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During my NYSC, at my PPA (Place of Primary Assignment) in Abia state, i noticed a 14yr old girl with a child in the school i was teaching and i asked her who owns the child she said hers, i puzzled for a while and became mute trying to reason it all.

I also went to Bayelsa State, and i saw a 13yr old girl pregnant and i started to reason how come. And i noticed some states also in Nigeria with so many young mothers and some States, they seem to see nothing wrong at all with it.
re"> Thinking about the rate by which this Young mothers emerge, i thought about reasons why it may have been happening and i thought of these:
re"> 1: lack of Development and awareness in those states.
after thinking about it, i realised that those places with young mothers are mostly from rural settlements. They don't have awareness whatsoever about how to abstain from such and then they become victims of circumstance
re"> 2: too much freedom at tender age or the lack of care by the parents in those states, i realised that in most states in Nigeria, some care so much about their children while some dont care because they see it as norms.
re"> 3: The developed states have a lot of restrictions from local association which helps the young ones from the other sex till they grow to the higher institution level.
re"> What state do you think has the highest rate of Young Mothers?


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Re: WHICH STATE IN NIGERIA HAS THE HIGHEST RATE OF YOUNG MOTHERS by: HelenUde(f) .:. Wed, 23 Oct, 2019 - 12:33:08:am GMT

A lot of teenagers go into marriage as a result of desperation and frustration. Awareness should be created to correct this impression that marriage is the solution to problems. Your problems increases when you get married for the wrong reasons.
**I'm blessed **

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