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It is true that God speaks to us about the things of the spirit using the thing that happens around is. But it is only those that has the spirit of understanding and are sensitive that will get the message. One day I was in a bus and we got sstuckin the traffic and I began to meditate and all of a sudden the holy spirit open my eye to the lesson of spiritual stagnation. He said many people today hates been in the traffic for long time most time they yellell at the drivers drivers they murmur and you see them in a terrible state they even try to manoever their way out they are never at rest until they come out of it. But he said they hate earthly stagnation and fight it hard but they love spiritual stagnation and if they fight d against spiritual stagnation the same way the world will experience greater manifestion of God power.the Christian's will rule. If you have physical stagnation hate it and desire

spiritual acceleration make a u turn.


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   Re: Stagnation in the spirit. by: ObakaEmmanuel(m) .:. Sat, 07 Nov, 2020 - 07:11:50:am GMT

The spirit of stagnation is the force that tends to retard someone. One of the thing this spirit does to you is to make stagnant and have a wasteful life existence.

The spirit of stagnation is so dangerous to the extent that it can keep you in a particular spot for years. If the spirit of stagnation is following you in your working place, you can stay in a particular level for years without having any promotion. But the good aspect of it now is that God can break such stagnation. And the possibilities are very high.

The children of Israel at a point we're stagnant for years instead of going to their promise Land, they stayed in a foreign land as a slave. Working light and elephant and eating like an ant. That's one of the unbearable thing stagnation will do to you instead of you to be moving forward you will stay in a particular spot and not just staying in that particular spot you will still be expressing serious hardship just the way it happened to the children of Israel. They did not go to their country and they were still serving as slave.

Howdo I overcome the spirit of stagnation?

The Bible says "right from the time of John the Baptist, the kingdom of God suffereth violet and the violent one take it by force." So they are some things that if you want to get them, you must pray them aggressively ( by force). So one of the way you can overcome the spirit of stagnation, is by being prayerful. The people you graduated with from the University are now government workers having cars and money but in your own case you are still empty even begging for money to use in buying food. You pray it out. Pray untill you see your self loosing from that chain of stagnation just the way the children of Israel did.

If you must be set free from the spirit of stagnation, you must learn to obey the voice of God. After the children of Israel prayed, God answered them and sent them Moses to tell the king who is called pharoah to let go His people. If you read the book of Exodus very well you will discover that they was a point where the children of Israelite continually sinned against God that He caused them by saying no. Of them that left Egypt will enter into the promise Land. Except for Joshua and Benjamin. Disobedience did not give God the opportunity to totally deliver from that spirit. So their children who later oveted God were totally set free and sent to that promise Land.

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   Re: Stagnation in the spirit. by: Abiodun(m) .:. Sat, 07 Nov, 2020 - 07:53:51:pm GMT

stagnation in the spirit. means that when god stand for your Battle the spirit of stagnation is the force of retardation that make the past of a person to be better than present. this Force of retardation creates stagnancy. wasted effort and delay in the accomplishment of life assignment. you can never be too tired of the battle against stagnation. it is one terrible Power that creeps quietly into to life of spiritual careless and even careful people. many people notice it only after it has settled to become a stronghold in their lives and affairs. after it has grown quietly and seemingly from small space called foothold to an embarrassment stronghold. Stagnation can be described as remaining on the same spot or position without any reasonable progress in spite of available opportunity or resources. it is a danger to the believer in Christ because He expects us to flourish and make progress in every aspect of our lives. psalm 92 vs 12. the righteous shall flourish like the palm tree. he shall grow like a ceder in Lebanon. the devil knows however want to keep us on the same position to give it the opportunity to steal away our blessings and he must resisted steadfast. Jeremiah 10 vs 10.But the Lord is the true God. he is the living god. and an everlasting King. at his wrath the earth shall tremble. and the nations shall not be able to abide his indignation

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   Re: Stagnation in the spirit. by: Holashayo(f) .:. Sat, 07 Nov, 2020 - 08:19:23:pm GMT

Spiritual stagnatation is when you are not improving spiritually and you never see it as a priority. When you lack the holy spirit in your life, you have given room for the spirit of the devil and all what will be in your mind is the things of the world, rather than pursuing the the kingdom of heaven, then, you remain the same in the spirit and that can even reduce your spiritual life.
You become stagnant when you fail to feed yourself with the word of God and Prayers. when you fail to carry out the work of God, you will be stagnant spiritually.


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   Re: Stagnation in the spirit. by: Gabbytea(m) .:. Wed, 11 Nov, 2020 - 09:40:19:pm GMT

@holashayo: stagnation cut across. All areas but spiritually it is a determinant of your life here on Earth as the spiritual control the physical no man can accelerate beyond the pace of his spiritual life. Spiritual soundness is the sure for all forms of stagnation righteousness is spiritual the blessings of God are more spiritual than physical

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   Re: Stagnation in the spirit. by: Phaithh(f) .:. Sat, 14 Nov, 2020 - 01:09:28:pm GMT

"Can the rush grow up without mire (soil)? Can the flag grow without water?" - Job 8:11
Growth is undisputable one of the characteristics of living things.
Biologically, growth in human is defined as an irreversible increase in size. Now, just as humans increase daily in size physically, so do we spiritually. It is worthy to note that this irreversible increase in size is premise on the fact that one must eat well (a balanced diet). Failure to do so will lead to stunted growth and other growth deformities.
The correct balanced diet to grow spiritually is the Word of GOD :
"As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the Word, that ye may grow thereby"- 1 Pet. 2:2
Spiritual growth without the Word of GOD is as impossible as filling up a basket with water. Make the Word of GOD your breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper you can even snack in between. Drink it, chew it, eat it, crunch it, it's worth it!
Shall we pray?
Father helps us to grow spiritually and withstand stagnancy by constantly feeding on your Word in Jesus' name

**Jesus junkie**

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