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Romance » WHAT DO YOU CONSIDER TO BE A ROMANTIC CRIME ? by: Obajichi(f) .:. Wed, 22 Mar, 2023 - 12:38:31:pm GMT
I heard a proverb in a romantic and war movie I watched sometime in 2022 and it goes thus : He who loves loses.

Whether this saying is true or false, it all depends on the one who falls in love and the outcome of that ' love'.

This proverb may not seem to make sense to people but it does to me as I recently read of a young lady in her twenties , on social media who posted on how she uses young men in their mid twenties to mid thirties for money rituals. Hmm!

According to her, getting them is not a problem to her as they are cheap to get.

She was introduced to this by a friend while in her service year and tired of being broke. She calls it a ' traditional way of making money '.

She uses their sperm to make money and believes she'll give her life to Christ once she turns 30 ( not minding if she'll die before then ).

The annoying part is that once any man has sexual encounter with her, he'll never be prosperous and the girlfriends will also be attacked by ' spirit husbands ' and to my surprise, she said she was glad she had not committed murder. Hmm!

This should serve as a lesson and warning to guys and ladies who are sexually loose because ladies also do money rituals too . How sad!

What can be worse than rendering a man in his prime as useless and is this wicked act not the same as committing murder ?

This is what I consider to be a romantic crime.

What do you feel is a romantic crime ?

**I love being me.**

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Re: WHAT DO YOU CONSIDER TO BE A ROMANTIC CRIME ? by: Osaroju(m) .:. Sat, 25 Mar, 2023 - 01:27:13:am GMT

A romantic crime indeed.

But to me, this is more of wickedness and spiritual manipulation.

Everyone should be careful in these days and age we are in now, as a lot is happening.

Imagine what someone can comfortably put up online.

While I wasn't thinking in this direction when I saw the title, "Romantic Crime"

Just yesterday I was helping a friend do a research on similar topics related to sexual immorality among teenagers, students and young ones, and believe me the statistics are very high.

One thing security agencies should also try and do (I believe they are doing this already), is to fish out and punish offenders who commit any crime related issues, whether romantic or not.

**Don't be a good student and a bad teacher.**

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Re: WHAT DO YOU CONSIDER TO BE A ROMANTIC CRIME ? by: PrinceBenjamin(m) .:. Fri, 19 May, 2023 - 07:52:15:am GMT

i think that what should be considered as a romantic crime is using the person as an advantage of of defrauding the persones wealth
**love oneanother**

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Re: WHAT DO YOU CONSIDER TO BE A ROMANTIC CRIME ? by: Abbie@21(f) .:. Sun, 13 Aug, 2023 - 05:47:05:pm GMT

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm........... this world they say is indeed wicked,ok what if she dies before she's 30 , anyways she and God have that one to settle.

This was not exactly what I was expecting anyways, because to me I would say romantic crime is a type of crime that is done for love,it includes theft ,fraud and even as far as murdering someone just to please your partner.

In the case of this lady,it is very clear that she is really enjoying the evil she is doing, things are really happening in our world today ,that is why everyone has to be very careful because so many things are going on,I know of a particular lady whose case is so similar to this lady's,any man she sleeps with becomes useless,she has been destroying people's destinies until she came across a guy,his mum prays so much and after sleeping with the guy she became paralyzed and could not move from where she was,she ended up confessing and after she confessed she died.

The devil does not give anything to anyone for free,she is definitely going to meet her end if she doesn't not stop, anything you don't work for with your hands and strength can't last and won't last,she thinks it's and easy and safe way to get free money but she will definitely suffer for the destinies of those men she has exchanged,how about ladies that guys drop off from their car and the moment the car zooms off ,they instantly loose their sanity,may God help us
**Abbie **

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