Family/Parenting » There is no Good Girl/Wife Material in Nigeria Any More by: Ninoevans(m) .:. Tue, 08 Sep, 2020 - 06:08:44:pm GMT

Girls of this age lack the right moral values and mentality to make good wives. Many of them are so caught up with this feminism nonsense, that they behave like senseless being. Men are first attracted to their beauty only to find out that many of them possesses heads that can be likened to an empty coconut.

To cook for your husband and serve him food with love while on your kneels, you consider it as nonsense and some even call it slavery. You forget, that the only thing a man needs is respect and it is respect that men interpret as love. You can kneel down to greet your pastor but you cannot do same for a man that that made you a woman and work his ass out to put food on the table.

The funny thing is that, Girls of these age are now manipulative freaks making men do those things they claim is slavery or bad. They make men open cars doors and other doors for them. That iss not slavery ooo. They spend the money of the male-folk recklessly without thing twice, that is still not slavery. They make men do all sorts of things in the name of modernization and being romantic...

Is this your culture, or are you saying that your father enslaved your mother and yet you're living free like a king... But for the need to have children and companionship, it will better to leave Nigerian girls alone and put your energy on positive things..

**Creativity lies in the imagination of man**

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   Re: There is no Good Girl/Wife Material in Nigeria Any More by: Abbey(m) .:. Wed, 09 Sep, 2020 - 09:00:48:am GMT

I disagree with that there are millions of Good girls and wife material in nigeria, what happen is that some girls are not good at all but you can't generalized it that there is no good wife material in nigeria anymore. The question is do we also have good husband materials in nigeria, there are many girls and wife material. At least used to see some women in their matrimonial home and they are doing good and great.

**Abbey **

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   Re: There is no Good Girl/Wife Material in Nigeria Any More by: Holashayo(f) .:. Wed, 09 Sep, 2020 - 09:23:25:am GMT

I do not agree with the fact that there is no wife material in Nigeria anymore but I don't dispute the fact that they are rare.
You see, we can't compare this generation with the one of our grandparents. Then, there is fear, discipline and respect, not for men alone but also for parents.
civilization have ruined so many things but yet, there are still virtuous women in this world and particularly Nigeria.
We have loosed our culture and duty as a responsible woman.

There are several reasons for a woman's attitude towards her husband. It is either she is not given a home training or it is inherited, that is, her family background. It may be for fashion or peer influence.
Though, a man may has his own fault but a woman must in any way be submitted to her husband whether she is the bread winner or not. Of course women are not a slave to a man, we should be there for each other.


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   Re: There is no Good Girl/Wife Material in Nigeria Any More by: Omotayodavid(m) .:. Wed, 09 Sep, 2020 - 10:19:36:am GMT

To have this thought that there is no good girl/wife materials in Nigeria anymore looks like a point of view from an individuals personal perspective and experience. Nigeria is a nation of over 200 million people, statistically its appears that there are more women compared to men. The fact that you tried more than 5 ladies and you didn't see any trait of a wife material doesn't give the impression that wife material no longer exists. We still got good and virtuous women out there i am very certain, when you've not found what you're looking for search should continue until it is found.

The same way the nation is full of liars and scams, we still have people of good integrity, there are still good wife materials out there in Nigeria finding one won't come so easily but wife materials definitely exists.


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   Re: There is no Good Girl/Wife Material in Nigeria Any More by: Nagiano(m) .:. Wed, 09 Sep, 2020 - 11:01:17:am GMT

The truth of the matter is that the girls that are carrying this feminism thing on their head don't really understand the goal of the concept, rather they just woke up one morning and saw one celebrity accusing men and they too carried it on their head that they are feminists. I feel the word feminism is what is causing the problem, rather they should change it to gender equality.

There are still good girls in Nigeria, they are much and not rare, it's just that it's not written on the forehead that I am a good girl ooo come and marry me. So many things have happened during the past years and as each scenario goes by, a change to correct those mistakes of the past is being effected in the present. That is why many girls these days cannot behave like our mothers.

