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Politics » SHOCKER! AS PETER OBI KNELT TO GREET ATIKU by: SamuelKingsley93(m) .:. Fri, 26 Aug, 2022 - 02:51:47:pm GMT
Peter Obi, the Labour Party presidential candidate, ignited reaction with his humility after kneeling to greet his former principal, Atiku Abubakar, at the Nigerian Bar Association. If you could recall Peter Obi served as Atiku Abubakar's running mate in the general election of 2019. The humble nature of Peter Obi, who left the Peoples Democratic Party, has display to Nigerians that he still respects Atiku Abubakar, the presidential candidate of People Democratic Party (PDP).

Peter Obi has shown to Nigerian that even if he parted ways with Atiku Abubakar to opposing parties contesting for the same Sit he still respect him as if they are still running mate. I think this is the kind of president, Nigeria needs right now. In the source video, Peter Obi was spotted almost completely kneeling to greet Atiku Abubakar but Atiku Abubakar stood up and hug him instead. This prompt mixed reactions among Nigeria and other supporters.

Some said Peter Obi has not lost his home training as a result of politics just like other persons do. He continues to give honour to who honour is due.
Nefertiti, a big fan of Peter Obi and a twitter influencer, posted a video of the moment Peter Obi knelt to greet Atiku Abubakar acknowledging that this is the epitome of humility. Others commented: "Humility is everything we should learn. PO represents all that and with him at the helm Nigeria will be great again." Another Commented: "That's just politics for you. It's just for the cameras. I am not sue they greet like that in Igbo Culture. Obi knew the paparazzi are there. He acted the script well. Kudos to Mr. Obi"

So guys what are your thoughts on this?

**Samuel Kingsley**

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Re: SHOCKER! AS PETER OBI KNELT TO GREET ATIKU by: Obajichi(f) .:. Fri, 26 Aug, 2022 - 05:05:13:pm GMT

This is quite contrary to what people think about Igbos, that they do not know how to show respect.

There's something else about these politicians we should know, no matter how they attack themselves in public, they acknowledge or regard themselves when the opportunity avails itself.

This also shows that Obi has not forgotten his manners and he gives honour to whom honour is due.

On the other hand, it could be political tricks to give the public something to talk about for a long time.
Our politicians love playing games.
**I love being me.**

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Re: SHOCKER! AS PETER OBI KNELT TO GREET ATIKU by: Ojc(E)(m) .:. Sat, 03 Sep, 2022 - 09:46:31:am GMT

@Obajichi: You're absolutely right about that...

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Re: SHOCKER! AS PETER OBI KNELT TO GREET ATIKU by: Abbey(m) .:. Wed, 14 Sep, 2022 - 01:18:40:pm GMT

If peter obi did that so what is the big deal people sometimes look at things as if is not normal , it is just a greetings so iyvia a sign of respect now or what do you think .

Peter obi is not an idiot and he know what he is doing he has sense to do things so he know that what he did is right , don't worry that is how politics are been play.

**Abbey **

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