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History is a set of lies believed by a group of people over time.

I saw this update sometime ago and was surprised because to me the person lacks insight on the meaning, nature and essence of history.

There is a big difference between history and stories of the past. Is like saying all the old tales including those about the tortoise is history. Not all stories of the past meet the criteria of being called history.

The question is what is history and what is the job of an historian. History can simply be defined as the study or enquiry into past significant events in relation to the present for the construction of the future. Hence, any historical tales that is not a product of systematic historical study and methodology doesn't meet the criteria of being tagged "history". But it must be noted that fragments of historical facts are hidden in stories of the past.

Now the duty of the historian is to seek out the truth about the past. Hence, the essence of history is to bring to light historical truth about a particular historical subject matter. It therefore implies that history is the product of an indepth study about historical subjects by trained historians'. The historian deals with facts and these facts helps our understanding about the past.

History is a very vital study that can be tagged to an extent as the mother of all knowledge because it is all embracing. E.g. We have history of science, Maritime history, history of philosophy, history of sociology etc. It helps you to know something about everything depending on how one develops himself.

To stress further the importance of history, to become a pastor or imam one must consults his powerful history book, the bible or koran. To become an economist or accountant you must study the history of such fields from earliest times down to the period of Adam Smith to contemporary times. Even to get a job the employers need people with history or past experience in the job. Hence, every government needs to be conversant with history if such government seeks to be successful because he will get a lot of experience, solutions and motivation from history. Of course such government must be willing to do the right thing because it is one thing for u to learn from history and it is another thing to apply what you've learnt.

**Creativity lies in the imagination of man**

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   Re: Reasons Why History is The Best Course of Study by: Wonders(f) .:. Wed, 13 Jan, 2021 - 10:38:09:pm GMT

To start with,History can be explained as events that has happened long time ago in the days of our forefathers.

With the way civilisation has taken over everything, somehow we are still finding our way back to history because history has so many advantages to us.because without people having interest to study history.we probably will not know what we are and where belong to and where we are coming from.
So yes!History is the best course!.
If people did not take it upon themselves not to only study history but to also bring it to the entertainment industry,we would have been lost.Now we have the entertainment to be grateful for.they showcase the way of life of our forefathers,how they they go about their business,how they solve their problems,their way of dressing,their way of cooking and so many other things.
When watching or listening to our history,the kind of joy and sense of belonging we feel can not be trade for anything else.
As we get to study about our history, watch movies and documentaries,movies etc,we learn more about our history,we are given the privileges to see their mistakes and error and thus giving us room for amendments on our part not to tread in a particular path they had treaded which has cost a lot because it was a grave mistake.
History is the best course of study because when you visit a museum where you get to see the ancient artwork of our forefathers, they are forever shining!that is passing a message that history is part of our life which can not be gotten rid off.


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