In the process of trying to correct the mistakes of the past, some are doing it well while some think they are correcting it but rather they are creating new problems for the next generation. Nobody is perfect and anything made by human beings will always be subjective to review whether good or bad.

So, there are many ladies with good character out there. Everybody have their unique definition of wife material. The woman one man will condemn and call a bad one might be the same woman that another man will cherish as his wife material. Even prostitutes while at work, meet the man that will change their lives forever.

**Man United for Life**

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   Re: There is no Good Girl/Wife Material in Nigeria Any More by: Oluwaseyeini93(f) .:. Wed, 09 Sep, 2020 - 08:29:35:pm GMT

Your judgement might not be accurate because you've not met 90% of the Nigerian Ladies.

However, the standard of Love and Respect is Relative based on the difference in Tribe and Culture.
But if we all raise a common standard for Love and Respect, you can't be surprised that some ladies will still not honour it. That's where communication is key in a relationship.
I still believe that there are ladies with high moral standards.


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   Re: There is no Good Girl/Wife Material in Nigeria Any More by: Sardyne(f) .:. Sun, 13 Sep, 2020 - 09:46:31:pm GMT

Well, I don't agree with the conclusion that you have made, saying that there are no good girls in Nigeria or no "wife material" as the case may be. You can't condemn all the young ladies in this world because of your personal experiences with a few of them. There are many other women out there that you are yet to meet. It's called a fallacy of hasty generalization.

Meanwhile, same way you think there are no good young ladies out there is how some people think there are no good young men too, which is not right. You will just end up blocking your heart to every young lady you see and you might not know just when the good one comes around. I don't a big deal in a lady not willing to kneel for her husband, as far as he is not demanding it. Kneeling does not in any way mean respect. It's just a show off.

**-The beloved of God**

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   Re: There is no Good Girl/Wife Material in Nigeria Any More by: Sardyne(f) .:. Sun, 13 Sep, 2020 - 09:58:57:pm GMT


Besides, why would anyone demand that his wife must always kneel down whenever she wants to serve him food. I personally don't have any issues with kneeling down or not, but if I have to kneel before my husband, it should be something I do because I want to do it. Not because someone is demanding that I do it. How will that move the family forward?

I don't enjoy being "forced" to do anything. If I have to do it to please you, you yourself will not appreciate it. I'll do it well o, even more than how you want it done, but you'd know that it didn't come from my heart. You won't even enjoy the offering, lol. But honestly, there are still some good ladies out there. Somehow, I think you have to be a good guy to be able to spot them. It's not a matter of like poles repelling and unlike poles attracting, I refuse to agree to that. I believe that if you see your type, you will know. And then, you can only meet your type in your space. Nothing good, they say, comes easy. You have to be prepared for a good and unmatchable harvest.

**-The beloved of God**

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   Re: There is no Good Girl/Wife Material in Nigeria Any More by: Sardyne(f) .:. Sun, 13 Sep, 2020 - 10:07:31:pm GMT


Exactly, what may be bad to one might be good to another. Everyone with their own definition of who a good wife material should be. However, there are some basic requirements of what a good lady any good guy would want to marry should have. This of course does not include the ability or willingness to kneel down for your spouse. I am very particular about the kneeling down issue as well as other things of the past that put mothers did for our fathers. We can't compare the times of our parents and the times we live in now. I am not saying we should become uncontrollable and difficult to manage as ladies, no, not at all. I'm just saying that some things do not have the same meaning as it used to have then. Besides, our mothers then did most of the things they did because they had no option. They were told they had to do them and there was no ground for any discussion between husband and wife. Whatever their husbands did then was accepted by them because they must not be seen going against what their husbands want.

**-The beloved of God**

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   Re: There is no Good Girl/Wife Material in Nigeria Any More by: Sardyne(f) .:. Sun, 13 Sep, 2020 - 10:14:00:pm GMT


I mean, what's the essence of saying you are married to someone and you can't freely discuss. If our mothers were given the opportunity to talk freely with our fathers then, they would have been able to discuss those issues that were quite inconveniencing to them. They would have had a better home because the man would have been willing to hear the woman out. Many of the mistakes made during their time would have been avoided.

