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Jokes/Humours » The Lion and Totoise by: Queen(f) .:. Wed, 28 Dec, 2022 - 02:39:59:pm GMT
This is another story I love.
It is about the Lion and Totoise.

It was not said what transpired between the Lion and Totoise but the story started with the Lion chasing the Totoise and because the Totoise could not out-run the Lion, the Totoise ran into a hole at the bottom of a big tree with root growing out.

But one of the Totoise leg was outside so the Lion quickly grab the leg, then Totoise began to laugh at the lion saying that "This lion is not smart at all oh, it left my leg and it's holding the roots of the tree" So the lion who is unable to know the difference between the tree and the skin of the Totoise left the leg and held the root of the tree instead because the root of the tree and the skin of the Totoise look alike. So the Totoise quickly drag his leg inside, that's when the Lion realised that He was tricked and he missed the Totoise.
And that is how the Totoise escaped.

Lesson to learn: knowledge is power. if you know something very well no one will confuse or deceive you.

**It is well**

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