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Selling/Buying » Things are expensive in Yenagoa. by: Queen(f) .:. Sat, 26 Nov, 2022 - 10:02:11:am GMT
I've noticed that in Yenagoa, when the price of a thing increase, it is difficult for it to reduce back.
Even when the reason for the increase is solved , they won't want to reduce it.

For the Keke drivers, a little increase in full price , they will just double their price and won't want to bring it down again

I have also noticed that visitors and corpers also complain that things are more expensive here in Bayelsa than most states.

I confirmed this when a friend of mine went to see her mum in porthacourt, she said that they went to the market together and she was surprised when the tomatoes she usually buys in Yenagoa market for #1,000 was sold for #300 there.

if this is true, then our government of bayelsa state has a lot to do on price control.

what do you think.

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Re: Things are expensive in Yenagoa. by: Obajichi(f) .:. Mon, 12 Dec, 2022 - 11:02:15:am GMT

Nigerians just have the mindset that Bayelsa is a Niger -Delta state, that is, an oil producing state,and as such , things should be expensive there.

But hearing that some items like you said about tomatoes are cheaper in Rivers, then the problem could be the flood issue in Bayelsa.

That state has seen one of the worst flood incidents so far in its history.

This is what could be responsible for the ever increasing price in items.

Transportation of these items to that part of the country couple with the fuel scarcity is another reason too.

Only the government can stabilise the prices of things there.
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