**-The beloved of God**

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   Re: There is no Good Girl/Wife Material in Nigeria Any More by: Garey(f) .:. Sun, 13 Sep, 2020 - 11:06:08:pm GMT

What do you term Good?? The lady who don't kneel to serve her husband food because that was where I can deduce that your opinion was tailored from. My darling! I am not a party to feminism but to complements . The woman is to complete the man and not to be a slave to the man. Why do you think that the moral standards you so much crave for cannot be taught by you to the woman you desired. Ephesians Says Men LOVE and in return she submits and going further it states that submit also to one another. Let me drive this home as I perceive that most Christians brother shy away from this. A man being the head is in the order of administration and not for kneeling to serve you food. Man was made both male and female in the book of Genesis and one wasn't superior to the other rather they were to complement each other. I haven't said that the woman shouldn't respect her husband. If you want your woman to respect you, teach it to her. If you want her to do anything that pleases you without manipulating her, teach it to her. You would never get any good thing from a woman if you boss her around and keep craving for things yet you do not Love and respect her opinions too. It is in the finding of her you obtain favour so why do you want to enslave her. Myles Muroe said as I quote" women are like incubators, whatever you put in you get multiple of- You desire a home, give her a house, you desire a child, give her sperm,................. And finally he said, if you give her trouble, you would get hell." There are lots of amazing, godly, vibrant, caring, virtuous, intelligent, burden bearer, prayer warriors, jist partner, defender, heaven baked, gorgeous, sophisticated, spiritual, just to mention a few women out there and all they need is just little glimpse of affection from you to blossom like a flower. Treat everyone and anyone right.
**God gat us **

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   Re: There is no Good Girl/Wife Material in Nigeria Any More by: Bookie(f) .:. Mon, 14 Sep, 2020 - 08:57:37:am GMT

Good girls or "wife material"are everywhere in Nigeria. You cannot just conclude based on your own experience that there are no good girls in Nigeria. They are everywhere. For you to attract and keep a good girl or a good wife material, you have to a good person and a good husband material too.

I think a good husband material will never demand that his wife kneel down to serve him food but will lovingly appreciate his wife if she decides to do it out of respect for him the same way a woman will appreciate it if her man decides( not forced to ) to open the door of the car for her . I believe that respect is something you earn and not something you demand for.

A true feminist will never depend on a man for money for her own survival. A woman that depends on her man to survive and still claim to be a feminist is only deceiving herself.


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   Re: There is no Good Girl/Wife Material in Nigeria Any More by: Nagiano(m) .:. Mon, 14 Sep, 2020 - 09:51:27:am GMT


Thank you for your comments, you have analyzed it well and I clearly understand your points.

Our mothers then truly had no option back then in their marriages because how many of them could really come out to say they chose their husbands themselves and this was because majority of the woke up one morning and was told they already have a husband for them. Many of them obliged because they were told that was the normal thing to do.

Majority of them didn't know their husbands that much then, rather they grew to love them while in the marriage. How will you have something to discuss with a man you are learning about every day in your life.

Even in relationships these days where they get too know each other very well, sometimes they hardly have something to discuss about.

**Man United for Life**

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   Re: There is no Good Girl/Wife Material in Nigeria Any More by: Obajichi(f) .:. Mon, 14 Sep, 2020 - 08:39:28:pm GMT

It is true that Nigerian girls are getting way out of hand but there are still good & great girls in this country.

In fact, some Nigerian girls are still much better & homelier than the ones outside this country. No matter how morally drained some may be, there are those who still uphold good morals that makes them worthy ambassadors of their families.

