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Imagine the moment you see couples wedding pictures,most especially when you are single. You just wish you were the one there. You wish you can just marry immediately. You start thinking of marriage. Yeah! It's usually a good thing to marry. But not a good thing to marry wrong. My dear! There is something more than that day,more than those beautiful pictures you will snap,more than the dance and kisses of that day. Now think ahead of that day. Think of after that day. And the phrase that says "Together forever! Till death do us apart". In struggle,poverty,sorrows,pains,e.t.c. still till death do you apart. So,my dear don't just jump into marriage. A wedding day,is just a 24 hours. So,think of after that day. Learn more about marriage. Seek marriage advice. Do a lot of study about what can sustain your home when you marry. Before you go into it. Know your spouse. So,you won't regret ever jumping into it. Cause those who are regretting and divorced also did wedding. They snap those wonderful pictures,kisses each other,dance together,but they still end up like that. That should teach that it is not just that day.
Don't marry because of money. Marry because you love the person and you found the person is the type you want.

**Gooddypye **

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Re: THE BEAUTY OF WEDDING by: Velisa(f) .:. Sun, 24 Feb, 2019 - 05:17:41:pm GMT

Marriage is a union of two people who are legally recognize as spouse. Being married also gives legitimacy to sexual relations within the marriage. Marriage is just Noun... A name given to a kind of ceremony like when naming ceremony. But what the name is, isn't what matters but what it entails. Why are other ceremonies not called marriage ceremony?. Why are other union not called marriage?. That is why it is special. Marriage is more than bearing the man's name. Marriage is more than having rings on from each others. Marriage is more than being recognized as a matured person. Before you take the decision of getting married, look into this ideals am bringing out soon very well.

1. Have a job or have a skills: you are the man or the woman, I don't want to know. Just have a job before getting married. Though men takes responsibility of bills but women needs to support. You are both meant to help each others. It is not one person job to do all but both to work together. Man should have something doing at hand, tell me how you want to care for your family when you have no job or skills you are into.

2. Have savings.... Don't go into marriage without savings, without you planning down finance. Not that after your wedding, you will start battling with hunger with your new wedded spouse. No! Let both have savings. Both have savings that will help immensely after wedding.

3. Plan your wedding according to what you can afford: cut your coat according to your size before you stand at the altar. Don't lavish all your money on wedding day both your savings. No! It's bad. Make a budget of what you will spend and what you will save. And if at all you need money from your savings. You can just take very small. Cause that wedding day is just a celebration day, the rest days are the battle days.

4. Choose your spouse wisely.... It is truly that at times we can change someone from having that bad habit they are used to. But if you can't change someone before marriage, then that person can not change again. Choose your spouse wisely by choosing the right person. Don't think of changing anyone after marriage let him totally change before marriage.

5. Know your partner blood group and genotype before planning marriage. Don't marry an AS or SS if you are AS or SS. Don't marry him or her. Save the life of your future children. Don't because of ignorance put your children life in danger.

6. Know your partner. To avoid characters you aren't used to. Know your partner very well. Know him or her very well. Know the good side and the bad side.

7. Be fully ready... Before getting married.. be fully ready. Make sure nobody is pushing you into it. Make sure you are not rushing. Cause if you rush in you might rush out the same way. So, take your time to decide and make plans.


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Re: THE BEAUTY OF WEDDING by: Piwizo(m) .:. Mon, 25 Feb, 2019 - 06:01:36:am GMT

Relationship is more than love it's a commitment to be in each other's life for the long term or the short term, so if yours is heading for the long time in the form of marriage, you have to be a hundred percent sure about it because all that went right can probably change in the twinkle of an eye, so we need to be wise when it comes to marriage so we won't start filing for divorce in the nearest future. Get married to the right person for you and be the right person for your partner.

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Re: THE BEAUTY OF WEDDING by: Confidant(f) .:. Thu, 11 Jul, 2019 - 11:16:17:am GMT


It has taken a while to realise it but for many of us, marriage is not what we thought it would be. The romance is gone, the fights keep coming and we are clueless as to how to resolve them let alone find an equilibrium of understanding that lets us coexist peacefully. Growth is affected, everything is affected and we know now, what we didn't know then.

We planned for the wedding the build up to this being a relationship that focused on the shallow and the material (the thought of wanting to settle seemed like it was all the depth we needed) so we did it good, proposal on point, date on point, introduction on point, asoebi, jollof, on point. Instagram hashtag on point, reception party on point, honeymoon on point.

But that was it. We planned for the wedding and we had the wedding. Unfortunately, we forgot to plan for the marriage. We forgot to plan for misunderstandings and know how we'd try to resolve between us always. We forgot to plan how to handle pregnancy and childbirth when it comes on time, beyond just the bump and baby shots. We forgot to plan for the wait for the pregnancy and child when it doesn't come on time. We forgot to plan finances when they are good and how to stay solid when not the best, we forgot to agree and plan what financial model. We forgot to learn and plan how to fall in love with ourselves over and over again.

So, here we are, but today, we are not smiling at you, not posting 'photoshopped' pictures, not painting you an image that does not exist beyond the virtual.

Today, we are asking that you do not make the mistakes that many of us made. Plan for a marriage beyond the wedding.

Many of us got here because nobody told us these things. Be the reason someone knows about it. Be the reason they stand a change at creating better marriages and homes than we managed.


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