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It is said that power intoxicates and absolute power intoxicates absolutely. A lot of people when in power intimidates other people uneccessarily. People looks down on people because they feel they are rich and wealthy.

Why look down on people? Why intimidate others? Why run that poor fellow down? Why trample on another man ?
You do these things because you feel the person is helpless, maybe because you feel or think the person will never amount to anything . You Probably feel that poor fellow you keep crushing and intimidating will remain poor and helpless forever.
My brother, my sister, please wake up from your slumber. You are not their God. The Almighty can change peoples lives within a second. That person you are oppressing today may turnout to be your only hope or helper tomorrow.

Remember that tomorrow is pregnant and unpredictable, nobody knows what it will give birth to. Be wise and be good to people because no condition is permanent.


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   Re: Tomorrow is Pregnant. by: Flochords(f) .:. Sun, 14 Jun, 2020 - 12:54:35:pm GMT

This word actually mean Tomorrow has a lot of things in stock for you if you can invest in your today. Your tomorrow is a product of whatever you do today. Tomorrow will be pregnant for a lot of goodies for a man who understands how to utilize his today effectively to birth a better tomorrow. If you invest in sowing today, you will enjoy reaping tomorrow because tomorrow should be our priority than today. Tomorrow in this context means our future and your tomorrow can be next year, can be next two years, can be next 5 years, but what really matters is that your tomorrow is when you start reaping the seeds you have sown in your today. Have you started investing in your today? if not how do you expect to start reaping what you have not sown. In the actual sense, your today should carry the pregnancy while your tomorrow should birth it just as a pregnant woman who is pregnant for a period of 9 months and she births life after much travail. So therefore, a man should be pregnant of ideas, visions today and be patient enough for the period of time that it will use to bring forth answers after much trials, test of time and efforts(this are the period of travails as in a pregnant woman), the period you feel like giving up, the period you feel like all hope is lost, that is the very period that your breakthrough is near so don't give up in any way so after that your bundle of Joy will surely arrive as in a pregnant woman who travails and after that her baby(her bundle of joy) arrives and she forgets the moments of travail and the times of pregnancy because she has seen the result. Likewise, never give up on your visions, go after it, it might take time but don't give up, you might go through somethings that might want you to give up but never give up because that is exactly when your bundle of joy is around the corner and the devil will wan t you to give up at that time, never try giving up and then your breakthrough will arrive and you will forget everything you have gone through because you can now see the result. So, always try to invest in your today, be pregnant today and let tomorrow birth forth your bundle of Joy. What are you doing today? How are you utilizing your today? What are you sowing today that you will aspire to reap tomorrow? You can never reap where you haven't sown in the first place, start sowing now, be pregnant now so you can birth things in the future that will surely sustain you, that can be a blessing to generations to come and your name will sure never be forgotten because you birthed something into a generation all because you carried a vision (a pregnancy) and you went through the tough times successful(as in a travail) and you came out birthing things tremendous that is not of benefit to you alone but to a generation at large.

**christ's own**

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Within the next seconds no one can tell what will happen, except God himself. People are mean, it's a common act within them to look down on their fellow being. It's even an act that will continue recurring in generations to come.

Let's take an example, I used to know of a landlord that treats one of his tenant very bad. To the fact that the tenant pays owes him rent due. Everywhere he encounters him the landlord always have him abused without thinking it twice he washed down and even made him loose hope in himself .
But, the tenant in due time became blessed by God Almighty, he became so rich, that got the landlord so amazed.
Never look down on anyone, someone that is poor now can become rich in the next second. Tomorrow is Pregnant!


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   Re: Tomorrow is Pregnant. by: Lhekky(m) .:. Sun, 14 Jun, 2020 - 03:29:01:pm GMT

Tomorrow is pregnant and gonna pour rainfall,do good always no one knows tomorrow

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   Re: Tomorrow is Pregnant. by: Flat(m) .:. Wed, 17 Jun, 2020 - 06:28:27:am GMT

