Religion » THE TRAGEDY OF BUILDING YOUR LIFE ON A LIE by: Charity(f) .:. Thu, 07 Feb, 2019 - 10:22:39:pm GMT

Anytime a believer comes across a problem, u see the problem as a tree with roots, flowers, branches, stem, and trunk. Many atimes we battle the flowers, branches, stem, and trunk but forget d root. Anytime there's a problemthe first thing to check is the roots. Anything good you want to do in life, don't start the foundation with a lie. Cos lie has a very weak strength a d automatically u have started with the devil who is the father of all lies. Anything in life you want to do and you expect it to favour you and your children even the ones to come, don't start the foundation on a lie. A half truth is a whole lie. Before you deceive others, u deceive deceive urself first. If you add irremor r from d truth, you make it a lie. When you keep lying it becomes difficult to break. Liars never get away with their lies. You can make a lie to take care of the present, but that lie has no future. A lie is a key hole that fills all sins. Anytime the truth is blocking your way, u are heading the wrong way. Be willing to go to a fiery furnace than to lie. Run the risk of being poor instead of agreeing to a lie. Do not build your life on a lie, it will certainly backfire. Prefer to loose your situation than tell a lie.

**God is good**

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Re: THE TRAGEDY OF BUILDING YOUR LIFE ON A LIE by: Piwizo(m) .:. Fri, 08 Feb, 2019 - 03:25:45:am GMT

Your perception or revelation of a God will determine the way you relate with Him and the kind of life you'll live. Many of us taints the perception of God by religion rather than the truth. I remembered one day I was in church and my pastor put a question to the kids in the children church who is God? One of the kids response was God is an terminator He can only destroy anything and anyone He wants to.” So unfortunate that a young mind already had the wrong opinion about God and has believed so much in this lie, from the impression given to him by the older generation. Through the years men have misrepresented God and this has affected their relationship with Him, some have attributed unpleasant and tragic incidents to God. They believe that God ordained both good and evil by this I mean, peradventure someone passes on they'll say the Lord gives and the Lord has taken away blessed be the name Name of the Lord!!! What a blatant lie about God, other think God select certain people for wealth and some for poverty, some for sickness and some for health, that's another lie painted to look good, see if you tell a lie you need another one to back it up, and within some period of time you might forget the lie you told, it's just someone whose name is gift and you ask her what's your name then she replies Funmi, if you see her again in subsequent time and call her Funmi she won't respond because that's not her name in the first place. See don't believe that lie that whatever happens in your life is the will of God, it's not true, somethings are not expected to happen to us as Christians, God is good and does good things only, some people even believe that when they do wrong God punishes you, that's a lie, here's the reason I say so, it makes those people doing good right feel God is blessing them because they are doing right, so they deserve His blessing, if it is not true that God is blessing you because you're doing right then it's also not true that God is not blessing you because you're doing wrong!!! After all he said that the reasons He came was for those people doing wrong and if you looked at his ministry so well He always associate with them. When you lie your value reduces, you become less influential and you loose your identity in such a way that when you greet someone good afternoon he might be forced to check the time even though the sun is shinning, and that's because it's coming from you!!! So I implore you all to always speak the truth no matter the circumstance or situation you find yourself!!!

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Re: THE TRAGEDY OF BUILDING YOUR LIFE ON A LIE by: Gooddypye(f) .:. Tue, 11 Jun, 2019 - 08:40:57:am GMT

The truth is that, once you begin anything in lies, you will continue to build that thing in lie. Unless you change and that thing will be destroy.

You can build trust on lies. Light an darkness has nothing to do together.

And once you have started anything at all in lies, then you have invite the devil yourself.

You will begin to only fave what will make you lie more and more.

Your lies will increase.

You can never tell the truth any more cause if you try, that thing will be destroyed cause people will find out you have been lying all this while.

Lies don't bring good news... Hera it brings is a summer news that only stay for a while but wipes away and you will start to face the real truth.

The Bible say, there is nothing hidden under this earth that shall not be revealed.

You might be surprise that, the thing you have been keeping secretly which you never told anyone about, which you have been lying about, had been revealed.

The reason is because, the word of God never change. He never say a word and it did not come to pass.

Even if no one sees you, his eyes are on you.

He sees your going out an your coming in.

He sees how you live daily so, he knows when you have a secret not to him but to the world.


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Re: THE TRAGEDY OF BUILDING YOUR LIFE ON A LIE by: Velisa(f) .:. Wed, 12 Jun, 2019 - 03:38:18:pm GMT

@piwizo: I just feel bad that the little child felt that way about God and this is possibly because of events that took place around, that the older ones have misinterpreted.

God is not wicked, God hates evil and doesn't do anything evil. He hates evil so much that he destroys it to keep it from spreading.

During the time of Noah... When God flood the earth. It is because the people where doing evil. They refused to turn from their wicked ways. So, he has to destroy them from the earth before they influence every other person with their wicked habit.

In the time of Sodom and Gomorrah... God destroyed them because of their evil. After several warning.

God hates evil, this is why he warns us to stay away from evil. This is why he wants us to love each other so that, evil can stop.

If God has being leaving evil to spread, it would have taken over everywhere. And even the people who obeys God will one day be part of evil.


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Re: THE TRAGEDY OF BUILDING YOUR LIFE ON A LIE by: Fellybabe(f) .:. Wed, 12 Jun, 2019 - 03:40:27:pm GMT

@piwizo:It's true that God giveth life and taketh. But not all life that God gives, and not all life that God creates.

Have you ever thought of this... When Cain sinned against God and left the presence of God, did you recall he went to another country and married from that married from that country? Have you ever asked yourself, who created those people?

Cause the Bible clearly stated it that God created a man and a woman. And later God even regretted that he created man. And did you know that before the creation of man was the fallen of the devil?

This is why we are called seed of Abraham as believers. The devil has spirits dwelling in human form he sent to destroy mankind. Many came to the world to destroy others, and die.

Beware of false prophets... Beware of the devil... Beware of the wolves in sheep's clothing... For the devil also transform into angel of light.

Not everything that you see, that God has hand on.

That is why it is better not to say than to talk wrongly about God.

The devil is all over looking for who to devour. Don't be a prey to him

**God's light**

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