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Take a look at your now and remember how you were yesterday. Your life now is how it is because of how you were yesterday.

Our lives now are they way they are because of what we see and liked. Everything we do now, every single little too thing that we do now is because we saw and liked them. The wants we saw and didn't liked, we forget them and move now.

2 areas govern what a man sees. You may see the world, you may see the word.
If you do not are the word and like it, you will see the world and like it.

Jer 1:11

You can't like what you don't understand.
As a youth in Christ, there is something that defines you. You have your whole life ahead of you. If you don't see what is written concerning you, you would be rigma rolling. As a person, your life has been planned, and that life is a life of success.

Like and love what you see in the word. That's faith. Love and liking is an emotion, which arouses energy within you to get, received or fight for something.

1 Jh 2:14

As a youth in Christ, I am strong means that I am able to do anything and everything. I can choose to do what I want in Christ.

Our only hindrances are the things we have liked, which disables us from becoming what we are.

You can't like something without seeing it. So before you like, you should ask yourself, does it honor God, is it in line with my destiny.
What you like, you have the energy to do it, and you get stronger in doing. So don't like a wrong thing.
To unlike something especially a wrong thing requires the intervention of God.

**Don't be a good student and a bad teacher.**

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