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I have a girlfriend. She has been told severally not to be angry because of her boyfriend for anything. She should always make sure she is happy towards him. Even when he does something that hurts her a lot, she shouldn't be angry at him. But she and bed fiance are always having misunderstanding all the time. Several pastors has always told her that any man who married her will be very great due to the blessing God has given her. They said her husband will be very rich and never have any reason to lack. But she should not get angry at him for any reason. If she gets angry at him, things will not go well for him. He will lack money. Things will be very bad for him. But if she is happy, things will be better and the man will become very rich as it has being her destiny. But the problem now, is that her fiance and her are always having misunderstanding that at times he offends her a lot and she will be very annoyed with him. But she loved the guy and ready to marry him but the misunderstanding is becoming too much. Recently after having a kind of strong misunderstanding a Pastor she never met once told her again about not being angry at her fiance so, things will be better for him. Now, she needs an advice on what to do. She asked me if she should tell her fiance what Pastors has always tell her, maybe from there they can settle themselves and stop misunderstanding each others all the time, so things can work out well better. Or she shouldn't tell the guy. And the guy is someone that does not believe in such things. She feel she might tell him and he would make things worst. What do you advice? Should she inform the guy or not? I need your advice to this.


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Re: WHAT IS YOUR ADVICE? by: Velisa(f) .:. Tue, 05 Mar, 2019 - 07:02:55:am GMT

Well, if the guy is someone she knows won't believe her. Then she shouldn't inform him.

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Re: WHAT IS YOUR ADVICE? by: Oma_maron(m) .:. Tue, 05 Mar, 2019 - 05:27:17:pm GMT

Well what I can say about this is this, firstly am not one that believes so much in all this pastor said this concerning my future or my partner, because later it will look as if the pastor is the one controlling your life, it's normal in every relationship for them to be misunderstandings, even people who have been married for thirty to forty years still have misunderstandings, so if you are having misunderstandings in your relationship, you sort it out and you don't need any pastor or preacher to tell you that, and for me personally I will like my babe to believe in me for who I am and have confidence in me for what I will become not because of what a pastor said but because of her own convictions, not tomorrow when I am not what she is expecting she will now blame someone else for putting her in the situation she finds herself in, lastly that a man of God tell you that your partner will be rich or you will get involved with a rich or successful person as regarding your relationship doesn't necessarily means the person is the current person you are involved with, that's why I don't like this men of GOD, their work is to preach the word of God but some of them have diverted and are breaking a lot of homes and relationships today.
**Graced **

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Re: WHAT IS YOUR ADVICE? by: Piwizo(m) .:. Tue, 05 Mar, 2019 - 10:21:06:pm GMT

Well what you shouldn't do in a relationship is to stay in a relationship that's not benefiting you or improving you, you have to know when to quit when someone is hurting you constantly, no matter what anyone says, you should not be treated as a slave or an animal because you wanted to keep a relationship base on a theory, you have to know when to quit, don't settle for less, no matter what any pastor says, a relationship is not a month or a week stuff, especially one that will lead to marriage and will last, so money or success of your spouse shouldn't be the major priority to your detriment, if your spouse success means that you have to suffer as a lady then no need to be in an abusive or destroying relationship for nothing in the world, misunderstanding happens but there must be a limit, know your value and worth as lady!!!

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Re: WHAT IS YOUR ADVICE? by: Fellybabe(f) .:. Thu, 13 Jun, 2019 - 09:41:34:am GMT

Some of this stuff self.... So, Pastors believe and say all this stuff.

Naturally, the Bible has said it that blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly,nor standeth in the ways of the sinners...not sitteth in the sit of the scornful..

Blessed means... Someone that is bless.

As long as anyone follows and keep the commandment of the lord, the person is blessed.

Let's forget all this stuff.

I feel it is a possessed lady that should be in such way. And if God says that man is blessed, the man is blessed.

Though I do hear stories of how someone ladies are blessing to their spouses.. then if what the pastor said is true and she noticed it. Yet, they are always fighting.

Then she should always try to prevent fighting. But if she can't, let her leave the guy.

**God's light**

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Re: WHAT IS YOUR ADVICE? by: Obinnaoguji(m) .:. Fri, 14 Jun, 2019 - 08:00:00:am GMT

Let me contribute. Beneath every anger is fear. Anger spurs misunderstanding and grief even makes matters worst in a relationship any king. The lady in question must genuinely have a deep reflection and understand her fears both in life and in the relationship. She must as well try to see things from his partner's perspective and make proper judgements.

I do believe in prophets and prophecies, but then they must be confirmed by your inner witness. If you believe in prophecy you must believe in God in the first place. To each and every one of us God has assigned a spirit of witness that guides us to our core. Our essence of living. If she can't access this part of herself, things may be difficult for her to understand.

For now she needs not open up to the partner concerning her relational destiny. She must continuously pay more attention to the partner and understand him better. For her to achieve this, she must embrace communication, empathy, tolerance, and patience. This is as simply as saying she should pay attention to her character.

Communication has proven to be one of the pillars of any relationship. Don't keep things to yourself, but in love, communicate to your partner your feelings and discomfort whenever there are any. Don't bottle things up. When negative emotions accumulate over time it breeds a very big problem.

Being empathetic is like telling the next party, "baby you are really making sense". This is not to say you must accept everything he does, but you are giving yourself the chance to analyse the possible sense he may be making. When you have objectively analyse the perspective and you see its low profitability, communicate to him.

The tWO of them must be patient with eachother as they learn moreabout who they are. tHis is very important as they are two differenthumans, with two different life experiences. even the most anointed can have character defects. Of course he's human. This is one thing we must know.

Let she be patient with herself and the partner. She must as well know that, that she loves him doesn't mean they must marry. She must be discerning enough to know if she will let go.

**Obinna Oguji**

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