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When we hear skill acquisition we here another source of income. However, not everyone is interested in learning a skill, either as a hobby or as a source of income.
Society has pressured a lot of people to seek other skills save from their educational certificates in order to survive, yet some still don't see a need for it. Some parents don't even support their kids learning a skill because they feel it's not as prestigious as getting a white collared job.
With the growing rate of skill acquisition, people feel if you don't have a skill, you are not really serious. So, is it compulsory to have a skill? How can you survive the look down someone else gives you when you say you don't have a skill?

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   Re: Skill Acquisition: A must for everyone? by: Blackie(f) .:. Tue, 30 Jun, 2020 - 06:02:56:am GMT

Everyone wants to land a white collar job but we keep forgetting that a white collar job isn't for everyone. Learning a skill is very important. There are alot of choices in which we can pick from varying from Makeup, bead making, fashion designing, catering, capentry and alot more. Find the one that interests you the most and enjoy it. Relying on white collar job isn't the trends these days. You can make alot of income from a skill aquistion.


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   Re: Skill Acquisition: A must for everyone? by: Glamour(f) .:. Tue, 30 Jun, 2020 - 06:15:14:am GMT

Skill acquisition isn't really a must for everyone but in my country Nigeria to be precise it is a must due to unemployment and also for our mental state. The country isn't doing well enough to up to provide a job for new or fresh can't be sitting down at home doing nothing, going around looking for jobs when you could learn something that can fetch little money funny enough some people make it big in this places. So how can one survive the look down when you say you don't have a skill, truth be told it is really hard but I would love to go with giving the fuck off attitude or asking for help if the person is responsible and matured. For example most people who learn or acquire a skill have the money or have where to get the money so what happens to the 10% who don't have enough to learn a skill ? I feel if you don't want to help don't look down on people you don't know how they are feeling or what they are going through. Though you could start learning from YouTube videos which wouldn't be the same as paying for the skill and getting a realistic tutor but atleast you tried and you are also getting the basic lesson.
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   Re: Skill Acquisition: A must for everyone? by: Toxyron(f) .:. Tue, 30 Jun, 2020 - 06:22:01:am GMT

Regardaing Nigeria of Today,I would advise people to learn skills instead of waiting for one Job to start Knocking on your door house.

Some people see skills acquisition as a thing for poor people....The fact is a lot of people who made this their source of Income earns better than those with the white Collar Jobs,Even if you are fortunate to get a job still acquire skills,You may not necessarily need it but you are exploring,You are gaining more Knowledge.People here and there are acquiring skills so what are you waiting for,I see people that do not want to acquire skills as Lazy,Skills Acquisition doesn't really mean you have to Go to someone to learn,Go to Youtube you would surely learn somethingthere.


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   Re: Skill Acquisition: A must for everyone? by: KennyM(f) .:. Tue, 30 Jun, 2020 - 01:42:01:pm GMT

Skill acquisition should be something one doesn't have to be pressured to do but what someone WANTS to do. In our society, some shun the idea of learning skills while some just encourage it 'just because' only few people actually see the importance. Skill acquisition has its importance and if only we look on the brighter side, it should be encouraged and not forced.

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   Re: Skill Acquisition: A must for everyone? by: Abbey(m) .:. Tue, 30 Jun, 2020 - 09:06:25:pm GMT

Skill acquisition a must for everyone. Nowadays people no longer get job opportunities so that is why we must engaged in to a particular skill, when someone engaged in to a particular skill acquisition then you will be able to depend on your self for living. Skill acquisition is a way of life to get source of income. I am a student of ekiti state university 300levevl studying educational Management and I have a particular skill acquisition which is Tailoring, I pay all my bills in school through the help of my Tailoring skills, some do not even attend school but they are perfect in a particular skill acquisition, skill acquisition make a person to depend on itself not on till you look on another person before you take good care of your life. Nowadays even the government find it difficult to gave out job to people so the best thing to do is aquaring a particular skill. We have so many skills which people can engaged in such as Tailoring, barking,mechanic, hairstyles, babing, and so on... Thanks

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   Re: Skill Acquisition: A must for everyone? by: Princess(f) .:. Wed, 01 Jul, 2020 - 10:41:32:am GMT

Skill acquisition is very important in the life of every individual. Skill acquisition is the process of being trained on a particular field and becoming an expert in the choosen field.

