» Rivers State Bans Consumption Of Ogogoro. by: Webdinet(m) .:. Thu, 04 Jun, 2015 - 12:19:24:pm GMT

Following the mysterious deaths of about 22 people in Bonny Island, Bonny, and Woji in Obio Akpor local government areas, the Rivers state governments had banned the consumption of local gin popularly called ogogoro or kai-kai.

According to PM news, the Director of the Department of Disease Control in the state, Dr. Roland Obed Whyte said the ban was for the good of the locals who regularly take ogogoro.
The director said it would be difficult to get samples of the particular gin that was consumed through clinical analysis as youths Woji had burnt the shop of Friday Dickson, aka Etiaba in whose shop was consumed.

Whyte informed that officials of the Ministry have been sent to Woji to discuss the dangers of consuming the local gin. He also said the major symptoms shown by the deceased was vomiting and blindness.

Sources in the state ministry of health told to PM news that the victims deceased were buried without autopsy making further medical examinations a difficulty.

It was reported that the victims died after consuming dog meat delicacy and local gin popularly called "Kai-Kai' or Ogogoro which allegedly contained poisonous ethanol.

The mysterious illness if Rivers is reminicent of the Ondo Irele disease which also affected victims who consumed locally produced gin. At least 30 people died during the one month reign of the disease.

Meanwhile, the Ondo state government has assured local residents that the strange disease has been completely eradicated from the community.


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Re: Rivers State Bans Consumption Of Ogogoro. by: Papafa(f) .:. Fri, 05 Jun, 2015 - 03:47:34:am GMT

The banning of the locally made gin should be supported, it is really somehow that any farmer can just produce a substance as serious as gin in his own back-yard and then begin to sell them to the public (without control or evidence of heath and safety regulation compliance). Even food vendors should be banned.

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Re: Rivers State Bans Consumption Of Ogogoro. by: Piwizo(m) .:. Mon, 18 Feb, 2019 - 08:56:16:am GMT

The issue here is not the banning of gin, if you want to solve a problem provide a solution, you don't solve a problem by creating a bigger problem, now we won't provide platforms to let our people to be creative, in producing some herbs gin and all that, if we do that atleast they can be able to harness their talents and produce quality products, but the government doesn't care about this people, and don't provide for their needs, that's why the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer, It could be possible these gins weren't the cause of their death, because you didn't run an autopsy test and our youth just burnt down shop of someone trying to make a living, now there are different kind of alcohol or local made drink, from other countries, even Russia has what we call vodka, and there's a way you take vodka that it will affect your health, that's raw vodka without mixing it, I don't think gin is stronger than vodka and many alcoholic people died in Russia as a result of abuse of drink, so what must be done is informing these people about their health, that these is the stipulated dosage one can take, they didn't commit any crime from my own understanding, too much of alcohol is poisonous to ones health, that's just the truth, provide work you didn't provide, someone created work for himself and youth burnt the shop, so it's after people have died that the state ministry of health went to educate them on the dangers of taken local gin, Nigeria is a joke, i hope one day we would finally get it right!

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