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For a long time, people all over the world have been going from one place to another through trekking and carrying their loads either on the head, on their back or shoulder. Sometimes animals like donkeys, horses, and camels are used to carry people with their loads from place to place.

The camels, in particular,carry people and loads across the desert because they can survive long journeys. While in some areas, people go from place to place to visit relations or ship something by boats, canoes and rafts.

The ways of some transportation are through

1. Road

2. Air

3. Water

4. Rail

In road transportation people and goods are moved from one place to the other either by road. On the roads, people trek, ride bicycles, ride motorcycles, motor cars, buses, trucks and lorries. These means are used by large majority of people because they are very cheap. Many people can afford the cost of the of vehicles listed above to move from place to place with their goods and personal belonging.

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Transportation takes users to their door steps. Road cheaper than all other means of transportation. It creates employment because a large number of people earn their living as drivers, and conductors of the various means of road transportation. It links countries and, therefore, helps to promote trade and cultural ties.

It feeds other means of transportation rail, air and water, as you have to use it before getting to where these other mean are because some other of transportation are in a place not every where. There are more constant road accidents in road transportation than other means of transportation.

The number of people and goods that can be moved at a time and by each means of road transportation is not as high as other mean of transportation. Long journeys could be slow if there are hold up and traffic could cause a lot of hardship. It is expensive to build roads in swampy areas and mountain side that why is still of the best.

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