**I love being me.**

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   Re: There is no Good Girl/Wife Material in Nigeria Any More by: Vickybrown(m) .:. Tue, 15 Sep, 2020 - 12:37:17:am GMT

I kind of disagree with your statement. In the field of research you don't generalize statements based on just one two or three scenerios that you have experienced as a guy. Although women tend to be easily carried away by material things, and also for their lustful desires (any lady tat tells you she not after money is only lying to you) when growing up most especially at their young age when they are getting advances from different guys only a few stay focused till the end and many atimes i don't blame them for such behaviours but that was how they were created.

According to psychology humans make decisions based on intuition and logical reasoning most women tend to make most of their decisions based on how they feel and not logically even though most guys are victims of such but it is common among the ladies. that is why when a guy makes advances to a lady and he's just too nice to the lady she gets easily carried away without trying to find out what he's up to.
One thing we also need to know is that mental maturity is very vital in picking the choice of woman as wife. mental maturity is not based on age because a lady can be 35, and she might still be mentally in-matured. As a a man you need to be sure if your fiance is mentally matured enough to go into marriagehood before making the move. Most of these ladies you think they are not good wife materials could be putting up silly behaviours because they are mentally in matured.

**Just me**

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   Re: There is no Good Girl/Wife Material in Nigeria Any More by: Jummy(f) .:. Wed, 14 Oct, 2020 - 08:59:52:pm GMT

This is so judgmental and I do not agree to this, why would you judge all the ladies at once and am sorry to say this your points are pointless.

You all want a wife material but you can't be the perfect husband material to your wife , you expect a woman to cook and still kneel down when she serves you but you can't do half of the work she does daily and how she tries to balance everything.
With this mentality, I don't know what to say to you.

**God is one**

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   Re: There is no Good Girl/Wife Material in Nigeria Any More by: Abbey(m) .:. Thu, 15 Oct, 2020 - 05:00:17:am GMT

There is no good girl /wife material in nigeria anymore

Well all things been equal I think that is a lie there are thousands of good girls and wife material in nigeria, girls are of different types in nature there character are not the same what A will prefer can be difficult from what B will prefer, so saying there is no good girl and wife material in nigeria anymore I disagree with that there are some beautiful ladies out there which are responsible and have good character in which if you engaged her you won't regret , and other the ladies try to mentaine your standard don't be carried away with guys money not all guy who approach you , you accept don't look so cheap to guys try and have self control know your worth leave a life that please God not a life of the world because you won't be ask to talk for your self but your actions and your did will speak for you so to those who say no good girl and wife material in anymore it is a big lie which I totally disagree on if you are responsible as a guy who is ready to marry you will also see a responsible lady to marry

**Abbey **

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   Re: There is no Good Girl/Wife Material in Nigeria Any More by: ObakaEmmanuel(m) .:. Thu, 15 Oct, 2020 - 06:33:59:am GMT

@holashayo: if the girls of this age are not good to be wife material or you think they are not up to standard to be called a wife. Then hope you don't have a sister? When posting things try as much as possible to narrow it down. All the ladies or girls can not be a bad wife material. So is better you say some.

Truly some of the girls in this age, have turn to something else. I was speaking with a lady as at last week. She said " she can't marry the kind of husband that will not be helping her to cook always." I replied by saying " do you mean when he is less busy at home or Everytime?" To my greatest surprise she said " Everytime." And I was like this is serious. I asked her what her is reasons for saying that? She said " her nails will be fixed always and she won't want to see her nails cut.? Then I knew it was a serious problem. I told her that kind of husband she is looking for is not existing again, and she should try and change that her view. If not she will remain in her father's house as second wife.

In as much they are bad wife materials, they are good one. I really mean it. They are some you will marry and you will be thinking if God has really come to your aid. These type of lady will always be ready to stand by your side, they have good character, they respect you, they cook well, they are neat, and any other characteristics you can think of.

Good wife material still exist.


