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To begin this, there's a bible verse that says in Ezekiel chapter eighteen verse nineteen through to twenty four(Ezekiel 18:19-24) which goes thus"The soul that sinneth, it shall surely die. The son shall not bear the iniquity of the father, neither shall the father bear the iniquity of the son". On earth and also in the bible,there is no such thing as great sin likewise small sin. Sin is sin no matter the level. There are some qualities or behavior some people enact that they think is right but it is not. We would be looking at it but just to mention a few and there would be bible verses to support it. Some people that always say or believe that there is no heaven neither hell are preparing themselves to the divine wrath of God on the judgment day(john 14:2-3). Lifestyles that displeases and angers the lord. Ignoring of prayers,reading of the bible,fellowshipping with your fellow member,neglecting prayers and so on(john 15:1-6). Shunning of religion and craving for earthly riches and fame. Accepting the fact that no one can live above sin. Not believe u ng the sayings and warnings written down in the bible. Living in an extravagant lifestyle and not minding the sufficient grace God has for you. Not believing that the only way to salvation is through our personal lord and savior,Jesus Christ. Holding on to a religion that preaches nor teaches the word of God and informs you that the only guaranty to making heaven is only through Jesus Christ. Disobeying God's words every time. Giving more time to earthly pressures than to God. Being unfaithful before God and man. Leaving the way to righteousness to the broad way of hell. Neglecting the needy and sinful people into leading them to light. Neglecting to faith against sin,self and Satan. Trying to live a life independent from God. Having a proud spirit. Escaping punishment by lying. Refusal to repent from the sins listed by the bible. But to escape the wrath of God in our lives,we should always abide in His words....believe,accept,forsake and welcome Jesus into your live. You follow the steps of salvation which are first,you acknowledge that you are a sinner. Secondly,you repent from all sins. Thirdly,restitute whatever you have stolen so as to make your mind void of of fence against man and to God. Fourthly, have a resolve that you will continue to live with Jesus till he comes.

**God is good**

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