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So, far in life. With lot of lessons about marriage...

Marriage has taught me that LOVE IS NOT ENOUGH.

Marriage taught me that I can disagree and have issues with my partner but still try to control my own emotions. The loudest voice is not always the most correct and the final word is not always a victory.

Marriage has taught me that while the partner and the children make the family, issues with one should not become issues the other.
Don't get cranky with the children because you had a misunderstanding with me, don't get cranky with me because of something a child did.

Marriage taught me that refusing to cook every time there's an issue is not the smartest thing to do. There's already an issue on ground, why add to it?

Marriage taught me that while non verbal communication is key, refusing to eat is too foolish and too expensive a tool to use on regular basis or for long periods especially when the message can be passed while eating your food.

Marriage taught me it's not every issue you report to family and friends, you have got to resolve most yourself. If you have good ones, remember they have their own issues too, eventually they'll get tired. If you don't have good ones, you'll understand the real meaning of the word "regret".

What has marriage taught you so far?


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Re: WHAT MARRIAGE HAS TAUGHT ME SO FAR by: Gooddypye(f) .:. Mon, 29 Apr, 2019 - 04:36:10:pm GMT

Marriages will always have periods of misunderstandings and what started out as a harmless discussion can quickly heat up to domestic violence level. It would amount to self deception to say this does not happen, it does. Many of us witnessed this happen growing up and it conditioned us, but even at that, it still is not right. There's nothing positive about being hit, nothing positive about hitting. Not to your spouse, not to your children, not to the marriage, not to you.

It is a challenge that many are having to deal with and trying to correct. Working on extreme emotions is not easy but if we keep trying, things would get better.


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Re: WHAT MARRIAGE HAS TAUGHT ME SO FAR by: Piwizo(m) .:. Tue, 30 Apr, 2019 - 02:30:37:pm GMT

People's mindset on what marriage is and lesson learnt from marriage varies from place to place. Beyond checking physical attributes including behavior, it is also important to understand what marriage means to whomsoever you are with.

It is not enough that a person appears to have good character. If your ideologies on what marriage is differ strongly, it will set the marriage up for repeat misunderstandings on almost everything.

Marriage can mean different things depending on our interpretations of the terms humility, respect, hardworking, lazy, control, respect, maturity, voice, freedom, right, privilege, etc.

Understand what these mean to the person you want to marry and ensure they align with your expectations, to prevent a lot of issues.

What does marriage mean to you?


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Re: WHAT MARRIAGE HAS TAUGHT ME SO FAR by: Fellybabe(f) .:. Thu, 13 Jun, 2019 - 08:14:31:am GMT

Marriage has taught be that... There are times in life things don't work well. Some times, it will seems you should just walk out. Work out of that relation. Work out of that marriage. Work out of the home. But marriage makes me realize that working out is not the best solution. Endure, fight it, deal with it and come out strong.

It is an institution you don't graduate from, and you keep learning. The higher you go, the harder the challenges you face, the stronger you become, the higher the problems. But you have to keep going.

Marriage also taught me that... It isn't all about children. But at times about your happiness, about your future, about your desire, about what you need. Children are a part of it but you first.

Marriage taught me that... The only way to your happiness is not in your spouse but in you. You determine your happiness.

Marriage taught me that... It is not how far you've gone. But how well you've done.

Marriage taught me that... There are things that are attractive in life but they are destructive. Beautiful ladies you see to be more prettier than your wife, wealthy men you see to be more wealthier than your wife, but all this are attractive but once you try going for them when married, it will destroy you and your marriage. That is why I said I learnt that some things are attractive but destructive.

**God's light**

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Re: WHAT MARRIAGE HAS TAUGHT ME SO FAR by: Confidant(f) .:. Tue, 09 Jul, 2019 - 11:22:46:am GMT

Marriage has taught me that at times, you need to walk away. Imagine you are married to a man and he keeps beating you everyday, even beating you into coma. You should learn to walk away if not, he will kill you one-day. And your soul will regret why you didn't walk away.

You are married legally does not mean you must bear till death. If you caught him cheating... Please, walk away cause he might eventually kill you one-day if you become a problem to him by being against his cheating habit.

Marriage has taught me so far, that you don't need the whole money in the world to be happy. The little resources you have can be enough for you if you manage it well. Your happiness does not lies in your money but lies in you. If happiness was in money, then the rich are not supposed to cry. But rich also cry.


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