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   Re: There is no Good Girl/Wife Material in Nigeria Any More by: TYMartins(f) .:. Thu, 15 Oct, 2020 - 08:36:09:am GMT

A really thick post. Are you sure there's no good girl or good wife material out here in this same Nigeria we are in. Hmmm...that would be a very deep generalisation. Now I'm not saying this as a female but a human, you don't get to generalize just based on what you've seen or experienced first hand. You might have been hurt by ladies in the past or disrespected, that doesn't mean the ladies that would respect you or cherish you are extinct.

Serving you husband food on your's no big deal but should it be enforced. What if he doesn't want her to, what will happen. Submission by a lady and treating a man as a king cannot be enforced on any lady. Any lady that does that for a man either has God as a father or really loves that man. He may not deserve it but because of who she is she does it. Others that don't do it does not mean they don't respect or love their man. Wait fez, is it all mothers that do that.
Any guy looking an olden days moral lady has to be man enough to do better than our fathers did...cos we are in a civilized generation where some things don't really matter but if you want it to matter, you have to put extra efforts.
It's disrespect if a lady does not kneel to serve you food but okay if you don't open the car door for her or not give her money all in the name of girls like spending guys cash. LMAO
It is well with the egotistical men out there and the entitle females out there. If there's love and respect, some things just flows on and out of the relationship naturally.
May we be guided.

**With God nothing is impossible**

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   Re: There is no Good Girl/Wife Material in Nigeria Any More by: Flat(m) .:. Thu, 15 Oct, 2020 - 06:52:05:pm GMT

Hmmm! Sincerely speaking, topic's like this do make me smile anytime I come across it. You see, I usually tell people that before you can point out that someone is not good, have you thoroughly check yourself if you are good also. Have carried out a little research and see that all ladies her good but not all ladies fit a man, that she doesn't have the qualities you desire doesn't mean she is not good. We all have our differences and there will definitely be a point at which those differences will be so useful. Going through all your points now, well, it's good but they are not really valid from the way am viewing it.
Like seriously, this issue of kneeling will cause trouble for most homes if care is not taking. But we men need to realize that kneeling is not respect, most ladies can kneel for you if that is what you want but what matters most is that, are they really kneeling down from their heart or just doing it just because you requested for it. Sincerely, ladies are very respectful o, all you just need to do is to do your own part. But don't let us shy away from this truth o, you women too should try and be kneeling for us at least we too done kneel down for you when we want to propose na, we even prostrate when we want to marry you, so we deserve it also when you do the same.
Wait o, if wife material no dey, is there husband material. Lol, it's sounding somehow right. You see, as long as you want a good wife that can be reckoned with, as long as you want a wife that will kneel down for you, cook delicious meal for you, we also need to be a good husband material.


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   Re: There is no Good Girl/Wife Material in Nigeria Any More by: MichealThankGod(m) .:. Thu, 15 Oct, 2020 - 11:08:57:pm GMT

I disagree with you a million time, dear writer, of might have your reasons, and they might be solid and valid, but and here to announce to you, that you are not entirely saying the truth, because you did not know the value of what you have, and it is also because of the kind of people you are surrounded with, or due to the kind of people, that as been in your life, or people you have been in a relationship with, But i am telling you writer, that if you calm, and receive introduction from God, on who to marry, you will forever be Happy, and thanking God always for the kind of wife he has given to you.
The mistakes, we do, we get carried away with the beauty, the shape, around the lady, and also the kind of work, the man Hus doing, then we conclude within ourselves we would have a wonderful and fruitful marriage, which might be truth but entirely wrong.

The families, that are doing well and fine, check the kind of wife or husband they get married to, the kind of home, they came from, and above all, check and or do research about their spiritual life, their relationship with God. The reasons, why we have breaking homes, and marriages, one of the reasons are we are not following the right patterns, which God has laid down, when it comes to getting married or chosen a life partner, while looking and waiting for a responsible husband or wife, to come our way, is fine, but there are, things, that are needed to be seen in our lives, and one of them and it is the most superior to them all, is, having the fear of God, Because, the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, in other to have a strong lasting, and a successful marriages and homes, we need the divine wisdom of God. Thank you.

**Ogun state**

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