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Amateur radio also known as ham radio , is a well-preferred hobby and service that brings together electronics, people, and communication. Individuals utilize ham radio to talk around the world, across town, or even into space, without using cell phones or the internet. It is an educational, fun, and social activity that can be a lifeline in times of distress.

You can basically set up a ham radio station in the clubhouse, in the field or at home. Although amateur radio operators are involved for various reasons, they all have a basic knowledge of radio technology and the operating principles in common and pass an exam for the required FCC license needed to work on radio frequencies referred to as "Amateur bands." Such bands are radio frequencies, which are allocated by the FCC (Federal communications commission) for use by ham radio users.

Who Typically Uses Ham Radios?

Amateur radio operators come from several walks of life, students, truck drivers, doctors, kids, students, movie stars, missionaries, and even your next-door neighbor. They are of different sexes, ages, income levels, and nationalities. All hams utilize radio to reach out worldwide, transmitted through Morse code, voice communication, telegraph key, computerized messages, or hand-held radio.

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