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The Education of a child is very crucial to his or her mental development and in developing the child towards becoming a responsible citizen that can contribute positively to his community and country as a whole. Be that as it may, it is important to note that the education of the child is not the sole responsibility of teachers. Parents and the government has a big role to play in this important aspect of a child's development.

While teachers guide and help students understand important concepts based on the academic curriculum, it is also important for parents to complement their efforts by ensuring that they share quality time with their children to evaluate how well they are doing with their studies. Also, parents should give further explanations on concepts based on real life situations to help their children understand better. One area where many parents fail their children academically in Nigeria, is in the area of exposure. Holidays are not just meant for children to engage in house chores, it is an opportunity to expose your children to interesting things about their environment. Take them out on an excursion to a museum, historic site or any site of tourist attraction. This single act has shown to be instrumental not just in helping them learn about their country but also boost their ability to write interesting, captivating and compelling essays in their English Language. Most times, students are required to write about how they spent their holidays upon resumption for a new term. Those that were just engaged in house chores and running of errands hardly have anything interesting and captivating to write about, so they improvise by writing lies which most times do not give them good scores unlike those they were exposed by their parents.

It is also an ugly site whenever i see parents talk down on teachers with such disdain and disregard in the presence of their ward. They tag teachers as "common teachers" and "poor people" that are surviving on the school fees that they pay. This often discourage the teachers from putting in their best effort to help such children. The children on the other hand develop the boldness to insult and disregard the teacher at every given opportunity. School owners must learn to put in a system that will checkmate the excesses of parents and protecting their teachers from rude and abusive parents. They should also balance it by ensuring that there is a good way of assessing the impact of teacher's on their students and avoid the abuse of the children by teachers.

On the whole, parents should know that they have a responsibility to help their children at home academically. Education is beyond paying of school fees, they must complement the efforts of the teachers for better result.


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The role of parents in completing the efforts of the teachers. parent have role they play in the life of their children and as well the teacher, parents are the first person who teaches children some act of doing, parents are the ones who should be the major mentor to the children, children lookup to their parents did, parents are the first person who correct a child who he or she misbehave, children need to have some home training before they get to school and learn more. Now the teacher, this children you are teaching come from different home and different back ground, so as a teacher you need to take note of the attitude of this children, their parents can not do it alone. Teachers impact knowledge on the children in school such as written and reading, but not only that teaches also impact knowledge such as moral disciplines and so on. When the teacher give the children assignment it is the duty of the parents to assist them in attempting to the assignment, it is the duty of the parents to make sure that the get to school early every day

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The role of parents .

Home is the background of the students, the student camp from home under the supervision of their parents , now in education parents have so role in which they have to play in completing the effort of the teachers.
1.buying of text books for you children . Parent need to provide a good text books for the children so the when the two is impact the knowledge the will understand more effectively . Such text books a mathematical textbook, English language text book, storybook, home work assignments books, in provisions for this then am assuring you that you have help the teacher and teaching also.
2.parent of school fees. Parents should try their children school fees immediately after resumption, if you don't pay you children school fee they will be sent out from school and they woo not gain any thing,
But if you pay you children fees quickly they won't be sent out from the class and they will learn and gain

So to my dear parents AL this discussion about make you to contribute to the effort of the teacher and teaching


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it is important for parents to ensure that their wards are mentally and physically fit because bad health affects students focus and assimilation to what they are taught in class. This starts with good hygiene by making sure that the children bath well and dress up nicely in clean and comfortable clothes and socks.

Also, good food with the necessary diet combination for gooth health and growth. It is important to reduce their sugar intake and make sure they take herbal coccoctions that can help with reducing sugar level. It is no news that children like sweet things and their pocket money is spent on junks. We need to have some pep talks with them to boost their understanding on the consequences of eating junks and too many sweet things.

Parents should also help their ward to set out time for exercise. Exercise, helps boost their immune system and keep them fit for the day's job. Daily exercise, reduces their visit to the hospitals. Prevention they say is better than cure.

