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Jokes/Humours » Totoise and the Shrew. by: Queen(f) .:. Tue, 27 Dec, 2022 - 07:27:23:am GMT
There's this fairy tale that my mum always tells us in the night. we sat outside early in the night, it was one of my favourite times.

This story is one of my favourites.
It's about Totoise and the Shrew. In this story, Totoise is usually term as wise and very calculative. The Shrew on the other hand is just basic and not very clean.

Totoise and Shrew were hunters, they hunt together. During hunting, Totoise will get to point out the animals first then confirm to Shrew then Shrew can shoot.

So that's how they went about their hunting until a particular day when they went to hunt, that Totoise pointed and confirm to Shrew to shoot, and he did, but unfortunately when they got there, they saw that it was a woman. Her name was Alipata, she was the wife of King Adebh.

Both of them panic but Totoise immediately started accusing Shrew of being responsible for the murder and he immediately left Shrew and ran away to town.

After a while there was a town cryer calling everybody to the town square, that the king's wife was murdered. So everyone started going to the town square, Totoise too.

On his way, he saw Shrew coming from the opposite direction, he was well dressed, with beautiful and expensive cloths, smelling nice.

Totoise immediately asked why he was looking so good, so Shrew told him that the king rewarded him for killing his wife that is why he is looking so good. Immediately Totoise became very jealous and angry and went straight to the king and started shouting that he was the one that killed the kings wife, that he should be rewarded.

immediately, the King Arrested Him.

lesson to learn: Don't be selfish and greedy, don't think you are the only one calculating. Totoise was greedy and selfish, he got what he deserved.

Tell me what you think.
Thank you.

**It is well**

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