Tomorrow is Pregnant
Tomorrow is loaded as a friend of mine do say. The determinant of how far you go in life is the state of your activities in the present i.e. your future depends on your present. When we say tomorrow, it means the next seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years. But have it in mind that whenever your success begin to show forth, it means your time as come. Most often times, people are full with a lot of expectations from the future and you see them just sleeping and waking, then you begin to wonder if the future is full of magic to give you what you did not give to it. Most times, we might be a beneficiary to the work our parents has sow into the future and that might have kept us to be dormant, but remember when you fail to continue sowing then you are prone to stop reaping.
The question now is, how can you get tomorrow pregnant? You see, a man that does not know his wife can not be expecting a child or expecting people to call him daddy lagbaja. It is pertinent for you to invest positively now in the present. As student, you need to invest more of your time in reading, ensuring you passed all exams accurately, acquiring skills, personal development etc., all these are what you will be in need of when you get to that future. As worker, you need to continually engage yourself in the development of new skills that are required in the work you are doing and the work you look forward to in the future. As a wife or husband in progress, you need to begin to learn about emotional intelligence, conflict management, and other things that marriage entails.
Most times, a lot of people invest negatively in the present forgetting that whatever you sow is what you will reap. Always have it in mind to be careful of what you are sowing because you won't reap what you have not sow. Never forget also that you won't only be the beneficiary of what you sow, remember that those that surrounds you will also benefit from it, whether good or bad. Therefore, remember to sow well for you to reap well.


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   Re: Tomorrow is Pregnant. by: Princess(f) .:. Wed, 17 Jun, 2020 - 01:56:57:pm GMT

Aside the fact that no one knows tomorrow, it is important to live with a mindest that whether others treat you with kindness, respect and compassion or not it shouldn't affect the way you treat them. Become the compassion and respect you want to receive, shower them with it, it will make it easy for them to love and respect you.

Make it a lifestyle, it will go a long way to help you in life. There are various testimonies of people whom their attitude towards others have indeed elevated them.
We must not forget how it gives us a good name. Always use your powers and positions wisely to the benefit of all, being just in our dealings.

Some people have been trained to believe that their actions should only favor them, they can trample on the rights of other, disrespect them and have their way. They move with the thought that whatever happens today or tomorrow is under their control, totally claiming to be blind to the fact that no one knows tomorrow.

As we all know trying times would surely come, then unfortunately when they meet their waterloo, filled with shame they would not want to turn anyone for help.
People should learn to treat others with respect not regarding their status or age. The times would change, so when tomorrow comes it'll favor you.


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   Re: Tomorrow is Pregnant. by: Dynameak(f) .:. Fri, 19 Jun, 2020 - 01:09:01:pm GMT

Today is given unto to live in but we don't know what tomorrow holds that's why it is good to live it day excellently. That saying is not aimed at creating fear in the heart of men but to keep souls on the watch for a purposeful life round the clock. It is aimed at framing the mind of man up for a productive life as each day unfold. Good investment of today for a better tomorrow is very important for a person that wants to make the best out if living. It doesn't matter your age, you can make a decision to invest in your tomorrow because the choice is within you to reach out for tomorrow with so many goodies that cut across various areas of life or to get into the morrow with a tag of mediocrity.
Your input today is a determinant of how your life will be tomorrow. With plans to get into the tertiary institution student K settles into playing and eating while student T gives himself to reading diligently in preparation for the entrance exam. It is evident that student T is sowing the seed of diligence in study fir good grades in the examination which will put him up for admission into the institution but student K isn't investing wisely in the preparation for the entrance examination and that would result in poor performance.

For a pregnant woman who sits around and doesn't attend antenatal appointments in the hospital is cooking up her today for a messy meal tomorrow when she wants to deliver her baby and that can result in complications which will put her life and that of her baby on high risk of survival.
In agriculture, if a farmer refuses to clean up his farm land before the season of cultivation sets in, he will be giving up himself to extra work so as to keep up with the period of cultivation. If that farmer does the cleanup hurriedly and sow the seeds in the ground, it will bring forth fruits from the seeds and weed will come forth too because he hurriedly did the cleanup and that will affect the harvest he will get when harvest time sets in because he didn't start the planting season properly. That owes to the truth that proper plan today will result in bountiful results in the future the future isn't all the time a long time because the future could be short term based or long term but which ever it is, it is expedient that man diligently pay the price by doing what is right today so as to get good results tomorrow.

So many parents prefer to lay good foundation for the lives of their children in the present by training them so that when those children grow they will not depart from it and it will bring peace to the parents when they go grey. Most of all in parenting is that every good parent in their old age enjoy the reward for sowing the seeds of commitment while grooming their children because those children grow to be responsible adults and that will make their value increase in the society.

**Life is a race but with God's element of grace it'll be worth while to explore His goodness. **

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