Religion » Spirit Of Poverty In Nigeria? by: Papafa(f) .:. Sat, 11 Apr, 2015 - 10:44:44:am GMT

Some time ago, i spoke with a relative of mine who used to campaign to people in Nigeria about the existence of the "spirits of poverty" and their activities in people's lives, he used to recommend them to pray and "cast" out these "demons" from their families.
And i've seen and heard people singing "Me, i no go suffer, i no go beg for food God of miracle, na my papa o"
It was impossible to convince him (my relative) that he imagined there are spirits of poverty because he was in Nigeria. Now, at the moment, he's in Canada, and few days ago, i asked him his new opinion about the spirit of poverty. He laughed and said "nonsense, i don't really think that there's any such thing like the spirits or demons of poverty".
My people, there is absolutely no such demons like "spirits of poverty" If there is any entity responsible for poverty: that entity is/are the leader(s) of the countries.
What do you expect, some greedy evil humans (in the positions of leaders) are enriching themselves with what is supposed to be used for the benefit of all people, now, the people are so poor that they need "miracles" to get food to eat, and you blame the devil for it?
Come to think about this: is it actually a miracle to feed, why are the Americans or the Europeans not praying for "miracle" for food?
Food is surplus hence there are obese people everywhere, so those who maintain slim figures are considered as human models.
The holy book says: "remove the wicked from the throne, and his kingdom will be established in righteousness".
What do you think, are there spirits/demons of poverty? comments please.


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Re: Spirit Of Poverty In Nigeria? by: Gentleman1(m) .:. Fri, 14 Dec, 2018 - 06:35:21:pm GMT

i so much agree that there is nothing like spirit of poverty. well, one can say what is working on the leaders is the spirit of poverty which accumulate wealth to the few and make the rest very poor. but on the natural, the reason to this poverty in this country called Nigeria is the leaders. lets say for example this present President Buhari, since he came into power, the country has experience their worst experience of poverty. even the so called rich also cry. its so bad that people commit suicide every now and then. imagine a President who keep blaming the previous government that they mismanage funds, and i asked my self, what is now his own agenda. because almost 4years, nothing was done in any sector and all seems to be on the lock down.

Nigeria need to vote in credible leaders to leave the present poverty state


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Re: Spirit Of Poverty In Nigeria? by: Gooddypye(f) .:. Tue, 11 Jun, 2019 - 09:06:25:am GMT

My Dear, don't get it wrong...

You know what?...
When I was very small then, whenever I see the white people, that's the Americans and the rest, I use to think they don't have poor people among them.

So, I just to be like I want to be living in America, the land of the rich. There are no poor people there, not like Nigeria that is filled with poor people.

But when I grew wiser, I became to understand that There are lot of poor people among them like Nigeria.

If you grew up in the poor areas, where you struggle to eat and have a shelter, you will think the government is not trying at all, you will say the rich people are wicked for not helping all the poor.

But I really want to ask you, how many can they help?

This America And other countries we are talking about also have very poor people, some of their people are worsted than beggers in Nigeria.


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Re: Spirit Of Poverty In Nigeria? by: Velisa(f) .:. Wed, 12 Jun, 2019 - 03:57:55:pm GMT

@gentleman1: when we say Nigeria is poor. That means we are trying to say, the country itself is poor. Which is not true.

Nigeria is rich. We have what it takes to enjoy life in this country.

In money aspect, Nigeria is not poor. Even in resources. Nigeria has enough resources. Nigeria is blessed with resources.

Nigeria is only poor if we are going to talk about electricity and roads. We all know how bad our roads in this country are. And also the poor electricity.

We have the resources but the so called rulers have refused to use them in the right way they should be use.

There is money in this country enough to make every person in this country live a worthy life but those squandering the money has made life difficult for others.

We now have high rate of poor people.

Like the president said, our youths are lazy. He is right. Many don't want to work. They want to make quick and free money.

Nobody wants to hustle... We all want to bubble.


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