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When teen mysteriously develop, powerful, new abilities, they are declared a threat by the government and detained, 16 years old ruby, one of the most powerful young people anyone has encountered, escape her camp and join a group of runaway teens seeking safe heaven. Soon this newfound family Realizes, that in a world in which the adult in power has betrayed them, running is not enough they must wage a resistance,using their collective power to take back the control of their futures. If you love magic this movie is for you. It really a touching movie that shows how kids fought for their future, their life and right


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   Re: THE DARKEST MIND by: Jerrythegifted(m) .:. Thu, 17 Sep, 2020 - 12:37:12:pm GMT

I watched the darkest minds and immediately fell in love with it.The interaction between Ruby,Liam,Chubb and Zu was great.The 'world'was different.The teens courage was truly inspiring and the love they shared among themselves.I even cried at the end.I read it was an adaptation.

I really want to see a part two of this movie.I even downloaded the song played at the end of the movie.Ruby was an orange.And orange is my favorite color.

I loved the characters so much and the acting was amazing!

However the ending was sad,they had to clear Liam memory but it's still a great movie.

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   Re: THE DARKEST MIND by: Lilsymex(m) .:. Mon, 12 Oct, 2020 - 07:46:40:pm GMT

@Jerrythegifted: This movie was the picturesque imagination of togetherness and love for one another. The darkest mind was a bang for me and what made it more thrilling was its unpredictable ending in which some has suggested there is a part two in which I'll be looking forward to if there really is a part two.

The fact that there weren't worried about working together even though there differ in colour (I mean their eyes) using it a tool for survival. It can be used as a great lesson to our real world about discrimination of colours but this time not about eyes but about skin. Perhaps if we work together irrespective of our skin colour we can save this dying earth, we can survive through the hard times of hardship on our dying planet.

The movie also portrays true friendship, what she diud at the ending really takes a whole lot guts but because she love and cares for Liam, she erased her memory, she never left the smart guy even when he was fatally injured. What a friend!

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@Lilsymex:Your write up is amazing! You understand the movie well. You know, even while their eye colours were different, with different powers, I loved the lesson you pointed out. It teaches us as races, whether black or white. In different colours, there can always be harmony.
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The Darkest Minds is a 2018 American dystopian superhero film directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson, and written by Chad Hodge.
This is a very interesting movie that talked about a contagious disease called Idiopathic Adolescent Acute Neurodegeneration which kills nearly 98% of all children and teenagers, leaving the survivors with unusual abilities. These survivors with superpowers are imprisoned worldwide. Ruby Daly is an Orange which means she has the psionic ability to get into people's mind. She escapes her prison and joins a resistance group League to fight for her future. Cate, a worker at the camp, provides Ruby with a panic button that can be activated as a tracker if she is in danger. When Ruby gets visions while touching Rob, another League member, she becomes suspicious of their intentions. Ruby makes her escape with a mute little girl named Suzume (Zu), a Yellow. Zu takes Ruby to Liam, a Blue, and his friend Charles Chubs, another Blue Green in the movie. The three agree to let Ruby join them as they try to make their way to East River, a purported safe haven led by an Orange named Slip Kid.

I wish there could be a part two for this movie.

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