It is quite saddening that many people are unemployed in the country and they do not take steps to make changes, always seeking white collar jobs. While waiting for the white collar job, add value to your self, learn skills - skills that could buttress your certificate, you could even dive into a new field that is not related to what you studied.

Skills open doors of fortune to an individual. A person who has various skills that are technical like, software development, digital marketing, management skills, amongst others are well sought-after by companies as they can do many functions that would yield profit for their company.

People with skills are the employers In a country like Nigeria, the government are still finding it hard to provide job for citizens. With the emergence of people with skills (all types) when they decide to go on a large scale, they would employ more hands for the job i.e creating jobs for the citizens.

A skilled person is self employed. I had a talk with a graphics and website designer and he said " there's no job currently that can pay him". The pay he gets most times weekly is another man's monthly pay.

Now, I'm not against white collar job but the thing is have something else to offer. This kind of man if he eventually decides to work in a company and in tough times the company had to shut down, he definitely has something to rely on - his skills.

A skilled man, can never go hungry, as they have an open mind to learn and apply what they have learnt. Gone the days of the "jack of all trades master of none" slang, it is now "...master of all". Acquire these skills as much as you can and be sure to be good in all.


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   Re: Skill Acquisition: A must for everyone? by: Phaithh(f) .:. Thu, 02 Jul, 2020 - 07:47:22:am GMT

I jokingly asked my friend one day, "I'm I normal? I don't have any skill acquisition". It's actually true. I don't know but I've never been moved to learn any 'handwork'. It came to a time in Nigeria where if one doesn't have any 'handwork', then the person is probably useless.
Growing up, I never had the chance to learn any skill because I wasn't interested (maybe because I don't like the way apprentices are being treated: they are being treated as slaves). I was more interested in formal education (skill acquisition is also known as informal education). Does that mean I'm useless?

Skill Acquisition is very good, but people are abusing it. In Nigeria, once you can properly bake a cake, twist hair, make fine designs for clothes, then the next thing is to open a shop. Which doesn't suffice much, we have them all around. They've made skill acquisition so important that formal education is nothing. Starting from the basic school, the children are subjected to learn a particular 'handwork' which will affect their concentration level in school: most of them are always average students. I believe learning anything should be during the holiday session and not during school session. These children are made to believe that skill acquisition is more important than their academic works. So some drop out of school when they achieve learning something. While some petulantly and reluctantly achieve their university degree. The coming to shore of skill acquisition is to help when formal education seem to fail. And not the order way round. It is seen as a substitution.

We also have people who are not interested in formal education, it's like their brains weren't designed for school. Informal education (skill acquisition) can be recommended for such people. Well, education is still important because one way or the other it will be required.

For me, i think we need balancing: skill acquisition and formal education.

**GOD is Love**

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   Re: Skill Acquisition: A must for everyone? by: Bookie(f) .:. Thu, 02 Jul, 2020 - 08:17:20:am GMT

Having knowledge of how to do one or two things is good aside from the formal education we acquire. Today, Nigerian economy is not encouraging at all. I have seen several graduates surviving on the skill they learnt after writing millions of application letter without getting a job.
If we depend solely on what we learnt in school, we will soon discover that it is not just enough.
A person once said that your children can inherit your business but they cannot inherit your job. To me, this means that even if are lucky to be one of the few people that get a white collar job after graduation, we will soon discover that whatever we receive as salary may not be enough to cater for our needs and that of our family. Another source of income is needed to argument whatever income we make.

The importance of learning a skill cannot be overemphasized as whatever we learn stays with us for life while any job we are able to get with our formal education is just for a while.


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   Re: Skill Acquisition: A must for everyone? by: Mima(f) .:. Thu, 02 Jul, 2020 - 09:31:32:am GMT

Today's word is not one that encourages anyone to sit with arms folded. Even with the prevalence of white collar jobs, it is expedient to acquire entrepreneurial skills, which can be used as a means of generating extra income. Records to the world's most successful men and women today do not reveal people who sat in one place from dawn to the disk, for some monthly wages, but those who took up the challenge to start up worthwhile ventures not fearing risks or the lack of finance. These are the real entrepreneurs. And you can be one of them!

