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I'm now sojourning in a strange land. I decided to run away from my homeland, from my village and from my state. I decided to run away from the curse placed on my family by the gods. Even though I'm now hundreds of kilometers away from my hometown, the ghost of my past deeds haunts me, and I can't sleep any more. This is the reason I have taken to this open confession.

Permit me to introduce myself. My name is Pauline Chukwudi (not real name). I'm from Enugu State, and precisely from Udenu Local government Area . I was only a little girl when my mum died, leaving me and my younger ones to our fate and to the care of our lovely father. My father, is no doubt a nice man, but has an issue with women, the same reason my mum died. My mum died few days after she caught our nanny and dad in their bedroom. You should know by now what she must have gone through while she was trying to cope with dad. She said she had lived with my dad despite his libido because he wanted to ensure we were trained in the way of the Lord. Unfortunately, she died three days after our maid and dad was caught doing the unholy act.

I knew it was not for nothing. I knew daddy had some curses placed on him, but I can't say exactly the source of those causes. His urge for sex has not only driven his name to the mud, but has equally succeeded in destroying our family.

To narrow my story to how daddy's lifestyle has affected me, I beg you to advise me at the end of this confession.

It was on a Monday morning and yes, it was a black Monday. Dad was already dressed up for work as early as 7am. I had also dressed up to take my younger brother, Gabriel to school. The Okada guy who normally takes us to school brought me back after I had dropped Gabriel. I thought daddy had left for work, but the door was still left ajar when I returned to the house around 7.30. "'Dad, you haven't gone?'' I asked. He responded coldly, "' No and it's like I have got some back pain. I need to rest a while, and then check my doctor later,'' Dad replied. I zoomed to the kitchen to check what to take as breakfast. I didn't meet dad in the sitting-room when I returned. I went straight to his bedroom to check if he was still there, and to my surprise, dad was on his bed. He asked me to come to the bed, and without hesitation, I went and he then asked me to massage his back, and I couldn't have refused as I was still very innocent. I had just written my First School Leaving Exams, waiting to go to secondary school, so I had no suspicion after all, he was my dad. But after a while, something happened, and I can't remember exactly why I gave up to dad's gimmicks. We had sex. In fact, I cried throughout that day as I bled for several hours. The pain- I don't want to remember. It was excruciating. However, the sex became regular and normal. It was like we were practically living together like husband and wife. My younger brother was too little to suspect what was ongoing as the space between us was wide. I'm five years older than him.

My trouble with dad started when I got admission to the one of the best secondary schools, which I won't mention here. Dad was always accusing me of sleeping with men. He was always taking delight in hard sex to my chagrin. He was punishing me with sex every night. I could no longer bear the situation, hence I divulged to one of my closest friends. I hear Patricia is now a Lawyer, and like a lawyer, she gave me straight talk and ''You need to avoid your dad. He is not your husband. The act is called Inbreeding. It's a terrible act. Stop my friend,'' she told me coldly and walked away. Even though I had known this all along, her sensitization hit me hard. Dad made advances at me two nights after my discussion with Pat, and I told him how sinful we had been living together. On hearing my resolve to avoid him, dad picked up a kitchen knife and chased me out of the house. That night, I abandoned my dream, my education, and my younger brother. Right now, I live in Lagos. Though, I still went back to school, completed my secondary education and proceeded to a polytechnic after. I just finished my NYSC, but I strongly believe that the sin of the past still haunts me as I have met different men who only sleep with me and walk away. I sleep with men indiscriminately. I'm not able to resist men. I think I'm also cursed. I want to stop it. I want to be me. I want to stop being sexually possessed. I think I have lost myself, my senses. As for dad I don't want to see him again. I have received several phone calls from him, but I won't return home. Thank God I'm still in touch with my younger brother and he is doing just fine. What do I do to be me? How do I avoid indiscriminate sex? I think I have a problem. I have gone to different churches for deliverance, but yet to get any results. Is my case spiritual or biological?

help me to publish this so I can get experts' advice. Thank you and God bless you.


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Re: True Confession: How Her Father Disvirgined andamp Threw Her Out by: Piwizo(m) .:. Fri, 08 Feb, 2019 - 08:24:14:am GMT

Hmmm, this story pass my power, I don't know what it is to be in such condition and the pains and trauma you must have been going through, you have really suffered and to my own little knowledge even though I hate to admit it, I feel your family is under a spell, because this is beyond ordinary, I love the decision you took not to go home, it's a wise decision, what you need now is proper deliverance and you need to be put into a bible school, where you will be groomed in the word of God and grow spiritually for years, so that your state can be changed completely, One thing about God is He forgives there's no how a sin is big that God can't forgive, and your case can't be different, you also need to repent and avoid anything with the opposite sex for now, avoid it because you don't need it, listen to Christian messages from trusted or reliable men of God, and always worship God in songs and thank him for seeing you though it all, everything will turn out fine for you and ask your mum for forgiveness and that her spirit always guide you and watch over you not to make the wrong choices again!!! God bless you

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Re: True Confession: How Her Father Disvirgined andamp Threw Her Out by: Oma_maron(m) .:. Mon, 11 Mar, 2019 - 06:47:58:am GMT

This a a very touching story and indeed a very sad one, majorly you were the cause of the problem from the story I just read but what I can say is this, sweetheart you need to go for counseling, there are places where people with this your case go to, two you need to sue your dad, just that in countries like this that might practically not work, just gather some evidence against him and that your friend who is a lawyer might assist you in one way or the other, and about your younger brother, you need to take responsibility of him, because leaving him with dad is a big problem, because it might affect him in one way or the other, imagine your brother becoming a womanizer like your father, becoming the exact replica of your father, and who knows what your father might be feeding his innocent mind with who knows, so the time to act is now, I don't believe it's a spiritual matter, your dad is just acting foolishly, please act now and don't let the death of your mum be in vain, the ball is now in your court. God will help you through this difficult situation!!! My heart bleeds for you!!!
**Graced **

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Re: True Confession: How Her Father Disvirgined andamp Threw Her Out by: Velisa(f) .:. Mon, 11 Mar, 2019 - 11:31:48:am GMT

Reading this confession. I almost cried. It's just so painful to me imagining what this person and her father has passed through. I don't actually blame your father, because he has being possessed in one way or the other. And about going to churches for deliverance and yet there is none, you need to take more steps. There is nothing God can not do. But firstly, you have to take your fathers call... Here him out. He might be as tired of this situation just like you. The curse might have generated from him. And I tell you, your younger ones might still be affected by this if care is not taken. Hear from your father. He is still your father, no matter what. If he is also seeking a way of deliverance, then you can both find a way out. And what you need secondly is repentance. Give your life to Christ. Give your life to Christ totally and be ready to fast and pray. You can't keep on ignoring your dad. You have to forgive him for every wrongful act he did to you. If you want God to also forgive you and deliver you. It is not just enough for you to go for deliverance. You have to firstly reconcile with your dad, give your life to Christ and start praying and fasting. You need to pray fervently and I can assure you will be fine. And you have to really help yourself out. Try all possible best to avoid sex. I will advice if you have a boyfriend you are always having sex with. I will advice you desist from him. Cause he might not understand you and might want to have sex with you in the middle of praying and fasting. Desist from your man friends and draw closer to God deeply.

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