Family/Parenting » Should children be given sex education? by: Swaggababe(f) .:. Thu, 10 Jul, 2014 - 08:00:25:am GMT

In this modern days,most people believe that it is good to educate your children about sex before they grow up,here is a true story that may shock you! Http://

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Re: Should children be given sex education? by: Kenny11973(m) .:. Tue, 30 Dec, 2014 - 02:57:25:pm GMT

Yes children should be given sex education and by doing that it will help the society as a whole. Sex education should start from home,I mean the parent because parent will try there possible best to give their kids the right information they need. Understanding correct information can make children run away from bad behavior as they are getting older. parent should endeavor to teach their kids about sex because if they don't the children will get the wrong Information from strangers and that can lead to something the children live to regret. So sex education should start from home. Also children who were taught sex education from are tend to understand better and safer when Danger arise.
**kenny g**

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Re: Should children be given sex education? by: Funmo(m) .:. Fri, 23 Jan, 2015 - 05:31:49:am GMT


You know, kids will be kids. But what you teach them and what you don't teach them, consciously and unconsciously, will overall make or mar them. Sex education is often seen as a no-go area in formal/informal education. It's not in the primary (or even secondary) school's curriculum, parents see it as a taboo, and it doesn't get to be taught in Sunday schools. So, often times, kids get to learn about sex in the wrong way from the wrong people and sources. Shouldn't this menace be curbed? Shouldn't sex-education be a core subject both at home and school? Shouldn't we train up a child in the right way sexually, so that (s)he won't depart from it when (s)he grows? Shouldn't? Shouldn't? and Shouldn't?

Why is necessary to teach kids about sex? It's like asking why is it necessary to teach yourself financial discipline and prudence. It's like asking why is it necessary to teach between right and wrong. It's just pertinent, and it's many importances cannot be overemphasized.

Kids are naturally inquisitive, and they would not stop at any length to learn anything. Their young minds are very fertile, and any seed planted on it will germinate fast, good or bad. Every (potential) parent must endeavour to always teach their kids the rights and wrongs of sex. E.g female kids must be taught how to seat down when on skirts, how not to allow anybody male or female young or old family or stranger known or unknown touch their private parts. Kids must be taught that the private part remains private and not to be toyed with. Kids must be taught how not to fall prey to sexual abuse, how not to obey sexual commands, how not watch some types of scenes in some movies, how to report cases of any sexual advances they get from anybody, how to know what sexual advances are, how to recognize sexual looks, how to scream/raise alerts at any possible instance of sexual exploitation or manipulation. Teach your kids about sex, it's the morally-right thing to do.

**ijb's finest**

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Re: Should children be given sex education? by: Velisa(f) .:. Tue, 12 Mar, 2019 - 01:42:57:pm GMT

Giving sex education to children is very important and good. It is like preparing your child towards a battle. We should all know that sex is a battle that many individuals face this days. The ability to overcome it matters a lot. When one is introduced into sexual activities like kissing and romancing. It might take self discipline to overcome sex once it comes up. So, you as a parent should give full education of sex to your children. Let them know what sex is.let them know the implications. Teach your children and let them know how they can abstain from sex. Most especially the teenagers.


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