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As a man you don't have to be mad at her for refusing to stay with you when you have nothing. Deciding not to settle for anything less than what she is created to enjoy does not mean she's looking for an 'already made' man. It is wonderful for a woman to stay and build with a man, but if we can tell ourselves the truth sometimes, it is selfish to expect a woman to stay and build with you when you are comfortably sitting at a level where on your own you will naturally won't agree to stay and build with yourself.

A woman is not designed to stay and build with a man who has nothing to chase.


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Re: SHE HAS THE RIGHT TO HER DECISION by: Oma_maron(m) .:. Thu, 02 May, 2019 - 01:14:12:pm GMT

No grown woman wants to stay with a man who doesn't have a Jon

For a good woman it doesn't matter what you do. You can be cutting grass, lifting tyres or handing deposit slips to customers at the bank, as long as you are doing something that gets you out of the house in the morning and brings you back home at night. Women find their men more attractive when they are out working. Ask her, she knows.

I know you might be sitting there saying, " I don't have a job yet but I have a dream and a goal I am working towards and soon it will materialise, she knows this."

Yes she knows it will materialise but listen, there are three classes of men:

The first class are men who have no dreams, no goals, but they have a job that comes with a pay cheque at the end of the month.

The second class are men who have big dreams, big goals, but they have no job to keep them busy while they are working on their dreams.

The third class are men who have big dreams and big goals, but while they are waiting for it to come through, they have a job or something on the side that takes care of their little needs and helps them be the man in their relationship as well.

A good woman wants her man in the first or the third class of men. There is everything wrong in having a dream and a vision and still depending on her for something as little as airtime credits.

She appreciates the fact that you are a Martin Luther King but who is going to pay for the ice cream at the mall, her?

Uncle Joe I am not trying to talk you down, or paint your situation in black, all I am trying to say is while you are intentionally working out your dreams get a job, do something on the side. When you are out together it is heart breaking for you to have to turn to her when it's time to pay the bus fare. Get yourself a job brother. Be a man, it is a natural charge!

Women are attracted to ambitious men. She wants to see you moving. When she runs Into trouble she wants to run home to a man who is able to say "relax girl, I got this." A good woman wants to be with a man she can count on to have her back as she' is working herself out to have yours too.

And don't judge her for wanting to feel that security in her man, no matter how much she makes, it is the little you provide that truly counts.

**Graced **

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