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Please before going into a relationship ensure you empower yourself with the tools, tips and techniques to find happiness and success in your dating life as well as in your relationship. That will help you consider and decide if your choice for a life partner is good for marriage.

**I'm blessed **

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Good piece. Personal development is a life time responsibility of everyone, especially those who want to successfully navigate the course of their life.

As a young person, you owe yourself the duty to grow personally, career wise, your business, and generally your relationships. Whenever you genuinely embrace personal development your relationships will likely automatically improve.

This is because when we get better, we get better at understanding people and automatically get better at relating with them. It's that simple and connecting.

There is no quick fix when it comes to sound marital or other relationships. It's takes the habit of embracing personal growth.

Here are the few tips I will recommend:

1. Read. Don't just read books on relationship. The goal is to generally improve your being. Reading has a way of broadening your reasoning and communication skills which in turn help you in relating with people.

2. Network. When you mingle with people, you understand how best to relate with them, especially your clique. Different persons have different personal cultures. It really helps to get to know what works with each individual.

3. Listen more. This can be in line with the second point above. It's surprising when people assume than actually knowing what the next party has communicated. When you empathise with people it gives you better understanding of who they are.

4. Learn more social skills. Empathy is not just enough. Learn other social skills like, caring. Let people know you really care. This simple act goes a very long way in improving your relationships.

5. Work on your habits. Your ability to manage your emotions makes you stand out. We get into habits most times when we are not capable of dealing with negative emotions. Bad habits like exploitation, blackmailing can get into our way to improving our relationships.


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