Crimes » Reasons Why the Nigerian Police is Corrupt by: Ninoevans(m) .:. Sat, 17 Oct, 2020 - 12:39:05:am GMT


1. Police salary is very poor thereby given criminal opportunity to entice officers with money. And we want corrupt free officers.

2. When you visit most of the police Division, apart from arms and ammunitions which may be intact, it is very rear to see good chairs, table fan etc, at the Charge Room.

3.The Admin office is nothing to write about. No Sets of function able computer and other vital stationeries, rats and cockroaches find their houses in personnel files.
Yet, they are looking up for prompt and active administration.

4.The DPO source for money to furnish his/her office from anywhere, yet they are looking for justice.

5. An injured Policeman in the cause of his duty is abandoned to carry his cross.
Yet, they are looking for commitment from others.

6. Policemen take out of their meager salary to buy kits for themselves and we have kit stores.

7. The patrol vans were either donated by state govt, companies or individuals and the fueling and maintenance is the responsibility of the P&G and his team, yet they are shouting extortion and looking up for Quick Response Unit.

8. The DCO and his/her IPOs manages themselves at the DCB, no provision for writing materials.
Case Files, Statement forms, Bail Bonds, and other stationeries are bought by IPOs.
Yet, they keep on shouting Bail is free.

9. Officers and men were living in leaking and dilapidated barracks while their mates in other organisations build their own houses.

11. No sound education, no balanced diet for their children, and lots more....

12. And during his or her retirement he or she is grappled with wicked hands of Contributory Pension Managers and almost nothing is given to him or her


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   Re: Reasons Why the Nigerian Police is Corrupt by: Chiboy(m) .:. Sun, 18 Oct, 2020 - 06:13:57:am GMT

The salaries of the Nigeria force is so low. They have children to feed, school fee to pay, they need to clothes there family and pay other necessary bills. All this bills are to be settled from this peanut that they are been paid as salary. Which is not enough to Settle those bill ,that is why they extort the citizens of the country.

This officers of the law put their life on the line to protect the lives and properties and maintain laws and order, but in the process of discharging this duties if any harm should come to them no body comes to their aid they are left to there faith, which is wrong. Adequate health care should been given to an officer if the needs arise.
Government are to take care of the family of a deceased officer that lost his life in protecting other lives.
Police officers at the office should be given enough funds to take care of all the necessary expenses of the station. Bail can not be free when this officers use there own personal money to take care of this expenses, they we definitely look for a way to get back their money.
The children of our police officers don't attend good school due to lack of funding, they look for cheap schools that don't have good learning facilities for there children to attend because they can't afford better. When you see a police man acting corrupt his just trying to survive with his family. The government has failed them so they don't want to fail their family.


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   Re: Reasons Why the Nigerian Police is Corrupt by: Jummy(f) .:. Sun, 18 Oct, 2020 - 07:11:51:am GMT

The Nigerian system is also corrupt enabling the police force to also be full of corruption.

Truth be told, the government do not value the Nigerian police at all, they should be part of the top five most paid in Nigeria but they are being given meager sums and this would lead to corruption because they have responsibilities they would have to take care of such as paying their children's school fees, a lot of bills and the meager sum can't do much for them so they see extorting the Citizens of their hard earned money as their right.
If the Government wants all this to end, they should increase their salaries and reconstruct their offices, I saw a police Barrack on Twitter, the house was looking so old and dirty. They don't deserve it all, they deserve the best because they risk their lives for the Citizens.
The police negligence to rising matters would also be blamed on the government because of their low salary,Because when the citizens needs help the police wouldn't want to help because of their low salary but I would always say this.... Humanity comes first.

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   Re: Reasons Why the Nigerian Police is Corrupt by: Ogiejoe(m) .:. Sun, 18 Oct, 2020 - 10:42:07:am GMT

I think the number 1 is just the sum of it all.

