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Information/Technology » WHATSAPP BANN OR RESTRICTION RESTORATION by: Osaroju(m) .:. Tue, 19 Jul, 2022 - 05:09:37:am GMT
Did you know that you could be banned or restricted from accessinh the green app?.

Yes. It very true. Actually i got restricted 2 days ago. Precisely on Sunday, 17th July, 2022. This was my second time since i began using the app.

To know how to use the app well and how not to go against their policies, you can read their Terms of Service. Youll be able to find it somewhere in the App.

But i want to talk a bit on how recovery your account after such restrictions or bann.

Let me say firstly, that WhatsApp is by far different from Facebook and i think they have a better customer care service. Their responses were on time and helpful (even though, the messeges sounded as a machine response)

If you have any such issues, email their support team at support@support.whatsapp.com explaining exactly what the challenges is. (My personal suggestion, dont forget to tell them that youll abide by their Terms of service)

They would reply, firsly apologizing for the inconvinience and requestion fot you number in international format.

Within an hour, you would get your account setup, as they would provide you a link to downloaf either the personal or buiness whatsapp.

Have fun enjoying the app and keep this in mind. Also you can share to help others.

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