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You look at me, you see a humble adorable,

Kindhearted young man
Who's ever smiling and always happy,
Everything around him is perfect
But there is more to that...........
I feel the same, i sound the same but
I dont look the same
I'm like a man hiding in the shadows
Fearing no one but me
Trying to blame it all on the demons
Universe, luck and dark clouds
Never saw my existentialism as a blessing
Instead weirdness became my vernacular
Letting other peoples minds take control of me
I end up resorting to silence
Hold that thought :-
My friend Goodness has once said
And i quote..............................
"Never be bullied into silence, never allow
yourself to be made a victim, accept nobody's
definition of your life. Instead define yourself."
But in my case my auto correction was not
Yet at work in me, so silence became me
It defined me. Instead of me standing up for myself
Silence stood up for me, until it hit me
That this was not the real me................


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Re: THE REAL ME by: Piwizo(m) .:. Tue, 08 Jan, 2019 - 11:58:20:am GMT


This has happened for too long now

I think i have become a prototype hypothetically speaking
Do i still remember who i am,
Well i should because that's who i was before
Now have i fucked up?
They say "when a good girl goes bad she cant go back"
Questions circle around my head with no answer to avail
You say you love me, yet you cant be with me alone for no reason
You say i am your person, yet you have another person
All that because you want me to stick around
That is just being self-centered, just because you've entered my heart
Does not mean you created the art of my heartbeat
You say you got trust issues, that's only because drake sang trust issues
And since he's your favorite rapper, you want his words to describe you
Guess you forgot my favorite rapper is Eminem and he sang " I'm Not Afraid"
Its not question that's indiscreet, its only the answer
So my question is, is this how the story of my life should be? Hell no
I look at myself in the mirror all i see is a woman in jail
The words that always ring in my mind are, you have the right to remain silent
Apparently i seem to use my right of silence well
I say i know God, yes i do know Him well but
The weird part is that i feel very cold inside
And not so free to do what i want
Every relationship i enter or try to enter ends very badly
I feel used mostly not that i sleep with any of them
But i feel that i dont get back the same effort i put in
So i guess Misfit became my last name
And Weird became my middle name
Which is Weird Misfi


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Re: THE REAL ME by: Velisa(f) .:. Sat, 16 Mar, 2019 - 01:31:05:am GMT


Many years have spent my days
pleasing one person or another.
I never had time for myself.
I never had time to prove myself right.
I have always lived by others will.
A time came I decided to stand to my
real self
I decided to be the person I have always
wish to be
I became a different person
I realized the real man in me
I realized the real me
I became what some never wants
But I can never be what they want me
to be anymore
I want to be the real me.


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Re: THE REAL ME by: Oma_maron(m) .:. Sat, 16 Mar, 2019 - 02:13:13:am GMT

I believe that we all have a part to play in the society we find ourselves today because life is all about touching the lives of the ones around you, and putting a smile on their faces, so this is my dream, to help the poor with whatever I am able to realize as income, give some percentage to the motherless babies, the orphanage, establish a non governmental community, where we our goal is to reduce the poverty rate of our community and help them in getting the best education possible, for the children are the leaders of tomorrow, assist the widows with some food items and cash, invest in projects like sinking boreholes for communities that don't have good water, not to make fame or to post it on Instagram so that the world will see, that's not the aim, the goal is to let them know that people care about them, and can relate with what they are going through, their pains becomes our pains, their joy becomes our joy, their success becomes our success, if you can change a man's life by just assisting him in our own way, you haven't just saved a man but save a generation, that's the real me, because these people could be the next Dangote's, Mike Adenugas or Femi Otedola, imagine what they would do, if one can reach out to ten then two can reach out to 50, that's the strength of partnership, that's the real me, believing so much that this world can be a better place for us all!!!
**Graced **

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