Think about it, how can people who are given so much power to be in control of people and settle dispute and then you pay them less? They will surely think of how to find a way out of it and start getting some pocket change from it.
Everyone have their problem and so do the Police. how do you expect them to take care of their family and other emergencies from the peanut they get as salary ? no magic can help that, except their pay increased like 4 times.
The reason corruption is less in other countries is because people are mostly sufficient with what they earl


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   Re: Reasons Why the Nigerian Police is Corrupt by: Abbey(m) .:. Sun, 18 Oct, 2020 - 02:08:54:pm GMT

Reason why Nigeria police is corrupt

Police is an organization which are been established to secure the life and property of the citizen of the country, police are to make sure that we the citizen of the country live in peace and unity are to reduce the rate of criminal in the country and to make sure justice is been aquire at the right time to the right person
But I could see it clearly that the Nigeria police are been corrupt the reason is that our police officers are also criminals a police man will stop you search your body if they did not found any thing in you the next thing they will do is to rope you of something else, if anything happens and you call or report to the police you have to pay for the issue which you come to report then after you have settled all the matter you will still have to pay, if a police officer arrest someone later if they won't to release the person police officer will ask the suspect family to bring money before they could release that person and yet they say bail is free, another reason why Nigeria police is corrupt is their salary are not good enough most especially the low level officers in the organization I think government should try and increase their monthly allowance and there are other allowance which they were supposed to be paid but those at the top office are the ones taking in money into their personal pocket, Nigeria police don't have a good accommodation where they live is not good enough the barrack building is not good no water supply no electricity no hospitality management,

**Abbey **

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   Re: Reasons Why the Nigerian Police is Corrupt by: Nagiano(m) .:. Sun, 18 Oct, 2020 - 04:13:06:pm GMT

There are lots of reasons why the police system in Nigeria is very corrupt in Nigeria and the major points have already been highlighted in some if the comments above but I'll still like to add one or two contributions.

Firstly, police job in Nigeria is about obeying the last order given and that being said, the Inspector General of police has a share that is allocated to him, his assistants the DIG & AIG, have their own cuts too, commissioners have their share, their assistants too the AC & DC also have their cuts too. Then followed by DPO heading each station who now sends his boys out to the field to generate these funds without giving them anything because himself was given nothing too. These officers knowing fully well that when they go back empty handed, it will affect their jobs because the DPO will tag them unproductive and change them. In other for them to now be productive, they will use both legal and illegal means to raise these funds and that is the major cause of the corruption in the police system in Nigeria.

An officer serving the government for more than twenty years and is unable to buy even a plot of land will be sad and angry when he sees a young boy on the street driving Benz. And rather than for him to do the right thing, he will want to look for one reason or the other to extort him which is very wrong.

The problem is not really from the officers we see on the streets but from the top of the chain.

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   Re: Reasons Why the Nigerian Police is Corrupt by: Omotayodavid(m) .:. Sun, 18 Oct, 2020 - 06:30:23:pm GMT

The reason for which Nigerian police are corrupt isn't far-fetched, the first thing that is clearly responsible for the police force corruption is the fact that the entire country's structure as a whole has been stinged with the venom of corruption as a result of bad leadership, this had therefore affected every sector in which the police force is part of.

When the leadership has failed already what will make up of the followers, corruption isn't something we should be defending because it is dysfunctional to the growth and development of a country. The police will try to justify their reasons for acting in the manner they do because even their superior in the top hierarchy are also not left out of this.
One of the major reasons for this so called corruption is the mindset, we still have police officers who are diligent and sincere in their dealings and operations, some are even not given the right kind of treatment they deserve, their welfare packages are not suitable but yet they still serve well and do not indulge in bribery and corruption. While we have some enjoying all the required benefits and yet are still corrupt and exhibit terrible character. The mindset plays a major key role in determining whether a person would be corrupt or not. For the Nigerian police most of them do not have the right mindset, that is why they will keep been corrupt even though their salaries are raised and their welfare packages are improved.


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