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1. Eliminate toxic people from your life.

Unfortunately, there are people who will want to tear you away from your work, drain your energy with their negativity, and destroy your dreams and aspirations.

The toxic people are usually just jealous - and often unhappy. If you know people like this, it's time to get rid of them. Instead, associate yourself with like - minded people who will encourage you down your path to success. Who you hang around with does matter

2.Learn to be productive.

Successful people don't wait for things to happen, they make things happen. But lots of activity doesn't necessarily mean productivity.

You need to learn how you work best and you need to learn how to prioritise different tasks and if possible, delegate ones you don't need to be doing yourself.

3.Visualise your success.

Think about the future you want and visualise it. Successful people focus on their vision of success and constantly have to aim and graft for. Unsuccessful people often think about what they can't have, can't get and can't succeed at. Be positive. Keep focused. Be the master of your own success.

4. Seek passion

It's hard to move forward and be successful if you're not remotely passionate about what you're doing.

Every day can become a drag. You don't have to LOVE your job, but you should be passionate about making it work. Otherwise it's too easy to procrastinate, do things halfheartedly and quite. Seek passion in all you do. (Or at least try to be happy!)

5. Do something different and

and to produce different results.

Einstein said: "insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

If you're doing something and it's getting you nowhere, it's time to rethink, re-examine and re-tackle the problem or project.

The same goes for your dreams: ask yourself, if I keep on doing the same thing, will I achieve my goals and my dreams? If your answer is a no, it's time for you to change your approach.

6. Remain focused.

Life will always throw curve-balls your way as a test your tenacity. Don't give up. View these challenges as an opportunity to learn and evolve. Remain flexible, Remain focused and Remain determined.


If you don't believe in yourself, you're bound to give up or fail. Self-confidence and action will help you to push on and make a success of your life.

Do you believe that you are able to do it? Do you believe that you are able to make it come true? Start your journey to success by first believing that you are able to.

**Let love lead**

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Re: Seven Attitudes that will help you become successful by: Dynameak(f) .:. Wed, 20 May, 2020 - 04:07:08:pm GMT

Those attributes to become successful are very true from talks I've had with successful people in various fields but a good number of successful people always posit that to become successful starts with "knowing why you want to be successful" and that will be my focus as will be developed below.


Becoming successful is an endless road because people will always pass success records and the records gets higher than the previous accomplishment. To become successful you have to know the reason why you want to be successful as I once got to understand from a book that those that start with why don't loose focus easily because they know the reason why they want to be successful and that reason stirs them on till they achieve what they envisaged and even more.

Starting with why makes a man follow up with the plan mapped out to achieve the goal to become successful in one area or the other.

The major enemy against success is procrastination

Procrastination is simply the act of pushing forward what is required for the present to the future. To become successful, you should possess the "do it now" spirit. Do not pile up the activities targeted at achieving a goal because piled up activities can be burdensome and at that man can loose focus.

**Life is a race but with God's element of grace it'll be worth while to explore His goodness. **

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Re: Seven Attitudes that will help you become successful by: Velisa(f) .:. Today - 08:49: am GMT

To me, success is by determination, hardworking and patient. What most people lack is patient which you haven't mentioned here too. A lot of people want to be rich in just a day or two months. To be successful, it takes years, you need to sink that into your head. It takes years of working. You don't just wake up one day and say today you must make it. How much have you work? If I may ask you.

Reason why a lot of people have killed innocent people just to be rich is lack of patient.

I told a friend, you might be working hard now, but in the next few years, there will surely be a result. The reason why a 40 years old man still has nothing to show off is because he spent all his youth days working mouth to mouth, daily feeding, not working for tomorrow.

Some are not even patient, instead of you managing that 40K job, you are home looking for 150K Job, until you will forget all your skills, until you will grow old and start selling meat pie at age 39.

Nobody was born rich, even those who were brought up in a wealthy home still have to work to secure their parents properties willed to them.

Patient is a virtue and not everyone has it. If you want to be successful, be patient and know it will take you years.


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