There are prices to pay though :work hard, be humble, be determined, be prayerful, be innovative, use your talent.

Skill acquisition on the other hand is getting all the necessary training and experience needed to carry out a trade or business successfully.
That you have no degree or financial support is an excuse for you to stay idle. You can harness your innate abilities and talents for your own betterment and for the advancement of your family. You can acquire skills and become the owner of your own business instead of living from hand to mouth or waiting endlessly for the dream job. Like the godly woman in proverbs 31 who actively and heartily sought for wool and flax, worked them and used the proceeds to bless her family and others, you too can for the love of your family rise up, work, save and lay up treasures for them! If nothing else let love for these loved ones (whether or not they are there now) spur you into action today.
Instead of just sitting at home complaining about boredom, you can kill the boredom yourself!! Or you sit down gossiping wasting your time. Invest now for tomorrow!
I will list out all the skills you learn and later become an entrepreneur:
1.Garment industry
i. Bath towels production
ii. Bedsheets production
iii. Blankets production
iv. Handkerchief
v. Underwears production
vi. Neck ties
v. Face caps production etc

2.Info-tech business
i. Computer repairs
ii. ICT consulting
iii. Software engineering etc

3.General services
i. Auto mechanic
ii. Block making
iii. Carpentry
iv. Electrical works
v. Fabrication
vi. Vulcanizer
vii. Welding works
viii. Wedding consulting
ix. Photo studio
x. Laundry /Dry cleaning etc

4 Professional services
i. Accounting practice
ii. Architectural practice
iii. Legal services
iv. Graphic art and design
v. Medical practice
vi. Stock analyst
vii. Veterinary services etc

5.Rubber and plastic
Plastic making :
ii. Buckets making
iii. Chairs making
iv. Layers
v. Toys
Rubber products :
i. Ballons
ii. Feeding bottle nipples
iii. Pipes
iv. Shoes
v. Surgical gloves
vi. Tyres, etc
6 Telecommunication business
i. GSM unlocking
ii. Handset production
iii. Habdset repairs
iv. Habdset sales
v. Prepaid calling operator
vi. Recharge cards sales
vii. Ringing tone production
viii. SIM pack sales
ix. Telephone booth operation
x. Vsat sale and installation
7.Printing and publishing
i. Book binding
ii. Christian books publishing and marketing
iii. Diary and calendars production
iv. Exercise books and envelopes production
v. Foolscap and duplicating paper production.
vi. General printing and publishing
vii. Graphic designing
viii. Greeting cards production and marketing
ix. Jotters production
x. Lithographing
xi. Magazine publishing
xii. Newsletter printing
xiii. Newspaper publishing
xiv. Notepad and envelopes production
xv. Office flat files production
xvi. Past exams questions and answers publishing
xvii. Stickers production
xviii. Story books writing and publishing
xix. Textbooks publishing
xx. Vernacular books publishing etc
8.Leather making
i. Hockey and cricket balls
ii. Leather bags making
iii. Leather boxes making
iv. Leather shoes making
v. Leather tanning
vi. Volleyballs
vii. Footballs etc

9.Fashion and styles
i. Barbing salon
ii. Beauty salon
iii. Boutique shop
iv. Undies making
v. Face lotion production
vi. Fashion designing
vii. Shampoo production
viii. Travel bags making
ix. Tailoring services
x. Hair cream production
xi. Sunglasses production
xii. Manucure services
xiii. Hand purses and wallet production etc

10.Catering and hospitality business
i. Biscuits production
ii. Yorghurt production
iii. Bread making
iv. Ice block production
v. Fast food Centre
vi. Pop corn making
vii. Sachet water production
viii. Soybeans milk production
ix. Lunch pack making
x. Packed rice sale etc
I can keep mentioning, there are many opportunities out there. Decide now! If you have truly gone through all these, you can see that there are many skills you can learn now that will make a better future tomorrow. Empower yourself now so you can use your hands to show for it in the future.

**Just me**

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