These are other areas parents can assist their children to prepare them for the days activity.

**Creativity lies in the imagination of man**

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   Re: The Role of Parents in Complementing the Efforts of Teachers in 21st Century by: Olatoke(m) .:. Tue, 14 Jul, 2020 - 12:30:19:pm GMT

The parents are the ones who give birth to you as a child. Your life start from the house, back ground of the children is in the hands of the parents,.

Here are the effort if parents in completing the effort of the teacher.
1 . let your child attend good school. Try and let your children attend good school , them extral moral lesson. Let your children attend extral moral lessons, this will be an advantage to the effort of the teacher.
3.provision of material. There are some educational materials which is been need by children, teachers only can not do it
4. encouragements parents need to encourage their children to face their study , study hard, and have focus, this children need to be encouraged by the parents, talk to them in person let them know that education is the best
To our teachers out there may God bless you abundantly

**Olatoke **

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   Re: The Role of Parents in Complementing the Efforts of Teachers in 21st Century by: Blackie(f) .:. Tue, 14 Jul, 2020 - 03:33:54:pm GMT

Parents should play a role in complementing the efforts of the teach in the 21st century. As we all may know the first agent of socialization, they play a vital role in ensuring the children enact the right type of attitude and personality. The problem of parents nowadays is that they always claim to be so busy at work that they have the time to spare and spend with their children. They rather leave the children in the hands of nannies and helpers which isn't supposed to be. The same way a teacher us trying to enact knowledge into the children and also ensure that they live a dignified life should be the same way parents should complement the effort of the teachers. After school parents should ask their children about their day at school and check all their notes and help them with their assignments. Parents should assist the teachers to enact good principles.

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   Re: The Role of Parents in Complementing the Efforts of Teachers in 21st Century by: Abbey(m) .:. Sat, 01 Aug, 2020 - 05:39:41:pm GMT

The role of parents in Completing the effort of the teacher in, 21 century. Are as followsparent should provide educational materials for their children such as

1.compjter/laptop... This is 21 century where laptop computer are been used to teach children in their various school ,,, but the aspects of phone should be of the secondary and higher institutions, they need a phone to browse out some things from the Internet, they need to check out some things online.
3.another effort of parents is to provide text book for their children because if a child don't have text book he or she will be lacking behind in the class room ,provision of text book is very important for the children .
4.parent should make sure their children attend to school every day. Don't encourage them to be lazy let them go to school every day, let this children be hard working , encourage them to read and face their study , so that they will have a great and a better tomorrow


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   Re: The Role of Parents in Complementing the Efforts of Teachers in 21st Century by: Temmylove(f) .:. Sun, 09 Aug, 2020 - 04:16:54:pm GMT

The role of parents in complementing the efforts of of teachers in t he 21st century.

Who is a teacher?

A person who teaches, especially one employed in a school.

Children leaves their home to school from Monday to Friday every week. The children spend most time with their teachers in school. The children usually spend up to eight hours in school with their teacher.

The teacher will be the one to see to the needs of her pupils from morning till afternoon, teachers needs to be complemented.

Though teachers are being paid by their employees but it doesn't worth what they have put into it. Teachers are labourers over the pupils or students . They labour in prayer, in fasting, with energy, with time and life.

No one came into this world loaded with ideas, everyone of us on earth here are product of one teacher or the other.

There is no pastor without a teacher, no lawyer without a teacher, no president without a teacher, no doctor without a teacher, no footballer without a teacher, no governor without a teacher, everyone has passed through a teacher one time or t he other.

The role of parents complementing teachers is very necessary but not compulsory. When you appreciate a person for a job well done, the person will be eager to do more.

I taught in a particular school, there is this parent that usually appreciate me with gifts, I loved her child more and want the best for the child not that I am bias but the mother has placed the child right in my heart. II knew she wanted me to do more and also saying thank you for caring for her child. Appreciating teacher is very good hood because it is a means of encouragement to them.

Teachers needs the parent motivation and not just complain.

**God's will be done**

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