rigging of elections has been in existence for long and they are also perfecting the art too. Money is the root of evil but Nigeria politician is the ground where the root is buried in.

Tinubu says is going to the president of Nigeria and we all laugh thinking our vote will count in this election but it didn't. The election was rigged write before our very eyes and we can not do anything about it. That's how corrupt we are.
**Samuel Kingsley**

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Re: WHY DO NIGERIANS VOTE ETHNICITY RATHER THAN COMPETENCE ? by: DivineDomokuma(m) .:. Thu, 16 Mar, 2023 - 03:02:59:am GMT

The sad truth is that most Nigerians are truly black men.

By "black man", i mean someone who's is ignorant, selfish, hungry, unreasonable and uncivilized .

We capitalize too much on what we stand to gain from a particular situation or circumstance, not considering the consequences which is to come after.

Even when it is clear that what we're doing is wrong, harmful and dangerous to us and our neighbors, for the sake of the infinitesimal merit which we stand to gain, we go along with it 😒😔

**No sinner is Christian**

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Re: WHY DO NIGERIANS VOTE ETHNICITY RATHER THAN COMPETENCE ? by: Wonders(f) .:. Sun, 19 Mar, 2023 - 02:01:49:am GMT

Well, for several reasons such as ignorance and selfishness. Nigerians will rather consider ethnicity because, from ages, an average has been taught to be favorable first to his brotherman. So the brotherman comes first in every situation. It didn't start today, it has been embedded in us from our ancestors.

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